Luca: Sex, Dildos & Motorbikes.

I had planned a sexy couple of nights away with Luca in a sleazy hotel just outside of town, hidden from his girlfriend, and fuck me things got kinky quickly!

He picked me up outside of my work on Friday on his motorbike so I put my helmet on and got on the bike. I always love riding on his bike – wrapping my legs around him, his leather jacket and of course the vibrations of the bike between my thighs…

We got to our hotel apartment and checked in at around 3.00pm. I immediately took my T-shirt and leather leggings off so I was just hanging around in my black bra and panties. Luca wanted to go shower straight away so I started to pack some of my things away – this is something I always like to do if I’m staying somewhere more than one night. I put some music on the Bluetooth speaker I had bought with me and started putting things away. I could feel my bra straps falling down my shoulders when I heard him come out of the shower.

I looked around to see him and he looked fucking great! His rough, grizzly appearance looked so sexy and he was only wearing a pair of his tight boxers he had put back on. He came behind me wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. “Fuck, you smell great” I told him. He did as well – a mixture of hotel cosmetics and cigarette smoke. I turned around and we kissed. I looked him up and down and laughed “Fuck me Luca your package looks huge” I said giving his bulge a little squeeze.
“Thanks” he replied kissing me again. I turned around again so my booty was pressing up against his bulge and he put his hands on my shoulders before slowly lowering them and running them under my bra cups to grab at my tits.

“What’s that over there?” He asked pointing to a strap hanging out of my bag.
I walked over to get it “Wellllllll” I said, “The other week I pegged my husband with this strap on, and I bought it with me in case it’s something you might be interested in?”
“Really?” He sounded surprised “I’d fucking love that”
“Ah really? Have you ever had it done to you before?” I asked him.
He kissed my neck “I have actually. A few years ago. I loved it”
“That’s really fucking hot” I told him.

I reached behind myself and ran my hand under his boxers to grab and grope at his cock. He whispered in to my ear “I want to fuck you so much” before he unclipped my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor.
“Yeah, you want to fuck me do you? Right now?” I asked.
“Yes, so much”
“Well, you can but only if… you let me fuck you first!” I took hold of his cock behind me and started to stroke it.
“I’d really like that” he replied grabbing at my titties. “Put it on for me.”

I walked over to my bag, picked it out, took my panties off and stepped in to the strap-on before tightening it slightly. I looked down. The sight of myself with a big cock was turning me on just as much as it had the last time. I walked back over to him and we started snogging “You look fucking amazing” he told me in his rough, jagged voice.
“You like it baby?” I asked.
“So much!”
I whispered in to his ear “You want to touch it?”

With that he ran his hand down my body and gently started to stroke my big dildo. It was so fucking sexy! I love that he doesn’t care about stuff like this. I snogged him again as he lightly stroked my new strap-on cock.
It was the most homo-erotic thing I had ever seen and it was making me gush!

He stood back up and we kissed as he started to play with my tits again. His boxers were now on the floor and his cock was as stiff as I’d ever seen it! “Go sit on the sofa” I told him. He smiled before walking across the room to the sofa in his naked state and sitting down. I grabbed the bottle of lube and walked over to him. Standing in front of him I lent down and kissed him while I ran my hands all over his hairy chest. “I’m really going to enjoy this” I told him before getting down on my knees in between his legs…

I poured some lube onto my hand and started to rub it over his asshole while I lowered my head and took him in my mouth. Then I slipped a finger inside him as my tongue teased and tickled the tip of his cock. He was lay back, resting his head on the top of the sofa, moaning and groaning as I fingered his ass and sucked him off…

