One For The Girls – My Husband’s Dick

Ok, okay, admittedly this one is potentially more for the girls but I snapped this pic of my husband as he was getting dressed to go to work in the very early hours of the morning…

This penis, this penis though! I love it. Here it is “at rest” and I adore it. I adore it in every state and I adore every part of it; the way it hangs to one side, the girth, the length, the veins – everything! I have never been so obsessed with a cock in my life!

I want it. I want it all of the time. I want it in my hand. In my mouth. In my pussy and in my ass. I want it everywhere. I want to feel it all over my body…

I have seen this penis do some things! Obviously all that it has done to me, but I have seen it and watched it as it has made countless women orgasm. Countless women beg for more! I have seen it cum and I have seen it instantly recover and ready itself to go again…

Honestly. This dick. THIS DICK… I want it. I want it all of the fucking time.

This penis… The penis that makes me orgasm bigger and harder than any other… My favourite ever penis…

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