The Story of Ben Part 3: Neighbours, Teasing & Condoms

I went around to my ‘one night stand’ Ben’s apartment Tuesday and it was all set to be a really special day/evening…

Let me explain – I met Ben and fucked him on what was meant to be a one night stand. We have literally barely stopped fucking since. A week or so ago we were talking about condoms and as I know he’s not fucking anyone else I told him if he went for a sexual health check up and got the all clear I would be more than happy to ditch the condoms. Wednesday morning I received a very excited text off him telling me he had finally got his all clear results.

In truth I was fucking excited by it too. I couldn’t wait to “really” feel him inside me. Have his cum inside me. But there was no way I was going to let this opportunity of a tease pass me by.

I got there in the afternoon and I did nothing but tease. I gave him head and went to far, with him cumming in my mouth and I had even given him a handjob in the shower. I was desperate for it too, but this was so much fun…

When I wasn’t playing with him I spent most of the day walking around his apartmen wearing a tiny denim crop top and some big panties (his favourite). He knew I was teasing him too – he made several comments about it…

Early afternoon he was making coffee in the kitchen area and I was bent over the window ledge staring at the outside world and the city I love. My ass was sticking out and he obviously noticed as I heard the click of his camera shutter. “Are you photographing my ass?” I asked. He laughed “Yeah I am” he replied. I love how many photographs he takes off me – the one used on this post is from this time…

He carried on clicking away taking photograph after photograph. Every now and then I’d give my booty a jiggle for him. Then I noticed something in the corner of my eye. It took me a second to realise what I should do. “Are you hard?” I asked him without looking. “Yeah I am” he told me. He always is when he’s photographing me. “Come fuck me” I said to him jiggling my booty again. “Right now?” He replied with an excitement in his voice. “Right fucking now” I replied without moving.

I heard him move over to me and the next thing I felt was his hands gently pulling my panties down. Still not looking at him I managed to step out of my panties. I felt his hard cock press against me and I wanted him so fucking much. “Take me” I begged, still staring out of the window. He slipped his tip inside me and put his hands on my hips before sinking himself in to me “Ahhhhh” we both cried out. He always feels great but skin to skin felt better than ever! His cock was throbbing and I swear I could feel every vein in his thick cock. “Fuck yes, that’s it baby” I cried out. He was groaning and moaning and enjoying himself but he still hadn’t noticed what I had noticed – what I had been looking at…

The couple in the building opposite were sat at a table in the window having a drink. I had already made eye contact with them. They were trying their best not to look but my, oh my they watching and finding it harder to look away by the second…

Ben felt so fucking good, he was making my whole body tremble and I was covered in goosebumps. He spanked me “Harder” I pleaded with him. He spanked me harder – so hard it made my ass cheek sore but it felt amazing. “Fuck me harder baby” I pleaded and as soon as he started to fuck me harder he noticed. He stopped immediately. “Shit! Are those people watching us!?” He asked. “Yeah I think so, keep fucking me baby” He restarted – long, deep, hard strokes that were stretching my cunt. “Take my top off” He instantly reached for the zip at the back of my crop top and undid it. It fell down, my tits and erect nipples finally free. I pressed them up against the window – they were both watching now! “You like this don’t you? You like them watching don’t you?” I was moaning and moaning “Ahhh, ahhh, yes. yes I do!” So did he – I could tell! He started to fuck me harder – his balls slapping against me and his hands squeezing my hips and occasionally finding their way around my body to squeeze my tits. The couple opposite were watching, they weren’t even pretending to look away anymore. I loved it. It was so fucking seedy, so fucking hot!

I came really hard and as my body clenched I felt his cock throb and cum inside me. So much cum! His dick pulsating as it emptied.

He pulled away and I stood up, the neighbors still watching every move. I looked at them, made sure we made eye contact and I gave them a little wave…

An unexpected audience is always appreciated…

3 thoughts on “The Story of Ben Part 3: Neighbours, Teasing & Condoms

  1. I so enjoy living vicariously through you!!!
    But need to make an “editorial” comment…..are you sure you meant “do much cum”, and not “so much cum”???
    LOL! Great narrative!

    Liked by 1 person

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