The Intern: I’m Sorry…

Yesterday was my first day at the office since the weekend and it was pretty obvious my intern Robbie was upset about something. He was much quieter than normal and didn’t flirt at all – something that’s unusual considering he’s always desperate to fuck me!

He came in to my office and I stood to meet him. I closed the door behind him. “Is everything okay, you seem quiet?” I asked him. I knew what was wrong really, but I was playing dumb to save myself a little. “Yeah everything’s fine” he eventually answered. I could tell that was a lie too. “Are you sure? You can tell me anything you know” I reassured him. He eventually told me “I’m sorry, I was upset about Saturday as we were due to meet and I was gutted when you cancelled last minute.” I looked at him, “Ahh I’m so sorry hun…” I didn’t particularly want to tell him the truth that I had cancelled on him because I was busy being double penetrated by Ben and his friend Luca. “I had a friend who needed me” Technically right I thought. He looked at me and smiled. “That’s okay, I understand” he told me with a glimmer of a smile on his face.

I walked over to my desk and bent over it, sticking my ass out. I slowly lifted my skirt up to my waist and pulled my tights down to my knees. “You know if you’re annoyed you should punish me” I told him. He walked over to me and put a hand on my butt stroking it gently. “If I’ve been naughty and pissed you off you need to spank me” I said, my face side down on the desk. He spanked me “That’s a brush, you should really spank me” He spanked me a little harder. “that’s getting there but you need to show me” I told him. He spanked me harder again “Ahh that’s it” I cried out “again” he spanked me again, and again and again until my ass was stinging and my pussy was soaked. “Fuck me” I told him in a way that sounded more like an order – not that he complained. I herd him unzip his trousers and I felt his erection brush over my butt. His hands grabbed the side of my thong and he went to pull it down “No, no, leave it. Pull it to the side” I pleaded. He pulled my panties to the side and within seconds he was deep inside me “Ahhhh fuck, your cock feels amazing” I told him. It really did too. So fucking hard it was driving me crazy. As he started to pump my cunt with his dick his balls slapped against me “keep spanking me” I told him. His hand came down on my ass cheek as his cock thrusted in and out me. With every thrust there was another spank and it was driving me crazy. “That’s it baby. I’m sorry I was so naughty, I’m sorry I let you down ahhhhh, ahhhh yes!”

His hands were firmly holding and squeezing my hips and I kept pushing back in to him to get him as deep as I could. His cock was throbbing and an orgasm took me by surprise “Ahhhh fuck, you just made me cum so fucking hard” I told him. He was moaning and groaning and I didn’t have to wait long to feel his cock throb and his jizz fill my soaked pussy…

He pulled out of me and I stood up and turned around to face him. I kissed him and I could feel his spunk dribbling out of my pussy. I smiled “You’re ready now” He looked confused “Ready for what?” He asked me. “You’re ready to fuck someone else. It’s important.” He was silent for a second “I don’t really want to. I love having sex with you.” I grabbed his dick which was already hard again and started to stroke him with a firm grip. “Here’s the deal though, I’m not going to fuck you until you’ve fucked someone else” I told him. I was stroking him a little faster now and he was rock hard “Really?” He asked me. “Yes, and I want proof” I whispered to him. “What sort of proof?” His cock was twitching in my hand “That’s up to you. A picture, a video, whatever – you’ll have to decide…” I let go of his member, pointed at it, smiled at him and said “Now put that away and get back to work… He shoved his boner back in to his trousers and walked out of my office holding some paperwork over his crotch to hide his very obvious erection…

As he left I put a hand down and felt all of his cum in my pussy ‘He’s definitely ready’ I thought to myself…

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