The Story of Tim: The Final Chapter?

Well to be perfectly honest I didn’t think I would ever be writing about Tim on here again. Apart from the odd, sweet text I rarely hear off him these days. For one thing, much like my husband he works away a great deal of the time and the other reason was he was keen to meet a girlfriend, and he felt my presence in his life made that a little more difficult. Despite him being a fucking hot stud with me, with the rest of the female population he is still that sweet, shy, gentle guy I met so long ago. I mean, of course he’s still the guy with the absolutely massive weapon between his legs – it’s hard to forget that!

The other evening I was sorting my porn bookmarks in to folders (as you do) and I obviously had to watch some when I was finished. I went in to the “monster cock” folder and picked a movie. While I watched the woman play with the huge cock it was hard not to think about Tim and our times together. I was still good though and didn’t reach for my phone.

The next morning I woke up after a wet dream (yes boys, we get them too) about Tim and I couldn’t help but to text him to see how he was. He text me back straight away saying he was at home and wondered if I would like to join him for a coffee. “Sure, I’ll be around in a bit” I replied to him as nervousness and butterflies filled my stomach! To be honest at this point I wasn’t sure if it was a booty call or not and I did ask myself if wanting it to be one was being just a little greedy considering all of the cock I’m getting at the moment! There’s Wes (obviously), the intern, Ben and Luca – this would definitely be greedy! Despite my uncertainty I decided to wear, well, very little…

Opting for a very short denim skirt (no panties) and a thin, white crop top (no bra). I headed to his place just after 12.00 and I felt excited and nervous as I rang the doorbell. He answered straight away and immediately put me at ease…

After the initial “hellos” we headed to his living room and sat on his sofa to drink the coffee that he had already prepared. He asked me lots about Wes and my work etc, and I asked him about his life, work and travels. It wasn’t until I mentioned Ben that he opened up a little bit to me. “I think I might have met someone actually” he told me. I was genuinely so pleased for him. “Oh, really, that’s great!” I said with an air of excitement in my voice. “Yeah, we had our first date last week and we have our second date tonight” he told me before pausing. “That’s really great news” I told him again patting him on the leg. “I’m actually hopping tonight we… well, you know…” There he was! That shy guy that I adored. “Hoping that you what? Hoping that you fuck each other?” I asked him smiling. He smiled back. “Yes” he replied. It sounds odd in this scenario, but this was the moment I realised that this could be a booty call if I wanted it to be! The excitement once again took over my body. Would I get one final go with Tim?

“Do you have a photo of her?” I asked, generally interested. He opened up his phone and scrolled through Instagram “Here she is” pointing his phone at me. She was hot. A skinny, little blonde woman who had a sexy, innocent vibe about her. “Wow, she’s really hot” I told him smiling. “Not as hot as you” he said to me turning his face towards me slightly. This was my chance! I reached my left hand across and put it on his package “Why, thank you, that’s really nice of you to say” I told him as I gently bit my bottom lip and gave his package a little squeeze. It’s all I had to do – he lent in and kissed me before looking at me “I just wanted to see you again” he told me. “I’m so pleased you text” I whispered at him.

I got down on my knees in between his legs and tugged at the waistband of his shorts. Pulling both his shorts and briefs down. And there it was. Oh. My. Fucking. God. How I had missed this. The biggest cock I have ever fucked in my life. I took hold of it and it seemed to get even bigger and harder. “You know, she looks tiny, if you go and fuck her with this beast fully loaded, you might break her” I said to him smiling, before wrapping both my hands around it and pulling it in to my mouth…

I started sucking and licking the tip of his cock before running my tongue all down the length of the one side and then the other – I needed both hands to hold the throbbing dick in place. He lent back on the sofa and moaned and groaned as I licked, sucked and stroked his beautiful monster cock. “I want to taste you” he said to me. So I let go of his penis and climbed on to the sofa, standing up. I looked at him smiled, raised my one leg and thrusted my pussy in to his face. He immediately reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands as his tongue went to work on my cunt and clit. It felt fucking amazing “Ahh fuck that feels so good” I reassured him as his tongue bought me closer and closer to orgasm. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him harder in to my pussy before moving backwards and forwards, rubbing myself all over his face. “Ahhh ahhhh ahhh fuck YES!” I screamed as I came. I moved away from him and his face was glistening from all of my juices. He smiled at me as I sat down on him…

I lowered my right hand and picked up his massive dick. “I can’t wait for this” I told him as I sat up and prepared myself to take him. I sat on him and the tip squeezed inside my cunt. It felt tight, really tight. I tried to sit down on him and take him inside me but it was just too big. “I need to lube you up a little more” I said to him as I climbed off and got back down on my knees between his legs. Using both hands I picked his rock hard penis up and started licking it again. All down one side, then the other, as his weapon throbbed in my hand. I looked at him and smiled before I spat on his cock and watched it trickle all down him…

I climbed back on top of him and squeezed his tip inside me again “Fuck you’re so big” I said, stating the very obvious. We started kissing and bit by bit I lowered myself on to him until he was deep inside me. Filling my pussy like no other ever has! I took a big breath and started to ride him slowly. He pulled my top off over my head. My tits were now hanging out, as his hands grabbed at them, our tongues still playing together.

I can’t even put into words how Tim feels – how much he fills me. It felt incredible and as my pussy got use to the size of his cock I started to ride him harder and faster. He was groaning and grabbing at me all over – anything he could reach – my tits, ass and thighs – he grabbed at them all like he was trying to feel every centimetre of me. Bouncing up and down on him I knew I wouldn’t last long and I was right “Fucccccccccck!” I screamed as I came again… I slowed right down to catch my breath and we started kissing again. Slow this time. Intimate. Sexy. “Can I go on top of you?” He asked. “Sure”. I got off him and we both stood up, allowing me to lie on the sofa and spread my legs ready for him…

He knelt between my legs, picked up his dick and came towards me. As he pushed himself inside me it took my breath away again “fuck” I said under my breath as I arched my back to take all of him “you feel fucking incredible.” He started thrusting in and out me, slowly, stretching my pussy all of the time. One hand on my tit feeling it up and the other grabbing at my thigh, his thrusts started getting harder and just a little faster. He looked at me “fuck I’ve missed you” he said before laying another big kiss on me. I reached around and pulled him completely on top of me. I grabbed at his ass and remember thinking how wonderful his weight felt on top of me. “Kiss me until you cum” I whispered. He started kissing me and started to fuck me harder, faster and deeper. I was screaming in pleasure but was determined to keep kissing him. I came so fucking hard and as I did I noticed his body go red and tense up. He pulled his mouth away from mine, knelt up, pulled his monster dick out of me, stroked it, and came everywhere! Covering me. He kept stroking himself until every last drop of spunk had landed on my body!

I stayed there another hour or so until I had to leave. I stood up and kissed him. “Good luck with your date tonight” I told him. “And if you ever want to see me, you only have to text.” He kissed me again “It’s been amazing seeing you again.”

With that I left Tim and his monster cock, wondering if I would ever get to experience it again… If not then what a ride it’s been – literally…

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