The Story of Skyler – Yes Please Daddy

When I got in to work the other day I was excited to see an email off Skyler. Side note – I adore how he only contacts me via email It’s hot as hell!

Dear Alice,
I can’t stop thinking about you. There are things I want to do to you. I want to be in charge. Do with you whatever I please. I want to be rough with you and show you who’s in charge.

I replied back:

That sounds really hot! How about this: The next time I see you, you can be in charge. Do whatever you want. But the time after – you’re all mine?

He very eagerly agreed and after coming up with a safe word (always important with sex like this) we arranged for me to go in Thursday to see him at work – just like I had done previously.

In another email he had asked me to wear a top where my tits were “clearly visible”. This wasn’t difficult for me as that happens to be most of my tops, but I opted for a very thin, white vest (pic below). I matched it with the tiniest denim skirt I have and some bright red high heels and of course, no panties or bra… I put my hair in cute, little pig tails which gave me a sexy innocent vibe…

Just like the last time I visited, once I got inside the bar I made my way to the same bar stool (I’m a creature of habit). It was definitely busier than last time and as I got in, two hot chicks were chatting him up behind the bar. He still noticed me immediately and walked over to me though. I leant over the bar and snogged him. Not because I wanted the girls to be jealous – I didn’t care about that, but just to show them that they were wasting their time…

He went and poured me two different cocktails and placed them on the bar by the side of me. “Well, thank you” I said to him. “You are more than welcome” he said to me, staring at me. Then I realised I hadn’t yet taken off my leather jacket and he was busy wondering what was underneath. I smiled, stood up and took my jacket off, hanging it on the back of my stool. His eyes lit up “Wow!” He said, getting a good look at me” “Oh, you approve?” I asked smiling, knowing damn well he would love the view of my tits. “You look amazing.”

We spent the next hour or so chatting whenever he got a break between serving customers, and as the night went on it did start to get a little quieter – thankfully – although it was still busy enough! We did however manage to remind each other of our safe word etc.

He bought a small parcel box over with a ribbon wrapped around it. “I got you a gift” he said to me. “Oh thanks” I said somewhat surprised. I opened it up carefully and wrapped in tissue paper inside was a small, bright pink butt plug and a miniature bottle of lube. I smiled instantly. “Oh my!” I said as I looked up to him. “I was hoping you’d use it tonight for me. It would be really hot knowing you’re sat there with it in.” He told me. “Mmm naughty” I replied. “I might well do that for you” I said smirking, so it was very fucking obvious that I was definitely going to do it! He looked at me. Looked at my tits and then back up at my eyes. He said sternly “Go put it in right now!” His voice made me wet. I looked at him and bit my bottom lip. “I’ll be right back” I said as I stood up and walked to to his office…

I got in there and sat on top of his desk, putting my one foot on the top to spread my legs as wide as possible. I took the butt plug out of its little gift box and squirted a load of lube on it. I also put some of the lube on my finger tips and gently massaged it on to my asshole. I pushed the tip in as carefully as I could. I couldn’t help rubbing my pussy slightly with my other hand. It was like second nature… I was wet and the plug felt great as it stretched me. A couple of minutes later and the butt plug was deep inside my ass.

I got back in to the bar and sat back down on my stool. “Have you got it in?” He immediately asked. “I do. It feels great” I told him. “Fuck” he said. “That’s so hot!” I smiled at him. “You know with one of these in my ass it would be very easy to make me squirt” He smiled leant over the bar and snogged me “I want you so fucking much” he told me…

Time seemed to go really quick as I sipped at my cocktails and before I knew it the last customer had left and Skyler was locking up and alarming the bar. “Where are we going this evening?” I asked him, excited by the thought of what was coming. “To my flat upstairs. Follow me.” He headed through the bar and up a narrow staircase until we were in his living quarters. His room looked like I had imagined. A room that is obviously not for someone who is sticking around. There was a double bed which was unmade, a sofa which was splattered with clothes and piles of books everywhere. Once in the room he looked at me, holding his gaze. I smiled at him. I wanted him so much at this point and I was ready to be treated like his little slut.

