Hard & Soft

I had two very different experiences in two days this week…

The other day while hanging out with Ben at his apartment he took a over the counter Viagra pill because “he thought it would be funny”. There was like no change for about an hour and then DAMN that dick was so hard it was ridiculous. No matter what I did it remained erect and as firm as fuck.

I rode that fucking thing for hours (I’m not complaining) and it never went down. Not even once! He literally came three or four times but it never so much as reduced to a semi. Honestly, we fucked for hours and hours!

Like I said I’m not complaining I had a great time but Jesus even I couldn’t take any more by the end of it!

The following night – and yes, I’m aware this makes me sound like a slut, but in case you hadn’t noticed, I really don’t mind that – I hooked up with this hot, young guy from a bar. We had loads of fun during the evening and by last orders we were both really drunk. He asked if I’d like to go back to his. “Fuck yes” was my answer!

Anyway we went back to his and made out. I was really turned on and after we had stripped off he went down on me on the bed. I came really easy and I was soaked and turned on!

Then it was my turn. I took him in my mouth and after a while I realised he just want going to get hard. I tried every tongue, twisting trick but it wasn’t happening. I got up on the bed and lay next to him and started to wank him off – still nothing! He was really apologetic which I always think is stupid as it’s not like he can help it. I tried to put him at ease and just continued to gently and slowly stroke him, but he was soft. It just wasn’t going to happen – and then… he came! Just like that! Shooting his load all over my hand. I was so surprised! His dick hadn’t’ been anywhere near hard. I had never experienced anything like it. I’ve since learnt that it is apparently quite common!

You see you learn something new every day. Or as I prefer to say, you learn something new with every partner!

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