The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

I have been fucking Ben so much. Honestly, I spend so much time at his apartment. He’s a fucking dreamboat; sexy as fuck and sooooo good in bed! I look around his open plan flat and honestly we have fucked all over it! I also adore that he is always taking photographs of me! Some of which I promise to share soon…

A while ago he had been asking me about squirting, and more specifically if I’m able to do it. “Sure” I told him. “I generally need something in my ass at the same time as I’m being fucked and you HAVE to pull out at exactly the right time” I explained.

When I got to his the other day he surprised me with a little gift wrapped box. I opened it to discover a very beautiful, very sexy, small, golden butt plug. I smiled “Oh, we can definitely make use of this later” I told him…

I spent that whole day with him and later on in the evening we took a shower together. It was fun, lots of fondling and teasing but no actual sex – it can be sexier like that sometimes. He left the shower a few minutes before me as I wanted to finish cleaning up. I got out of the shower, dried myself off and wandered naked in to his apartment. He was busying himself in the kitchen so I walked in and sat on his sideboard. I couldn’t take my eyes off him – his butt is incredible, his body so well fucking toned, and his dick – my fuck does he know how to use that! I picked up half a bottle of wine that was next to me and took a swig. He turned around and smiled before continuing doing whatever it was he was doing, whilst I continued to completely perv on him!

“Why don’t you come over and kiss me?” I asked taking another sip of the wine. He stopped what he was doing, turned around and smiled at me before walking towards me. I parted my legs so he could stand between me and we kissed. He was the perfect height and as our tongues tangled his cock brushed up against my pubes, while his hands were on the top of my thighs clutching me firmly. As we continued to kiss I felt his penis get firmer and firmer. It would have been so easy for him to slip inside me. The slightest movement and he would have been deep inside my cunt. But it wasn’t what I wanted – yet…

I pulled my mouth away from his and took another small sip of the wine. I put my hand on the back of his and pulled his face close to mine. As I kissed him I let the wine run gently out of my mouth in to his. It was fucking hot! I then took the bottle of wine and poured a little bit over my tits. the coldness felt amazing as it dribbled down my body and it made my nipples erect. He knew what I wanted and without asking he bent down slightly and started to lick and suck at my titties, tasting the wine I had left for him. When he finished he stood back up and kissed me again. Every inch of me wanted him – I was so fucking excited for him. So fucking excited for that lovely dick! I picked up the wine again and poured some more over myself, deliberately letting it roll down on to my pussy and his cock. I looked at him and smiled. The naughtiest, sluttiest , ‘come fuck me’ smile I could give him. He bent down again, a little lower this time and started to lick the wine off my pussy “Ahhhhhhh” I instantly cried out as his tongue circled over my clit. I was soaked, I could feel it and the wine had poured so far down it had gone between my legs and on to my ass. I tapped him on the head “You should probably go get that butt plug” I told him…

He came back with the box in his hands fumbling to get it open. His cock still rock hard. I had not moved. I had stayed there sat on the work surface, my legs spread, covered in wine like a good girl! “Lick me out and push it in to me really slowly” I told him when he got near. I edged myself forward slightly and he bent down again and started licking me out again. I took the opportunity to pour more wine over my body, soaking myself with it. Then I felt the tip of the plug enter my ass.”Ahhh that’s it. Nice and slow” I reminded him. I knew this was turning him on so much. I could see it in his body, the way he moved! He was licking my clit and I swear I was so fucking close to cumming, but I was desperate to hold off. I knew what he wanted – I wanted it too! I cried out “ahhhhh” in relief and excitement once the butt plug was deep inside my ass. It was an amazing feeling and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me with it inside me…

I motioned for him to come back up, and once he was stood up we kissed again. His cock throbbing against me, and flicking my clit every now and again!

I looked at him, kissed him again and whispered “Fuck me, fuck me now.”

By now he was deliberately pressing his hard dick against my clit and I knew I was getting dangerously close – too close. I reached down and with the slightest touch his cock was deep inside me! We both cried out in excitement and as he started to fuck me the feeling of my ass squeezing the butt plug was driving me crazy! “If you want this to work, you’re going to have to do exactly as I tell you” He nodded in agreement. “Keep fucking me slowly like this” I told him. He put his hands on my hips and fucked me slowly and gently, but really fucking deep. “That’s it baby, just like that.” I was getting more and more carried away. It was so much; the plug, his dick, and my body soaked in wine. “A little harder but not too much” I whispered. He did everything I asked to perfection and I could feel myself building and building towards a huge orgasm. “ahhh fuck yes! That’s it” I cried out, his hands grabbing at me anywhere they could. “Harder, now fuck me hard!” I told him. He pulled out slowly and then launched his cock back inside me – fucking me so hard, he was relentless and I could feel myself getting close. “Ahhh, ahhh yes, that’s it STOP!” I shouted. “SLOW RIGHT DOWN AGAIN!” He slowed just in time to prevent my orgasm and started to fuck my pussy with long, slow strokes. “Grab my tits” again, he did eaxctly what I asked, but I knew I couldn’t hold off for much longer. “these next bits are really important, ok?” He smiled and nodded his head in agreement before kissing me again…

“Fuck me as hard as you can. As hard as you’ve ever fucked me!” He smiled again and started pounding my pussy. I could barely catch my breath “Ah fuck, ahhhh yes, fuck” I was continuously crying out. He was fucking me so hard the butt plug felt bigger and bigger with every stroke. I could feel my orgasm coming. I knew it was going to be a massive one “Ahhhh yes, yes baby, yessssss PULL OUT NOW!” As he pulled out I squirted everywhere as my orgasm took over my body. My juices covered him, his cock and his stomach as well as his kitchen floor! “FUCKKKK!” I screamed as I felt the pressure ease from my cunt…

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen” he said to me, moving back towards me to kiss me. I reached a hand down and slipped him back inside me. As he fucked me I could see and feel his body tensing up. Sweat was tricking down his sexy body. He started to fuck me hard again, kissing me roughly. It was amazing. Then he pulled out, stroked his cock two or three times before shooting the biggest load of jizz all over my body – I was covered!

He moved close again and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulders and it took around five minutes before I could catch my breath and move again!

With fucking as hot as this, it’s little wonder that I keep returning to my one night stand…

One thought on “The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

  1. Oh, my f….ng God! You are simply amazing in your descriptions. At least half of the world is jealous of Ben and the other of you! (LOL, maybe a crossed Venn diagram).

    Liked by 1 person

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