January Q&A

So, I always love to open my blog up for a Q&A so I sent out a tweet asking for any questions to be sent via DM. Here are a few of my favourites. I’ll update this post soon when I have time to answer some more…

How would you define your relationships with Ben and Luca?

This is a difficult one, because defining relationships isn’t something I really do with the obvious exception of my partner Wes who is my husband and soul mate…

I guess if I had to put it into a generic kind of order it would be something along the lines of:

Wes – Husband | Ben – Boyfriend | Luca – fuck buddy.

Whatever happened to Suzi?

Ahh I miss Suzi. We still talk lots – at least once a week – and we see each other occasionally. We blindly, I guess started a relationship with Suzi and became a “throuple”. It didn’t really work out because people wanted different things out of the relationship and in truth Wes and I missed our time alone with each other, which we both cherish. I still love her so much though!

Who would you rather hit on, men or women?

Oh, I like “hitting on” both. I find it much more difficult to chat up women as I find it harder to read what they want and what they’re looking for. I can tell within seconds if a guy wants to fuck me, I get confused sometimes whilst chatting to women.

What keeps drawing you back to Tim?

Ummm… Am I allowed to say his absolutely massive cock?!

Favourite Sex Toy?

I love a rabbit. I know it’s a little cliche but it’s my absolute favourite. I like bringing other toys in to play at the same time though… Leave me alone with a little porn, a rabbit, some lube and a small butt plug and I promise I’m going to have the best fucking time!

Would you sleep with a trans woman?

Of course.

Can I take you to my local porn cinema?

Haha are these actually a thing? I mean I’ve seen porn videos where some “innocent’ woman goes to the cinema only to find out it’s a porn cinema. She obviously ends up getting turned on to hell and being gangbanged by a group of guys! I would love to find a porn cinema! Sounds kinky as hell!

What’s the most famous or unexpected person you’ve bumped into or seen at a swingers party?

No one famous at all I’m afraid. When I first started going to the parties with Wes I saw my old college professor at one. I don’t think he recognised me and it is a regret of mine to this day that I didn’t try to fuck him! I still turns me on thinking about what could have been…

Can I see what bra you’re wearing today?

Ummm my favourite kind of bra – here you go… (photo courtesy of Ben)

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