“I’ll hold up my end up of the bargain and won’t say a word while we fuck. But there’s something I want to know if you’re okay with.” He asked me looking somewhat nervous.
“What is it?” I asked in a surprisingly quiet voice. “I want you to call me Daddy” Fuck! The thought turned me on. I looked at him. Smiled. “Of course Daddy” I replied…

He moved close to me and stared at me – like he was looking through me. Then suddenly he grabbed my throat hard and pulled me even closer to him. He started snogging me and I desperately wanted to put my hands all over him. But tonight was his night! He tugged at my skirt twice and pulled his lips away from mine. I knew what he wanted. “Of course Daddy” I said before unzipping my skirt and letting it drop to the floor, trying to look as innocent as I possibly could… I was stood there, my bare ass and pussy out for him. He took his top off and I admired his body as he started to take his jeans off. He got naked and moved close to me again. His cock already erect. He put his hands on my see through vest and pulled it, ripping it completley open “Ahhh” I said under my breath – somewhat surprised by how much it had turned me on. If I wasn’t wet before, I fucking was now!

He grabbed at my tits. Hard. Really fucking hard. My nipples became instantly erect. As he squeezed them he pulled the remainder of my blouse off and threw it to the floor. With his other hand he span me around so my ass was against him. He pulled my cheeks apart and ran his finger over my butt plug and then he spanked me a shard as he could! – which made me moan again. “Fuck” I said under my breath. He span me back around and his hand wandered down my naked body. Without warning he pushed a finger hard and deep inside my cunt. “Ahhh yes” I said. “Yes please Daddy” I cried out as he started to finger me relentlessly. I was going weak at the knees so I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself. He pushed it off instantly and grabbed my throat again. Fingering me hard as he choked me and I couldn’t contain myself. “Ahhh fuck yes, yesssss!” I cried out loudly as his finger bought me to a huge orgasm.

Before I had even recovered he grabbed me by my hair – holding one of my pig tails and he forced me to my knees. I looked up at him – staring at his big erection “Yes please Daddy” I said to him. He grabbed the back of my head and slapped his cock against the cheek of my face. Once. Twice. three times! My face was stinging and then he forced his cock deep in to my mouth – I instantly gagged until he pulled it out a little and started to fuck my mouth as hard as he could. Thrusting himself in and out. My eyes were watering but I was loving this!

When he was done with me he pulled me back up. He took a look at my tits and slapped them hard. “Ahh fuck” I cried out in both pleasure and pain. He turned me around and threw me on the bed. I fell face forward on to the mattress. Knowing what was coming next I raised my ass slightly and he spanked me hard before putting his thumb on the butt plug I had been wearing all evening, and pressing it further inside me “Ahhh yes” I cried out again. I slid a hand under myself to feel my cunt. I wanted to feel how wet I was. I was soaked! I heard him ripping the condom wrapper behind me and a few seconds later he was deep inside me. Grabbing at my ass so fucking hard as he pounded me! I came instantly and the pressure of the plug in my ass was driving me wild…

He didn’t stop. Grabbing me hard and fucking me even harder. “Ahhh fuck, Daddy you’re going to make me squirt” I cried out. I could feel it building and building inside me, like I so often can when there’s a plug I’m my ass “Ahhhh fuck yes” I cried really loudly. He must have felt the pressure because he pulled out and I squirted everywhere. The relief was massive as I covered his duvet and mattress. “Fuckkkk!!!!” I cried once again.

Seconds later he was back inside me, fucking me from behind. I collapsed on the bed so I was lay flat. He reached with one hand and grabbed my pig tail, yanking it, pulling my head up from the pillow as he drove his big, hard dick in and out of my soaked pussy!

He slapped my ass and flipped me on to my back. As I lay there with my legs spread he looked at me and spat on my pussy! “Thank you Daddy” was my response as I reached down and rubbed his saliva into my clit. He crawled up the bed on his knees and rested his hand on my forehead – pushing me down in to the pillow. He took his condom off and forced it in to my mouth again. I sucked him as hard as I could while I stroked myself.

He pulled out of me “That’s it Daddy cum all over your little slut” I begged him. He made a loud groaning noise and came all over my face and tits!

What a fuck! So fucking hot…

After I had recovered a little I slowly pulled the butt plug out and tossed it on his bed. I got dressed, putting my ripped shirt back on. I looked in the mirror – I was a mess. Make up everywhere, hair shocking, covered in sweat and a couple of bruises. I smiled, walked over to him and kissed him. “Next time you’re mine” I told him before slapping his cheek hard…

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