I Dare You To…

Wes was back Friday for three nights and we had the best time! He’s been working away so much recently so I’ve hardly spent anytime with me, and fuck I’ve missed him so much. No matter who I’m with I always miss him like crazy.

Friday evening and all day Saturday we basically spent fucking like rabbits. It was non stop and amazing. I lost count of all the orgasms I had. Saturday night he suggested we go out to a couple of bars and a club, so we did just that…

By the time we got to the club we were both already tipsy. It was still early so it was pretty quiet but the music was booming and the vibe was great. I was wearing a pink mini skirt and a silver, skin tight crop top that my nipples showed through.

We did some dancing, some kissing, some flirting and some shots before we headed to take a seat together at the bar. When the barmaid turned away from us after bringing us our drinks I pulled my top up to flash my titties at Wes. He smiled before leaning in and kissing me. “I want to be extra naughty tonight” I told him. He smiled “Do you now? What have you got in mind?” He asked me. I lent in and kissed him placing my hand on his thigh and squeezing it. I looked at him, bit my bottom lip and said “I’ll do absolutely anything you want me to” I told him seductively.

He took a sip of his drink. “Is there anyone in here you like the look of?” He asked. I hadn’t even looked at anyone so I had a quick glance around the club. I nodded in the direction of a youngish looking guy “He looks hot” I told my husband. He took another sip of his drink and then lent in to whisper something to me. I listened to what he was saying “Fuck, that is naughty” I said to him. “I’d love to” I said with a smile across my face.

Then it was about waiting and biding my time. Waiting for the man I had pointed out to come to the bar. After an hour or so he went to the bar – the other end to what I was. “Here’s your chance” my husband said to me. I stood up, kissed him and headed to the guy at the bar.

“Are you going to buy me a drink?” I asked him. He looked a little shocked. “Sure, I’d love to” he told me. I started flirting with him as much as I could – I didn’t want this to take long as I was eager to get back to my husband. I whispered in to his ear “You’re really fucking sexy” he looked a little shocked again at how forward I was being. “Thank you. You too” he replied. I moved forward and kissed him. A slow, lingering kiss. I looked towards the other end of the bar at my husband who was watching us. Glued to us. Turned on by us…

I pulled away from him and took a big sip of my drink. “Excuse me for being forward but I’d love to have your dick in my mouth.” He stuttered a little and tripped over his words. “Shall we go to the toilet?” I whispered to him. He stood up immediately and I took him by the hand and we walked to the toilet – giving my husband a glance and a smile as we walked past him… I was about to do what he had dared me to do…

We waited for our moment then darted inside the ladies toilet and found ourselves a cubicle. He went to kiss me but I moved back – this wasn’t why I was here. I sat down on the toilet. “Get your dick out” I ordered him. He undid his belt and zipper and pulled his jeans and his briefs down. His cock was nice. “Mmm already hard” I said to him looking up. I took hold of it with my left hand, kissed the tip and placed it in my mouth. My tongue licking his head as my hand wanked him off. I pulled my top up so my tits fell out “Fuck” he said under his breath. “You need to tell me when you’re going to cum” I sternly told him before starting to suck on him and wank him off as fast as I could. “Ahhh, Ahhh Jesus, fuck yes” he cried out as I deep throated him and squeezed his balls. I ran my mouth back up the length of his dick and started to stroke him again. “Ahhhh ahhhhh I’m going to cum” he cried out in a panicked voice. I took his cock out of my mouth, lowered my head and stroked him until he came all over my face. Covering me from my forehead to my chin. So much cum!

I dropped his dick, stood up and pulled my top down. “Thanks” I said to him as I started to move past him. “Can I have your number please?” He frantically asked as I was leaving. “Not tonight hun” I answered.

I got out in to the main toilet and washed my hands. I looked in the mirror at all the cum dripping down my face. Now it was time for my dare… I opened the door and walked out…

The club was a little busier now but I instantly spotted my husband, still sat at the bar. I slowly walked past groups of people. Some didn’t notice – others definitely did. The cum was dripping everywhere, but this felt so hot, so naughty! A few people pointed and a few looked a little shocked but I finally made it back to my husband. “There you go. A walk through the club with a face full of cum, just for you” I said to him. He passed me a tissue so I could finally wipe it off my face “Good girl” he said to me with a sexy smile.

I cleaned myself up and Wes literally couldn’t wait to get me home. We left our drinks, got a cab and headed home where he bent me over at the bottom of the stairs until I came and came, ending with him rolling me over and cumming… all over my face…

3 thoughts on “I Dare You To…

  1. So wild. I have to respect Wes for his challenges to you! (and how he knows that you two are so together). Going to have some great ideas for fantasies later.

    Liked by 1 person

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