Luca: The Machine.

You remember Luca from a previous blog post? He is my fuck buddy Ben’s friend who I had a threesome with last weekend. If you read that post you’ll likely remember that the morning after whilst Ben was showering Luca and I sneakily fucked and exchanged numbers….

The following week we had text each other a little bit. They texts were definitely flirtatious but nothing too obscene (unfortunately). Anyway, the other Saturday afternoon he asked if I’d like to meet him for a drink. I was really pleased and excited that he had asked and we arranged to meet in a bar in the city centre.

I wore a little black, cotton dress with the skimpiest of g-strings and no bra (obviously)…

As I walked in to the bar Luca noticed me and stood up to greet me. He kissed me on both cheeks “Hi, how are you? It’s great to see you again” he said to me. “I’m great thanks hun. Great to see you too” I said with a sexy little smirk. We sat down next to each other and ordered some drinks.

He looked amazing, just how I remembered. His long, scruffy hair, beard and tattoos looked incredible. It was hard not to think about that huge cock that I knew was tucked away under his trousers too! I thought back to that weekend. To how much of a fucking machine he was. I wanted him so much…

After a few drinks he looked at me “Does Ben know you’re here with me?” He asked. I guess he was a little concerned that maybe it could damage their friendship. “No. Nobody knows” I reassured him. I was feeling nosey so asked “What about you, do you have a girlfriend or a special little fuck buddy?” He took a big sip of his drink. “Ummm.. actually I have a girlfriend. I’ve never cheated on her before.” ‘Just the time you had your cock in my pussy while your friend had his cock in my ass’ I thought to myself. “Does that bother you?” He asked me. I took a sip of my drink and put a hand on his lap. “Not at all, it’s really none of my business” I said answering him. After another sip of his drink he asked if I would like another. “Sure, we can have another drink. That’s not really why I’m here though” I told him squeezing his leg and gently biting my bottom lip. He lent in towards me slowly and kissed me. As we kissed my mind kept wandering to him fucking me the other evening. “Should I maybe get us a hotel room?” He asked me. I kissed him again “I think that would be a really good idea” I told him. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and within a few minutes he had booked us a room just a few yards down the road from us. I put my hand on his package “We should go” I said with a smile. I took him by the hand and we walked out of the bar together as butterflies filled my stomach!

We got to the hotel, went to reception and booked ourselves in – giggling like two school children all the way through. We got our key card and headed straight to our room. The second we were in there we started kissing passionately. Our hands all over each other. Feeling and grabbing our way around each others bodies. I was already wet, I could feel it. “Sit down” I said to him nodding my head towards the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and I walked over to him, leaned in and kissed him. “Are you going to get that wonderful cock out for me?” I asked him. He couldn’t remove his clothes quick enough. Kicking his shoes off and yanking his trousers and boxers down. His cock – already erect – sprang out. “Fuck, that’s glorious” I told him before getting down on my knees and picking it up in my hand. I slowly placed it in my mouth and started sucking him off. Fuck, it felt and looked even better than I remembered. Thick, firm and so long. I felt it grow and grow in my mouth as I started to stroke his shaft. He lent back and sighed in pleasure as my hand and mouth ran up and down his giant cock. “Fuck, I want you so much” he said under his breath. I stood up. “Soon” I told him.

I knelt up on the bed. The headboard was really tall so I turned to face it and stretched my arms out to hang on to the top of it, sticking my booty out at the same time. He crawled up behind me and slowly peeled my dress up to my waist. “Fuck” he said placing his hand on my big booty. He ran a finger right down my g-string making me cry out quietly. I was fucking drenched and as I felt him slowly pull my panties down I felt excitement take over my body.

