The Intern and the Quickie

With the amount I’ve been fucking my “one night stand” Ben recently I had felt like I had ignored my intern Robbie a little. The sexy young man who was a virgin – until he met me…

In fairness I’ve had a fair bit of time off work recently so I’ve not seen him much. Last Monday I was determined to right this wrong though.
We had a small staff meeting in my office and I asked Robbie to stay behind. Once everyone had left I walked over to him and kissed him. “Mmmm I’ve missed you” I told him. He smiled, “I’ve missed you too. I kissed him again “Yeah, have you been thinking about fucking me?” I teasingly asked. I squeezed his crotch and felt him harden under his trousers. “Yes all the time” he replied to me… I squeezed his cock a little tighter and kissed him over again. “Want to fuck me right now?” I asked him. “Yes” he said instantly. “Go sit on the sofa” I told him…

He moved away from me and walked to the office door to close it as it was open a little. “No, no, no” I said to him. “This is part of your education. Leave it open.” He sheepishly moved to the sofa and sat down. “Get that lovely, young cock out” I whispered. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers down. His cock as hard as ever. I walked over to him “Don’t worry, we can be quick I told him.”

I straddled over him and sat down on top of him, lifting my dress at the same time. “Good job I’m not wearing panties” I whispered into his ear. I reached down taking hold of his erect penis, lifted it a little and sat down on him. He slid inside me easily, nice and deep and I started to kiss him as I slid up and down on his joyous cock…

I was frantically kissing him and his dick felt amazing as I bounced up and down on it. I noticed him look over towards the door “Don’t worry we’ll be quick” I whispered in his ear “Besides, kinda hot that we might get caught.” He grabbed my thighs and started kissing me again. He felt so fucking hard and I was soaked. Sliding up and down on him as hard and as deep as I could. His hands then moved and started squeezing my tits under my dress “ahhhhh fuck you feel so fucking good” I told him. I heard someone walk past my door, I have no idea if they looked it in, but fuck it turned me on like crazy! “Ahhhh ahhhh fuck I’m going to cum Robbie fuccccckkkk” I screamed as I came…

I didn’t stop riding him, still kissing him frantically and he grabbed my thighs hard as I felt him cum inside me – his body shaking with excitement… I kissed him again, softer and slower this time and as I climbed off him his spunk dribbled out of my pussy and landed on his cock – which is definitely a vision I have masturbated over a few times since..

As he left my office I snogged him again. “Don’t worry I promise I’ll give you a little more attention now” I told him with a sexy smile – spanking him as he walked away…

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