The Story of Ben Part 6: The Best Fuck You’ve Ever Had…

Last week I had spent the evening at Ben’s as I had the following day off and Wes was away. We’re still fucking loads and we had a great night full of hot, kinky sex but it’s fair to say the next day I was definitely in a bad mood. I was just snappy at Ben all day which was really unfair, but I just felt grumpy.

Late afternoon I snapped at him again and he finally had enough and stormed off. I heard him start the shower so I decided to crack his window open a little and have a cigarette as I stood watching the world go by underneath. I came to the conclusion that the reason I was in a bad mood is because I had been missing Wes. He’s been away so much recently and it does get to me. I know it sounds harsh but it doesn’t matter who I’m with or who I’m fucking, I get irritable if I’ve not seen my husband…

As if by magic, as I smoked my cigarette looking out of the window I had a really wonderful text message off Wes. It lifted my spirits immediately – I swear sometimes it’s like he knows when I need it! From then on in I was in a better mood completely but I knew I had some making up to do with Ben – I had definitely been unfair on him.

I stubbed my cigarette out, closed the window and walked to the bathroom. I could hear the shower was still running. I was only wearing one of his oversized t-shirts and I peeled it off and stepped inside the bathroom. He didn’t notice me at all until I stepped in to the shower.

I looked at him. “I’m sorry” I said, but he didn’t really react. I lowered my hand and cupped his dick in my hand which hardened within seconds. “I am really sorry. I’ve been a bitch. Forgive me?” I whispered before kissing him on the cheek. He smiled a little “I dunno” he replied, but I knew he was playing with me now. I started to stroke his penis gently and slowly. “I know I can be a bitch sometimes, but at least I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had” I said smiling. He smiled back and kissed me. A lingering kiss that made me grab his cock a little firmer.

I turned around, facing away from him and leant against the shower wall. “If you forgive me, I’ll let you put it in my ass again” I told him with a cheeky smile etched on my face. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. He had only fucked me in the ass one other time and that was with our MMF threesome with Luca. All of a sudden I felt his hands on my hips and his lips on my neck. He started to kiss me softly which covered my body in goosebumps.

Then I felt a load of shower gel dripping down my back. He rubbed some of it into my back, soaping me up and then he started to rub it in to my ass a little. I spread my legs a little making sure I was giving him easy access and after a few seconds I felt a soapy finger slide inside my tight ass. It felt fucking good as well! The finger in my ass, my body covered in soap and the hot water splashing on to us both was a wonderful mixture! “That’s it baby” I told him as he started to gently finger my asshole until his finger was deep inside me. He was still kissing my neck and I was more than ready for him…

I felt his throbbing dick slide up in between my two ass cheeks so I reached around and grabbed them to separate them for him. “Take me in the ass” I told him. He gently bit my shoulder and I felt the tip of his dick enter my ass “Ahhh” I cried out in pleasure/pain. He was good – holding the tip there allowing me to get used to it. “A little further now” I instructed him and he thrust slightly inserting a little more of his penis inside me, stretching my tight hole. His hands were all over my soapy body now, slipping and sliding all over my tits. My nipples were so fucking erect! “Now more” I told him and he would push a little more inside me. This continued until his lovely cock was deep inside my ass.

I pushed my ass towards him a little more, signalling for him to start fucking me. He started sliding his cock in and out, just a little each time until I was really ready for him! I moved my head to the side to kiss him. We snogged and as I pulled away I told him “Fuck me baby. Fuck my tight hole!” He held on to my hips and started thrusting his cock inside me. “Ahhh fuck that feels so good. You feel so fucking big!” He started to go a little faster and as he did I reached down the front of my body and started to play with my clit and pussy. I wasn’t surprised to feel that I was fucking soaked. He was puffing and panting behind me, and the harder and faster he fucked me, the harder and faster I played with my clit – stopping occasionally to insert two fingers inside myself.

My knees were trembling and my body was heating up. I had lost control “Ahhhh, ahhhh yes!” I screamed as his cock stretched my hole. I pulled my fingers from out of my cunt and started to furiously stroke my clit “Ahhh fuck yes, fuck, fuck me with that big cock” I begged. He was holding on to my hips now, banging in and out of me. Hard. Deep. Just the way I liked it. “I’m going to cum” I screamed, still masturbating, and as I came I felt my asshole tighten around the girth of his cock which made him pump my ass full of cum!

He pulled out of me and I could barely stand. I turned back around to him and fell in to his arms. We kissed for a moment. “Am I forgiven now?” I asked in a gentle, quiet voice. “You are” he said, before continuing “and you’re right. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

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