The Christmas Party Tradition

So Monday was my works Christmas Party. Anyone familiar with my blog will know that as a rule I try and fuck someone every year. It’s become a little bit of a game for me. Last year was more difficult as restrictions were in place so we had to have tiny parties. I still succeeded though – after going cliche and photocopying my booty!

This year our party was back to its manic best. The offices all full of people, a live DJ and a shed load of booze.

I got ready at around 3.00 for it’s 4.30 start. I wore a little green mini skirt with a thong, some high heels and a wicked Christmas zip up hoodie I’d managed to find. The benefit of this was I could wear it with no bra and with the zipper down to expose a little tit!

It started at full force, with loads of drinking, dancing and laughs. As I sat on a chair surrounded by loads of colleagues, friends and clients I started to not so innocently scan the room. Who could I tempt in to fucking me this year? I checked everyone out – all the men, and of course the girls, and I definitely had options of both sexes. I was excited, I knew this night was going to be fun… I scanned straight past some of the obvious. Elijah, because, well, I’d had him so many times before. The Intern, because he still hasn’t followed my instructions and fucked another woman – but there was still loads of options! Earlier in the day Ben had actually asked if he could come to the party with me. I had made an excuse about friends and partners not being allowed. It seemed easier than saying “Actually hun I’m on the prowl for some pussy or cock” but there we go…

After several drinks I had settled on this woman I wanted to hit on. I had no idea if she was in to other women but I knew we both had had enough drinks to at least allow me the freedom of hitting on her.
I took a sip of my vodka and I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind me. I turned around and I couldn’t believe it! It was Wes! With a massive smile across his sexy face. My husband back from his work trip a whole 4 days earlier than expected. I jumped out of my seat screaming. “Ahhhhhh” I shouted at him wrapping my arms around him, jumping up and snogging him. “I’m so happy to see you” I excitedly said to him. “You too baby girl” he replied before kissing me again… I introduced him to everyone he didn’t know and fetched him a drink before we sat down next to each other. From my perspective there wasn’t any point in anyone else being there anymore. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and he was the only one I wanted to talk to!

After a while we both wanted a drink so we headed to the kitchen. Well, I grabbed him by the hand to come with me as I didn’t want to let him out of my sight. Awkwardly, as I was now very tipsy, when we got in to the kitchen/cafe area the intern Robbie was in there grabbing some more glasses to take out. “Hi Robbie, this is my husband Wes” I said to him. They shook hands but Robbie went bright red and didn’t know what to do with himself. I walked over to him and gave him a big kiss before looking at Wes again “This is my little play thing” I told him. “Ah you’re the intern” Wes said to him. “You have a very good teacher” he told him smiling. Robbie nodded and smiled awkwardly before leaving the room. Wes took me by the arm, pulled me close and kissed me. A long sexy, sloppy snog. It was a kiss that made me go weak at the knees and wet between the legs!

When he pulled away from me he put his hands on my hips. “Isn’t it tradition that you fuck someone at this party?” He asked with a smile. “There’s only one person here I’m interested in fucking” I told him, lowering my hand and giving his bulge a squeeze. “Come with me” I took him by the hand and walked down the corridor.

I opened the door to an office and dragged him inside. I walked over to the desk and sat on top of it, spreading my legs for him slowly. He walked over and kissed me. I undid his belt and lowered my hand under his trousers, reaching for his dick. It immediately hardened in my hand. “Fuck I’ve missed this beautiful cock” I told him before kissing him again. He undid the zipper on my top just a little so he could get his hand in. His big palm rubbed over my nipple which excited me. He looked around “This isn’t your office is it? Who’s is it?” He asked. I smiled and kissed him again. “This is Elijah’s office” I told him. He smiled back and ran a hand up my inner thigh under my skirt. His fingertips gently ran over my cunt and even with panties on I knew he would be able to tell how wet I was for him. “That’s naughty” he replied. “Have you fucked him in here?” I pulled his trousers and boxers down and started stroking the length of his erect penis. He was throbbing. “I’ve fucked him so many times in here. He’s even fucked me right here on this desk!” He kissed me. A hard kiss. “That’s fucking hot” he said. “Did he make you cum?” He asked me. His fingers slid down the side of my panties and he pushed one inside me “Ahhh fuck” I cried out. “Yeah he made me cum. He even made me squirt one time” I answered…

He reached for my panties and pulled them off, dropping them on to the floor beside him. His cock was centimetres from my soaked pussy and I wanted him so much. “What’s his cock like?” My husband asked me. I smiled, still stroking his member. “Short and fat. It felt good but it’s nothing like this beautiful thing” I said nodding down towards his dick. “You fuck me like no one else” I told him. We kissed again and with the slightest pull towards me he was deep inside me “Ahhhh yes” I said under my breath as he started to fuck me with slow but deep strokes. “What would you do if he walked in?” He said to me. I smiled again, putting my hands on his waist. “I’d tell him to stay and watch. I’d tell him to watch how a real man fucks me!” With that my husband started to fuck me a little harder and faster. We were both so excited. It had been days since we had seen each other and the sexual chemistry was boiling over.

He moved both his hands up my body and started grabbing at my tits. I undid the buttons on his shirt so I could see and feel his wonderful chest. “He could never fuck me like this” I said to him before snogging him. His thick, veiny cock was now fucking me hard and I was getting breathless. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard” I said to him. It just made him fuck me harder and faster and within seconds I had a huge orgasm! As I came he slowed right down. Long, deep but slow strokes again that was teasing me beyond belief. “Let me go on top” I said. He pulled out of me so I got down off the desk and walked over to Elijah’s sofa. Wes knew what to do. He sat down and I instantly leapt on top of him. I undid my hoodie completely and my tits fell out. Free at last. He grabbed them as I reached down to hold on to his cock. I sat on it taking every inch of it inside me. My tits were now in his face and he took the opportunity to lick and suck at my erect nipples.

He reached around and grabbed my big ass as I started to bounce up and down on him. He felt amazing. I was in control but knew I’d lose it soon. I can memorise the feel of his cock. Every bit of it. Every vein and it drives me crazy. His tongue was still licking my nipples and I felt myself get wetter and wetter and wetter until “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yes” I came hard again, but I didn’t stop. I carried on riding him as hard as I could. His cock throbbing deep inside me. I imagined Elijah walking in and watching as my husband fucked me! I put my hands on his face and pulled his head towards me so I could kiss him. I had slowed down a little now as I could tell Wes was close. “I want to taste you” I told him…

I got off him and knelt on the floor between his legs. I took his cock in one hand and cupped his balls in my other – just the way he likes it! I started to suck him, really slowly, making eye contact with him all the time. He was moaning and groaning and he gave that look he gives me – like it’s the best blowjob in the world. I temporarily took him out of my mouth “Are you ready?” I asked him. “Yes” he replied in a voice that was almost begging for what he knew was about to happen. I tightened my grip on his balls and started to squeeze them, then I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and slowly lowered myself down until all of his wonderful cock was in my mouth. Deep throating him I squeezed his balls a little more and I felt his cock throb as his cum shot out down my throat “Ahhhhhh fuck” he said as he emptied himself. I swallowed every last drop before slowly moving my head back up, taking him out. I kissed the tip of his penis as he fell back, slouching on the sofa…

We got dressed and readied ourselves to rejoin the party. As we were walking out of Elijah’s office Wes pointed to my panties that were still on the floor by the desk “Don’t forget those” he said to me. I smiled “I’m going to leave those right there for him” I said as we walked out.

We rejoined the party and it seemed like everyone knew we had been off for a fuck, and I didn’t care one little bit…

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