The Story of Ben Part 5: THR3E

So my Saturday night turned in to a wild one – something I’m always thankful for!

I had been at Ben’s flat all day; drinking coffee, fucking and having my picture taken.

It was late afternoon and I was posing (wearing not very much) in front of his new backdrop while he took a few photos of me. He put his camera down for a second and said “What are you doing tonight?” I took a second, “I’m meeting the girls for drinks” I told him. This was my first lie of the evening. I had actually arranged to meet my intern – although I didn’t have to lie, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “That’s a shame” he said “My friend Luca is coming over tonight for some beers and I think you’d really like him”. I thought it was a somewhat strange statement but didn’t over think it. He took a few more photos again where I was sticking my ass out and then continued “He’d definitely like you!” Then the penny dropped. “Ahhhh I see” I told him. I walked over to him and smiled “Do you want to watch me fuck one of your friends?” I asked. “No, no that’s not what I’m saying it’s just…” I interrupted him by grabbing his cock. Even underneath is jeans I could feel he was hard. “That’s not what your cock is telling me” I said with a cheeky smile. “I just think you’d really like each other” he said quietly. “Can you show me a picture?” I asked him. He pulled out his phone, scrolled to Instagram and showed me a picture. “Well my first thought is he looks really nice” I told him, still grabbing at his dick. This was actually my second lie of the afternoon! My first thought was, in all honesty, “He’s skinny with a great body and I bet he’s got a massive dick!” It’s my experience that most skinny guys are rather well endowed… I kissed Ben on the cheek. “I can definitely stay if I have the chance of two cocks” I told him grinning…

I didn’t really have anything to wear with me, and because of the time it was easier to pop in to town and buy something new. So I left the flat and headed to the shops. By the time I got back I knew I only had 30 minutes or so before Luca would arrive, so I went to the bathroom showered, did my hair and make up and put on my new outfit. As I finished getting myself ready I heard him arrive. “My friend Alice is having a few drinks with us tonight” I heard him explain. My outfit was a short black mini skirt (no panties obviously) and what I can only describe as the most see through white top ever! It had a really sexy zip at the front… You can see from the photo Ben took just how slutty it was! I checked myself out in the mirror one final time and left the bedroom walking out in to the apartment.

Their jaws basically hit the ground when they saw me… They were both fucking glued to me! “This is Luca” Ben said introducing us. He stood up and I walked over to him pecking him on the cheek. “Hi I’m Alice, nice to meet you” He was hot. Like really hot. Slim build but we’ll toned, long hair and a big beard. Lots of tattoos covered his skin and he had piercing blue eyes!

We had a fun time. Several beers, some good music and lots of laughs were had, as well as them both telling me how hot I looked! There was definite flirting and innuendo going on and I was as sure as I could be that I was ending the night with two different cocks! Thinking about it now, I have no idea if Luca has a wife or partner – it didn’t even cross my mind!

At around 9.30 Luca went to the bathroom. Ben looked at me and kissed me. “How are we going to do this?” he asked me. “How are we going to do what?” I replied. “Well… Should we have a conversation with him, about you know, about the three of us?” I smiled at him and kissed him again. “Oh hun, some things don’t need a conversation.” He looked truly puzzled. “Stand up” I told him. He stood up but still looked confused until I got down on the floor on my knees. “Take your cock out” I said gently tugging on his jeans. “Here, now?” he asked looking panicked. “Yes here and now…”

He undid his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down freeing his semi erect dick. I took it in my hand and placed it in my mouth where he became instantly erect. “Ahh fuck” he said under his breath arching back a little. I had one eye on the bathroom door as I knew what was about to happen. Seconds later when Bens cock was deep in my mouth Luca opened the bathroom door and walked in on us. “Oh fuck. Shit! Sorry!” he exclaimed before turning away. I took Bens cock out of my mouth and said “Don’t be sorry, come here.” He sheepishly walked over to me. “Why don’t you show me yours?” I asked. He moved a little closer, undid his belt just like Ben had done moments before and pulled his jeans down. I was right too! A fucking lovely, huge dick! I knew it! I took hold of it and placed it in my mouth to start sucking him off, making sure I was still stroking Bens dick at the same time. They were both moaning and I was having the time of my life. ‘This is what Saturdays are meant be like’ I remember thinking to myself!

