Updates and Butt Pic…

Hi guys, I have a couple of updates to tell you about, and well, I wouldn’t dare do anything so boring without giving you at least a photo of my booty…

For the past year or so I have loved writing this blog and it’s been a massive source of enjoyment for me. That being said it’s pretty time consuming. I mean, let’s face it if I don’t have time to go around being a slut and then writing about it, then I really don’t have much a blog at all…

I have decided I’m going to try my very best to go down to part time at my place of work to give me more time to concentrate on this blog.

If you would like to, and you’re in a position to give me a little support I’d massively appreciate it. That’s why I’ve launched an online store where you can purchase customised, unique erotic stories, some sex messaging and xxx emails…

If you’re interested please head over to my Ko-Fi Page and click on the ‘commissions’ page

Thanks so much.

Hugs & Fucks,

Alice 😘

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