Swimming Baths & Inappropriate Boners

I have to tell you about something funny (that turned out sexy) that happened to me the other morning…

2-3 times s a week I go swimming at my local pool. I always go early at around 6.30am as it’s really quiet there then and I can go straight to work afterwards. I was talking to Ben the other day and he asked if I would mind him coming with me for a swim. “Sure, that’ll be great” I told him.

It was really nice actually because we met there at 6.30 and had a coffee and a chat in the cafe before heading for the changing rooms.

I have to admit here, I didn’t wear my usual swimming costume – instead I opted for a floral one I have which is, well let’s say very low cut! (It’s the one pictured here) I got out first and went straight in to the pool. A minute or so later Ben came out, He looked really fucking hot in his little trunks! I do love his ass so much! He got in the pool and we started doing some lengths, stopping every now and again for a rest and a chat.

After an hour or so I had done enough so I swam to the edge of the pool to relax. Ben followed me and we started flirting a little as we watched others swim. It was silly stuff – splashing each other with water etc. As he rested on the edge by the side of me I pecked him on the cheek, “I have to get out now, I need to get to work” I told him. “Umm can we wait a minute?” He asked. “I don’t really have time. Let’s get out now, get dressed and we can walk up together” I said to him. “I really can’t get out at the moment” he replied. “Oh my god do you have a boner?” I said to him laughing. “Yes, a very hard one” he replied. I laughed like a little school girl at the silliness of it. I mean, I wanted to see it too, as I thought it would look great in his trunks! Still laughing I kissed him on the cheek again. “I’ll tell you what, if you get out now maybe I can do something about it in the changing cubicle” I smiled. “Here? Seriously?” I smiled again “Sure, why not. It’s pretty quiet here and we can be discreet… After you” I said nodding towards the changing room…

Ben got out of the pool and did this ridiculous and funny kind of walk, half bent over and hands over his very, very obvious hard-on. Giggling I got out of the pool and followed him out towards the changing cubicles… We both squeezed inside the one cubicle and I locked the door behind us. I started kissing him and ran my hand lightly over his bulge. I pulled back for a second and peeled my swimming costume off and stepped out of it. My body was still soaked. I looked at him and just said “Fuck me” He pulled his trunks down finally freeing his big boner and came up towards me and snogged me. I put one foot on the seat that was in there and pulled him close. He put his hands around the back of me on my ass and lifted me a little. I reached down, taking his cock in my hand and placed it by my pussy. He pushed slightly and entered me “Ahhh” I said a little too loudly. He started to fuck me hard, my body was still soaking wet from the pool so my back was sliding up and down the cubicle wall as I was sliding up and down on to him! He grabbed at my tits as we kissed “Fill my pussy” I whispered in his ear. I was so fucking excited! This was everything – so fucking naughty! “You’re going to make cum” I told him as he pumped me. “Ahhh, ahhh ahhh yes!” I said under my breath as I came. This urged him on and he started to fuck me as hard as he could. A few thrusts later and I felt his cock throb and fill my cunt with his cum!

He pulled out of me. “I really need to get to fucking work” I said laughing. We got dressed and headed up town together. This is a morning swim I’m certainly not going to forget in a hurry!

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