I spent the next few minutes wanking them both off and taking it in turns to put each cock in my mouth – sucking them off for a while and then swapping. Luca definitely had the bigger cock, in fact it seemed to keep growing and growing, but Ben was brilliant at making me cum! I was so horny for both of them, so excited and I only stopped sucking them off when I felt they were getting too close to cumming!

I stood up and moved towards Ben, snogging him as his cock poked in to my stomach. He put his hands on my hips and then I felt Luca behind me, his hands brushing over my top. My nipples were so hard! Ben undid my skirt which made it fall to the floor and his fingers instantly found my wet cunt. Luca was kissing my neck and finally unzipped my top and pulled it off my shoulders. He cupped my breasts in his hands and gently squeezed them. I took them both by the hand and walked over to the sofa. I sat in the middle and checked them both out as they took their remaining clothes off. Luca sat down to the left of me and Ben sat to the right of me. The three of us squeezed together on the sofa. I grabbed them both by their dicks and started to slowly play with them. Stroking them with a firm grip. They both had their hands on my inner thigh stroking me. Luca was the first to move his hand lower and start rubbing my pussy, but Ben soon followed. Two big hands slipping and sliding all over my soaked cunt. It felt amazing! “Ahhhhh yes” I cried out as a finger made its way deep inside me. I felt like a million dollars with the two glorious cocks in my hand…

I sat there for absolutely ages, enjoying their hands playing with me, slowly stroking their cocks and taking it turns to snog them. Every time I would lean to kiss Ben, Luca would bend down a little and start sucking on my tit… I couldn’t take it anymore – I wanted them both so fucking much! I looked at Ben “You want to see him fuck me don’t you?” Ben smiled “Yes. Yes I do.” I looked over to Luca and kissed him. “There’s a condom to the side of you, put it on” He wasted no time in stretching the condom over his big, hard cock… I got down on the floor and grabbed at Ben’s penis. I shook my ass a little, looked at Luca and said “Take me”… He got down on his knees behind me and I was so excited, so turned on. I couldn’t wait to feel him stretching me. He put his hand on my hip and then I felt him go deep inside me. Nice and slowly. “Ahhh, ahhh yes” I cried out before taking Ben in my mouth , sucking him off as hard as I could… Luca started to fuck me and I came so fucking quickly. Everything just felt soaked! I looked up at Ben “This what you want? Watch another man with a big dick fuck your girl?” Ben smiled again “Yes, yes, it is” he moaned. By the time he had finished speaking his hard cock was already back in my mouth while I squeezed on his balls!

I pulled away from Ben, taking his dick out of my mouth. “Want to fuck me now?” I whispered to him. “So much” he said. I smiled, “Tough, you just get to watch tonight. You have to watch your girl getting fucked by your friend” I pulled away from them both and sat on the sofa, spreading my legs for them. I pointed at Luca “Come fuck me again” I ordered.

He walked over to me, knelt on the floor again, grabbed me by the hips and entered me – his cock just sliding deep inside me easily. As he started to fuck me I lowered my hand and started circling my fingertips over my clit “ahhhhh, ahhhh fuck yes, you feel so good Luca” Ben was staring at us. He was loving it. I reached out my hand for him and he stepped up on to the sofa and bought his penis to my face. I took him in my mouth but within seconds I was in the midst of a huge fucking orgasm! “Fuckkkkk” I screamed out still trying to wank Ben off… As I came Ben looked at me ” Fuck I’m going to cum” I let go of him straight away “No way, not fucking yet. You can watch for a bit.” So he stood there and watched his friend fucking me so hard, his hands all over my tits, kissing me occasionally as his big dick went to work on me with long, hard strokes…

I came another two times, and all Ben could do was sit back and watch. I had cum so many times I could barely move. My pussy was soaked and my body was weak and covered in goosebumps. Luca was a fucking machine and I loved it. He lent forward and kissed me. A long hard, sloppy kiss. As he pulled away I told him “I want to ride your dick” so he pulled away and sat on the sofa next to me…

I stood up, looked at Ben and said “I can’t wait to ride your friends big dick.” Ben was still so hard and he looked like he would explode with the lightest of touches…

I sat on top of Luca, throwing my tits into his face as I sank down on to him, taking him all. Fuck he felt so deep like this! He immediately started to suck on my tits which drove me wild as I bounced up and down on him I came again before collapsing on his shoulder… I turned my head and kissed him before sitting back up and calling Ben over to me. I reached for his cock, making sure I was as gentle as possible – I didn’t want him to cum yet… “Get the lube and fuck me in the ass” I whispered with a horny smile slapped across my face. “Fuck, are you sure?” He asked… Ben had never fucked me in the ass before, but I trusted him enough… “I’m sure. I want you both inside me at the same time!”