Then I sat up, kneeling between him I reached down and took hold of my big dick. I put the tip of it against his ass and he reached out and grabbed at my tits. I pushed it forward gently entering him and he gasped. Then I pushed a little more in, stroking his throbbing cock now. Edging myself in to him slowly until my big dildo was deep inside him “Ahhh fuck that feels amazing” he moaned at me.
“I want to wank myself off while you fuck me” he said.
“Mmmmm that sounds fucking hot” I told him, letting go of his dick so he could pick it up.
I started to ease the dildo in and out of him, getting a little faster each time. He was moaning and groaning and begging to be fucked harder. I was shocked at how much he wanted this! He was wanking himself hard and the sight of it all was leaving me soaked. I could literally feel the wetness between my legs. “Harder” he cried out. As I held on to his waist I started to fuck him hard. He was wanking himself off so fast now it didn’t take long before his body tensed up and he came – shooting his load all over my tits, with a bit even splashing against the cheek of my face. He came so hard it hit my body with such fucking force! It was incredible!

I stood up, took the dildo off and sat naked next to him on the sofa.
“I loved that” he told me, kissing my forehead.
“It was so fucking sexy” I told him. “You really do have a beautiful, big dick” I said looking down at it. He lent towards me and kissed me and it wasn’t long before his dick was in my hand again growing and growing and getting harder all of the time. This is what led to a massive fuck session that literally lasted hours!

He started off by laying me down on the sofa, kneeling on the floor and licking my cunt out. I was so wet, so excited I could feel the orgasm building almost immediately. A fun side story – as I was about to cum I was making so much noise there was a thud on the wall from our neighbour! I reached for my phone, turned the music up louder on the speaker and went back to cumming all over his face – covering him in my juices!

After I came we moved over to the bed where he fucked me from behind for ages. His big cock stretching my tight pussy. We must have been fucking like that for twenty minutes, before I moved away to take him in my mouth again. I actually have to be a little careful sucking Luca off – although he can fuck like an absolute machine, my mouth seems to make him cum very, very quickly. Trouble is when I suck him off he makes the sexiest fucking groans I constantly want him in my mouth!

After that I rode his lovely, big dick while I leant forward so he could kiss and nibble at my nipples. His hands on my ass drove me wild and I rode him so hard until I came again and again…

Then it was on to a quick 69. As I lay on top of him and he grabbed my ass and licked my cunt it was almost too hard to concentrate and have him in my mouth, so he lay me on my stomach and fucked me deep and hard from behind again, the pillows muffling the sound of a huge orgasm! I took a couple of seconds to recover and then turned around on to my back.

He knelt between my legs and started fucking me with long strokes, almost pulling out but not quite – it was pure fucking ecstasy! I remember grabbing my tits so hard, cupping them in my hands as I came to a screaming, wet orgasm! He fucked me like that for about twenty minutes, barely getting out of breath himself and only building up a slight sweat.

“I want to fuck you from behind again please” he told me. I didn’t need asking twice! I got back up on my fours and stuck my ass up in the air. His cock entered me from behind again and he felt bigger than ever! “Fuck Luca” I cried out in joy as he started to fuck me as hard as he could – pounding my tight, wet pussy. “Can I fuck you in the ass?” He asked me. “Mmm yes please” I was practically begging for it!

He pulled his cock out of me, grabbed both my ass cheeks, pulling them apart and spat on my hole. He edged the tip of his cock inside me – stretching me as I reached underneath myself to play with my clit. He kept pushing more and more inside me until he was deep – so fucking deep! By now I was furiously masturbating as he started to fuck my ass and I could tell by the sexy groans that he was loving it too! I came really hard and even felt myself squirt a little! As my ass clenched around his big dick, he pulled out and shot his warm load all over my pussy and asshole! It was fucking beautiful… I stayed their with my legs and ass spread. “Fuck you look amazing. Can I take a photo?” He asked me. “Mmm sure” and I remained in position until he had taken the photo below…

What a fucking machine Luca is!

We spent two nights in the hotel and barely left the room, apart from a short trip to get some booze… It was two nights completely and utterly full of sex and sin. It was fucking perfect and I can’t wait for us to do it again!

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