The Story of Ben: Just Do Me.

I had the absolute shittiest day at work Tuesday. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and it was the most stressed I’ve ever been at work! By 5.00pm I was absolutely done!

Work assignments had gone wrong and I was bothered all day by colleagues needing or wanting something as well as new clients just turning up without an appointment. It was hell!

As the office emptied at 5.00 I sat back in my chair and thanked the gods that the day was over. It had put me in such a rotten mood though and I couldn’t shake it! I thought about heading to a bar for a drink but I was far too exhausted and I knew it wouldn’t help.

What I did know though, was if I came it would help. I knew it would relieve the pressure and frustration and I knew it would put me in a much better mood. I sat back in my chair and ran my hand up my skirt and under my black panties. I rubbed myself gently and immediately felt a little better. I parted my legs a little more and slid a finger inside me “Ahhh fuck” I said to myself under my breath. I started to rub a little harder and I grabbed my tit over my crop top. It felt really fucking good and I knew this would wash away the feelings of a crappy day. I arched back in my chair and rubbed myself harder. My pussy was wet now. “Ahhh fuck” I said again, and then ‘KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK’ someone was at my fucking office door! I removed my hand and sat bolt upright before shouting “Come in.” It was one of my colleagues who just wanted to drop off some work. She left straight away but it just intensified my bad mood again. I was so fucking frustrated now too! I thought about starting to play with myself again but I just knew I would end up getting interrupted again so I decided to leave the office…

As I got outside I lit a cigarette. I took the first drag and enjoyed it. My mood was awful but it was equalled by how horny I was. I hadn’t even been able to have a fucking wank in peace! I thought about going to see Ben and having him fuck me… Actually what I really wanted was my new fuck buddy Silent Skyler. I wanted him to whack his hard cock against my face again. Grab me and push me around. Use my cunt for his enjoyment. I knew that would knock the mood out of me! Unfortunately, I also knew he was unavailable. I took my phone out of my bag and text Ben.

“Are you in?” Short and not so sweet.
“Yeah. You want to come round” he replied instantly.
“Yes. Get naked!” I answered.

I put my phone back in my bag and stomped over to his apartment. My mood not lifting at all. I was definitely in the right mood to be used by Skyler but Ben would have to do…
I got to his apartment and let myself in with my key. Ben walked over to me straight away – naked, just like I had asked. He kissed me on the cheek “Hi sexy” he said to me. “Hi” I said brushing him off a little.

I walked through his apartment to his bed, taking my top off as I walked. I knew he was following me. I climbed on his bed, got on my fours with my booty towards him and lifted my skirt to my waist, exposing my tiny thong. “Come fuck me right now” I said to him. He put a hand on my butt. “I’m not even hard yet” he said. “Then get fucking hard. Just do me right now” I pleaded. He stroked his cock over my ass cheeks a few times and I felt him harden. “Fuck me now. You can do anything you like to me later. Just fuck me now” I pleaded again.

Within seconds he slid himself inside my soaked cunt – pulling my thong to the side “Ahhhhh” I screamed with what felt like a massive release of tension and stress… He started to fuck me with slow but long strokes. It felt good, really good in fact but it’s not what I wanted. “Harder!” I said to him. He started to fuck me harder – his cock filling my pussy beautifully. “That’s it. Fuck me harder Ahhhh, ahhhhh” I cried as he found that perfect motion of his. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and it was driving me crazy. I put my head on the mattress, grabbed my tit with my one hand and started to rub my clit with my other hand. “That’s it. Do me. Do me hard. Make me cum. Please make me cum” I begged “Ahhhh, ahhhh ahhhhhh fuckkkk yes!” I screamed as a huge orgasm took over my body! He continued to fuck me but after a few more strokes I felt his dick throb and his cum fill my pussy…

I felt instantly better! My mood completely changed. It was exactly what I wanted. What I had needed…

Of course, I kept my word and allowed him to do anything he wanted to do to me. Luckily for me it involved a shower and him sliding his big, dick inside my tight ass. Stretching me until we both came again…

Sometimes a day can be so shitty you just need to be well… Fucked!

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