A few seconds later I felt the trickle of lube between my ass before he gently slid a finger inside me “Ahhh fuck” I shouted out in pleasure, still doing my best to ride Luca’s cock.
I started rocking back and forth on his cock and the motion was pressing my butt against Ben’s finger which was making it go deep inside me. Then I felt Ben’s hands on my back I knew what was coming next…

I started kissing Luca and as our tongues played with each other I felt the tip of Ben’s cock squeeze in to my tight ass. “Ahhhhh shit, that feels amazing” I said under my breath before kissing Luca again and trying to remain as still as possible… I could tell from the noises behind me Ben was loving it too. “Fuck, you’re so tight” he told me. Before I knew it his cock was deep inside my ass and I started to rock up and down on Luca’s cock again as Ben started to fuck my asshole…. It felt wonderful. Powerful. Sexy, and I came almost instantly.

I knew the two of them were close too, I could tell by their breathing and of course by their throbbing cocks. I turned around slightly to Ben “Fuck me hard. Please” I was almost begging. He started to fuck my ass with hard strokes – each one forcing me further down onto Luca’s cock. I was just about to cum again when I felt Ben cum in my ass – he fucking filled it too. It was hot! He gently pulled out and I rode Luca’s cock for a few more minutes until I came again…

By now Ben was sat on the sofa watching us. He looked exhausted.  I climbed off Luca and knelt on the floor between his legs. I slowly peeled his condom off which was covered in my juices.  I took him in my hand and looked at Ben “Now you get to watch while your friend cums all over my pretty face” I put it in my mouth and started sucking him off. I knew he was close, he was wriggling around like he had lost control. I lifted my face above his cock and wanked him off as hard and fast as I could. I smiled as I saw the saw first drop of cum leave his cock and I kept stroking him as his sperm splashed all over and covered my face. It was fucking glorious…

That night we all slept in Ben’s bed. I slept in the middle of the two of them, and each time I briefly woke up in the night I realised I was cuddling one of them. First Ben, then later Luca and then Ben again.

When I woke properly in the morning (and I’m probably not going to tell Ben about this – I don’t think) I was cuddled up to Luca with my hand on his waist. I didn’t open my eyes but I heard Ben get up and go next door to the bathroom for his morning shower. I lowered my hand slightly until it was on Luca’s cock. He hardened instantly. I looked at him, he too had his eyes closed but I felt his hand slide up between my legs and on to my pussy. I didn’t want Ben to hear so I whispered in his ear “Come fuck me” he opened his eyes. “Do you think Ben would mind?” He whispered back. I kissed him on the cheek “I don’t know, but if he does he definitely shouldn’t introduce to me someone with such a glorious cock!” He kissed me. “There’s a condom in the drawer.” He reached for it and put it on himself under the bed covers, then he came on top of me and gently slid himself in to me. His hands went straight for my tits again and I began moaning – desperately trying to be as quiet as I could be. We kissed and felt each other up. It’s like we couldn’t get enough of each other. “I’m going to cum” he whispered, “Me too” I said back, and as I felt his body tense up and his penis twitch I came… He jumped off me when we heard the shower stop. I cuddled him and we both pretended we were asleep. Ben walked back in to the bedroom. “Come on you two, wakey, wakey.”

I left soon afterwards but not before getting Lucas’s number. I want to see him again. Even if we have to keep it from Ben for the sake of their relationship, I don’t mind… He was a machine!

As I made the walk home I felt perfect. Double penetration on a Saturday night was exactly what I had wanted. It had been amazing…

Later in the day Ben text me saying he had the best time. He also admitted that it was his first ever threesome of any kind. I text back: “In that case, the next time I’ll have to make sure I bring a girl with me ”

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