A Husband Surprise.

I had quite the day Tuesday… What started off by me putting off all of my work ended up with Ben visiting me at my office late morning where he bent me over and fucked me from behind until we both came. After he left I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would have to spend the day at work even though it was a glorious, sunny day and I wanted to be anywhere but there…

A couple of hours after Ben had left I had a message off my husband. He was heading home a whole 4 days early! I was so excited I could barely contain myself. He asked if I could sneak off for the day to go day drinking with him. I didn’t even consider any other option. Of course I would! I made some bullshit excuse and told my boss that I would have to leave soon. My husband text back “Great I’ll be at your office in about 30 mins. Meet me outside?”

The only, albeit slight issue I had with this is I didn’t have time to go shower or change. I thought to myself I just had to make the most of what I had. I rolled up my tight, velvet skirt a little so it was considerably shorter and undid a few of the buttons on my blouse. I was so excited I was waiting outside my office a good ten minutes before Wes had said he would be there!

I saw him walking up to me and ran to him. I gave him the biggest hug and we kissed in the middle of the street. “I’ve missed you so much” I told him. “I’ve missed you too” he said before snogging me again.

We walked hand in hand to a bar that we knew had a good beer garden. Once there we took a seat next to each other on a picnic table and ordered ourselves some cocktails. I couldn’t keep my hands off my husband. I get so clingy to him when he gets back from work but thankfully he never seems to mind…

As the drinks flowed we were definitely getting more touchy/feely and some of the flirting was insane! Wes’s hand was resting on the top of my thigh and at one point he ran it up a little and his fingertips just lightly stroked my panties.

“Fuck, you’re really wet” he whispered to me.
I giggled “Well, actually Ben came to see me at the office not long before you got back.”
Wes smiled at me. “Ohh. Did he cum inside you?” He asked.
I bit my bottom lip and whispered in his ear “Yes, he did.”
“Fuck, that’s really hot” my husband said to me.

We had a smoke and finished our drink before ordering the next cocktail that was on the list. Once the drinks had been bought to our table my husband looked at me and said “Lose the panties.” I had a quick look around the garden to see if it was private enough. There were a few tables out there but no one seemed to be looking. I remained sat on the bench and as subtly as I could I removed my little thong and passed it to my husband who put it inside his jeans pocket. It felt really naughty being sat on the bench – my wet pussy and bare ass against the smooth wood of the bench. We snogged and as we did I found myself wishing that my husbands fingers would slide up again and stroke my pussy. But I knew he was teasing me…

We finished our drinks and decided to head to another bar with a beer garden a few doors down. We left hand in hand and walked until we were outside of our next destination. We stayed outside while we finished the cigarette we were sharing and I was still all over him. I was so excited to be with him, to be out with him, but I definitely wanted him.

He threw our cigarette end in to the ash tray and put his hands on my hips to pull me close. We started kissing each other. I didn’t care who saw our affection I just wanted it! I felt his hand move from my hip and slowly and somewhat discretely move up under my skirt. I gasped in his ear as two of his fingers ran over my shaved pussy. “Fuck” I whispered to him. He slid a finger inside me. “Ahhhh” came the cry. Broad daylight, in the middle of the street and my husband was fingering me. I was turned on and it was making me go weak at the knees! He started to finger me a little harder. I tried to have a quick look around. No one was watching. I don’t think they’d even be able to tell or see what was happening but as he continued to finger fuck me I was getting more and more carried away. I was holding on to him as hard as I could. My arms over his shoulders. “You’re going to make me cum” I whispered in his ear. He looked at me and smiled. “Not yet I’m not” He said as he pulled his finger out of me… Fuck! I was so close. It was so sexy getting fingered in public – but this had left me so frustrated…

We went in to the bar and sat in the garden while we had a few more drinks. I swear, I was so fucking horny for him it took all of my will power to not just whip my clothes off, spread my legs and demand he fucks me in front of everyone… Actually, that sounds really fucking hot…

Wes knew I was gagging for him as well – he played on it. His hand constantly resting on the top of my thigh. His occasional kisses to my neck that covered my whole body in goosebumps. By this point I couldn’t think of anything else apart from him and his dick!

“Would you like another drink?” He asked as we took the final sip from our glasses. “You have two choices” I told him. “You either fuck me right here and now or you get me home really quick!” He laughed. “I’ll order us an Uber” he told me.

We sat in the backseat together and his hand was on my lap just underneath my skirt. His finger tips had the faintest touch on my pussy lips. Thankfully within a few minutes we were home. Once through the front door I literally ran up the stairs and headed in to our bedroom. Wes wasn’t far behind at all. I went up to him and kissed him – we undressed ourselves as we kissed. Fumbling around with our clothes try to get them off us as quickly as possible!

Finally we were both completely naked. Our bodies pressed up against each other as we kissed. Then I felt his hard dick press against my skin. I reached down and took hold of it giving it a little, gentle stroke. He reached down and ran his fingers over my pussy “Mmm fuck, you’re soaked” he said to me. “I know. I want you right now” He kissed me again and slid two fingers inside me “Ahhhhh” I cried out. But I wanted the main event!

I pulled away and went and lay on the bed. Parting my legs like an invite. He jumped on the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed again. Kissing Wes like this drives me absolutely wild. I reached down and with the slightest touch of his beautiful cock, he was deep inside me. “Ahhh yes” I grumbled as the relief swept over my body. I put my hands on his ass and he started to thrust in and out me. Long, hard strokes – just the way I like it! Every stroke edging me closer and closer and closer to a thunderous fucking orgasm. “Please don’t stop” I begged him. My hands which had been settled on his ass started to wander all over his body. We kissed again. Heavy and fast kissing that didn’t stop until I came hard! My husbands cock was still pounding me – sliding in and out of my soaked pussy. Throbbing inside me. “Ahhh fuck” he shouted in his manly, rough voice as his cock pumped my cunt full of his cum…

He remained on top and inside of me as we caught our breath. His weight on me felt amazing… We kissed again and I thrusted slightly towards him. He started moving his cock – ever so slightly inside me, and after a few seconds I could feel him begin to harden inside me until he was rock hard again. “Fuck” I said under my breath before kissing him again and wrapping my arms around him. He started to fuck me slowly. Gentle thrusts. I wrapped my legs around his body and he began to fuck me harder. I couldn’t hold back and I came almost instantly. I’m not sure I’ve ever been wetter!

He fucked me like that for ages. Kissing me, grabbing my tits as I just lay back and let orgasm after orgasm sweep over me. “I want to cum all over you” he told me. I looked him in the eye “You can whatever the fuck you want to me” I whispered back. Eventually he pulled out of me, knelt up a little, gave his cock a stroke and came for the second time all over me. Covering my exhausted body. I looked at him – watched him as the last bit of cum fell on to my body. This was a satisfied man and I was definitely a very satisfied woman!

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