Sex Thoughts – Welcome Home

You like it when I dress up for you don’t you? Dressing like the little slut that I am. Waiting for you to get home like a good girl. But you know this good girl can be bad in the best possible ways! That’s what you love…

You get home and see me stood like this – in my lingerie that I have chosen especially for you.

I look so naughty, but I have the most innocent look on my face. You can’t wait to touch me! You head straight over to me. Your hands all over me like I’m your play thing. I am as well. I’m your sexy little play thing and you can do whatever you want to me…

As your hands run all over my body feeling me up I can see the bulge in your tight jeans. You’re excited aren’t you? You want me so fucking much. Just look how hard I make you!

You take your erect cock out and stroke it over me. Getting yourself off by rubbing your dick over my body…

You push me against the wall and lift my leg. I reach down for that beautiful dick of yours and slip it inside myself ”Ahhh you feel good. So fucking hard and big!” You grab on to my ass as your cock fucks me as hard as you possibly can – the excitement taking over your body ”Ahhh yes, yes, give me your cum baby. Give it to me. I want it so much” and that’s exactly what you do – emptying yourself inside my soaked cunt… I told you I could be a bad girl didn’t I…

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