He got on the bed kneeling behind me and slowly slid a finger inside my. “Ahhh” I cried out as he started to slowly massage my pussy and finger me. Then I felt another finger go inside me and he started to finger fuck me a little faster. My pussy was literally squelching, I was that wet! As his fingers went in and out of me his thumb was resting on my asshole. I pushed my butt out towards him a little in hope he’d squeeze it in, but he didn’t… If (when) we fuck again I’m going to have to tell him about my anal signals… He kept finger fucking me, getting harder and faster the more I cried out. “You’re going to make me fucking cum” I warned him, seconds before I actually came. I was literally hanging on to the bed headboard now and then I felt his big dick brush against my ass. I wanted him so fucking bad. With his hands on my booty he moved himself so the tip slid inside me “ahhhh” I cried out again. But he just held it there, teasing me. It was throbbing and I was desperate for it! “Please fuck me. Take me” I begged, pushing my ass back towards him…

He laughed and said “my pleasure” before literally pounding me so fucking hard! I could barely catch my breath. His cock felt so big. So good. “I’m going to cum again!” I screamed as I came loudly, but he didn’t stop. He’s like a machine that kept fucking me, kept making me cum over and over and over again… He must have been fucking me from behind for a good twenty minutes!

Needing a slight rest bite I pulled away from him. “Lie on the bed” I told him, and as he lay down, I mounted him, lifting his cock and squeezing it inside me. As I started riding him he grabbed out for my tits. I pulled my dress off over my head as I wanted to feel his hands on my skin. He grabbed at me, pinching my hard nipples as I started to ride the length of his cock. I put the palms of my hands on his chest and started to go up and down on his giant cock with long, hard strides. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t contain myself and I came again! Looking down on him as I rode him – he just looked so fucking hot! I was loving every second of this!

I climbed off him and stood on the floor. I started to walk away slightly. “We should make use of this room really” I said to him, looking back at him with a smile. He immediately got off the bed, grabbed me, turned me around and started kissing me. As we snogged he gently pushed me back until I was pressed against the wall. Still kissing, he lifted my leg slightly and held it up. I reached down to his penis and pushed it inside me. He started slowly and methodically fucking me up against the wall, my tits dangling and bouncing in his face which he decided to occasionally lick and nibble on. I bit in to his neck gently as he fucked me with super, long strokes. Not surprising to say I came again. My body just felt like it was one huge fucking orgasm!

He pulled out of me, took me by the hand and walked me over to the desk which was in the corner of the room. He kissed me again and lifted me up on there. I spread my legs for him. I wanted more! He moved between my legs and taking his dick in his hand he stroked it over my clit “Oh fuck” I shouted. “Fuck me more” I pleaded. He pushed himself inside me, holding on to my thighs as we kissed. I was sat upright so I was in the perfect position to wrap my legs around him and pull him deeper inside me. I swear, he had never felt so big and deep. It was perfect. “Fuck me hard” I asked him before kissing him again. He grabbed at my thighs a little harder and started to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could. It was taking my breath away – so much so I was almost silent apart from the odd moan and groan. That was until I came – my hardest, biggest orgasm of the evening that completely swept over my body. I felt myself tense and heat up and I didn’t think my orgasm was going to end! I was literally screaming in joy… He is honestly a fucking machine!

With my legs wrapped around him he lifted me up and carried me to the bed. He’s surprisingly strong for a skinny, scruffy guy, but he handles me so well! He lay on top of me on the bed and slid himself inside me again. I reached around and grabbed at his lovely butt, pulling him as deep inside me as I could. His hands grabbed at my tits as he kissed my neck and collarbone. I could feel his body heating up and I knew he was finally close. “Cum wherever you want” I whispered in to his ear. He lifted his head to smile at me and started to fuck me hard again. So fucking hard. “Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted as his beautiful penis fucked the life out of me! I heard him moan before he lifted himself up slightly, pulled himself out of me and started stroking himself. Within seconds his cum was covering my body; my pussy, thighs, stomach and tits were covered in his spunk, before he collapsed back down on me…

I spent another few hours with him before heading home and I had already decided that I’ll definitely be seeing this machine again – even if I do have to keep it a little quiet from Ben…

One thought on “Luca: The Machine.

  1. It’s quite a compliment to be likened to a machine.
    I remember the first time my Lady Of Pleasure at the time, Daniella, said
    “Oh my God! We should call you Thomas the Tongue Engine”.
    A wonderful complement and the name has sort of stuck, with many ladies concurring.

    Liked by 1 person

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