Cheap Hotel Rooms Forever

It seems like I’ve been doing a bit of a tour of cheap and sleazy hotel rooms in Manchester with Luca recently. It’s the best way to be a little discreet. Whilst Wes knows about Luca, Ben (his friend) certainly doesn’t and neither does Luca’s partner…

But I can’t get enough of him. His beautiful cock, his scruffy, hairy good looks and that’s without even mentioning his staying power, which is incredible – and definitely earned him the nickname “the machine”!

This photo is from the other evening – well, late afternoon actually. We had met for a coffee and ended up going online to book a hotel room because we were pretty desperate for each other. We checked in to the hotel and they gave us a key to a ground floor room. That’s pretty unusual in itself… I took my top off and went straight to the window. There was a light on in the room opposite but I couldn’t tell if anyone was in there – I certainly hoped there was though…

Looking out of the window wearing nothing but my high heels and tartan skirt, I rucked it up to my waist exposing my ass. I could hear Luca removing his clothes behind me. I parted my legs slightly “Come get me” I said to him, still looking out of the window. “Can I take a photo?” He asked “Sure”. He took his photo (the one used here) and crept up behind me. He got down on his knees, grabbed my ass cheeks and buried his face in my big booty. His tongue reaching under and flicking and licking my clit. “Ahh fuck” I cried out as I grabbed my tits! I could feel how wet I was and I could imagine how hard he was! “Fuck me” I begged…

I was looking out of the window and it reminded my of the time a while ago when his friend Ben fucked me by a window – although, we had an audience then, and I still couldn’t tell if we did this time…

I felt his hand on my thighs and then his cock right by my soaked pussy. A slight movement and he was deep inside me. Fucking me with long, hard strokes of his beautiful member. “Fuck me hard” I pleaded again. He held on to my thighs tighter and started fucking me as hard as he could “Fuck that feels good. You feel so big ahh ahhhhhh ahhhh” I screamed as I came to a thunderous and early orgasm!

I pulled away from him slightly and turned around, grabbing his cock in my hand at the same time. “Go lie on the bed” I told him. Once he was in position I climbed up on the bed on top of him and took him inside me again. I rocked back and forth on him as he grabbed at my tits. I wondered how many sluts like me had been fucked on this bed in the past and it turned me on so fucking much!

I leant forward resting my hands on his hairy chest and started to ride him as fast as I could. He felt so fucking deep and my body was trembling. “I’m going to cum again” I shouted as the bed started to squeak “Ahhhh fuuck” and mid orgasm I felt his cock throb and his cum shoot up inside me… I smiled, leaned towards him and kissed him “That was very quick for you” I said to him. It was as well – not that I minded, it was fucking perfect but usually he can fuck for hours “Yeah, I was too fucking excited” he responded before kissing me again…

After that came the usual rush of getting dressed and getting out of there back to our day to day to lives. It’s naughty. I know it is. I can feel it is, but fuck! Cheap hotel rooms forever please…

5 thoughts on “Cheap Hotel Rooms Forever

  1. What a great excitement, being able to be observed by others, while you surrender to passion.
    It is an extra for this story.
    I love how well that skirt looks on you over that pretty butt 💟

    Liked by 1 person

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