Hotel Surprise

As I wrote this it’s Tuesday morning and I’m sat in a lovely hotel room in London, completely naked… How I got here is a fun and sexy story…

Yesterday (Monday) I had the day off as annual leave. I was hungover and bored in bed and to top it all off I was missing my husband Wes dreadfully. I phoned my boss to see if there was any chance I could have a couple of extra days holiday. He reluctantly agreed which immediately had me excited. It meant I could buy a ticket and catch the train to London to surprise my hubby at his hotel. I packed a bag super quick and got on the train…

I decided to text Wes once I was on my way but was determined to not let slip what I was doing.

“Hi baby. I miss you. How are you?” I asked.
“Hi baby. I miss you too. Feels like forever since I saw you. It’s dragging so much!”
“I know it is isn’t it? I feel so horny for you too” I said trying my best to tease him ready for the night I knew we were going to have!”
“I’m always horny for you” he replied. “What are wearing now?”
“Oh that old chestnut” I said before sending him the following photo:

I deliberately wasn’t wearing too much and had made sure I had hold-ups on as they are his favourite. He replied instantly “FUCK! You look insanely good!”
I smirked and put my phone away as I was desperate to not ruin the surprise for him…

My train pulled up in London and once outside I got in a black cab and got dropped off just outside his hotel. I decided to order a drink from the bar first so I sat at a table and ordered a nice glass of red. It was whilst I was enjoying this that I realised I had a slight problem that I hadn’t considered… There is no way they were just going to let me in to his room! Not a chance! It wasn’t the end of the world but I had imagined him walking in after work and finding me on his bed…

I finished my drink and thought it was worth giving it a go… I walked up to the reception desk. “Hi there, my husband is staying here and I don’t have a key to the room” I said trying to look as innocent as possible… I showed them my ID in the hope that it may help. “I’m sorry Miss but unless your name is on the booking form I won’t be able to give you a key. I’ll just check the system in case your husband has left a note stating otherwise.”
Crap! I didn’t think this was going to work out until the receptionist (who was sexy as hell by the way) said “Oh. It is booked under both your names. I’ll process you a key now.” I was so happy! It turns out that Wes had used our joint credit card in to make the original online booking. I was so pleased that once she gave me a key for the room I basically skipped off in excitement!

I got to the room and made myself comfortable. I text Wes again. “What are you doing tonight?” I asked. “Nothing at all. A boring night in for me.” He replied.

He text back a few minutes later “Are you still horny?” “Always” I replied “I may have to do something about it” I told him. “Mmmm pics please” he replied. This could be fun I thought to myself… I got on the bed, laying down on my back and set my phone camera up on some of Wes’s books he had with him. I pulled my skirt up – my naked pussy out for him and started to play with myself as I fired off photos on the phone… I was only going to take a couple of pics but I enjoyed it so fucking much I ended making myself cum!

I sent him the following photo “Just having a little play!”

“Fuck. I want you!” He replied to me…
I knew he wouldn’t have long to wait though…

An hour or so later and I heard rustling outside of the hotel door. I quickly stood up in the middle of the room and took my top off. I knew he’d love to see my tits! I was stood there wearing nothing but a skirt, stockings and high heels.

He walked in “Surprise!” I shouted at him. His smile lit up the room. “Fuck, what are you doing here?” he asked me as he ran over to me and gave me a huge cuddle. “Well, I told you I was horny” I said to him with a smile. He held me close and we kissed. A really sexy, hard kiss that made him throb against me. “I’ve missed you so much” I told him. “Fuck, I’ve missed you too” he replied. Without wanting to waste any time I got down on my knees and undid his trousers. I pulled at the waistband of the trousers and boxers and his lovely, semi-erect, veiny cock fell out. I picked it up in my hand and kissed the tip of it “Mmmm I’ve missed this too.” I slid his now hard dick inside my mouth and proceeded to suck him off him as I looked up at him. He was loving it and his cock felt so fucking hard in my mouth as I teased and played with it.

I stood back up and we kissed again. He ran a hand up my skirt and on to my pussy. “Mmm you’re so nice and wet” He slid a finger inside me. “Ahhhh, I’ve been playing with myself on your bed” I said smiling. We walked over to the bed and I lay down. He climbed on top of me and started to gently thrust so his hard cock was just running over my pussy – teasing me, exciting me. It felt amazing. “I want you” I whispered in to his ear. With the slightest movement his dick slipped inside me and felt like a massive release. “Ahhhhh” I cried out. I wrapped my legs around his body as he started to make love to me with long strokes of his beautiful cock. It only took a matter of minutes for me to reach orgasm! As soon as I recovered I moved my self up, rolling him on to his back with me on top of him. He reached for my butt and grabbed it as I started to ride him. I lent forward and kissed him as my pussy slid up and down on his cock. I came again quickly and mid orgasm I felt his cock throb and he shot his load inside me. He came so much, I honestly didn’t think he was going to stop! It was amazing… “What a surprise!” He said to me afterwards before kissing me again…

That evening we got dressed up and went to a fancy bar for some drinks. We had plans to stay out and go dancing but to be honest we couldn’t keep our hands off each other so we decided to head back pretty early on. We stayed up to the early hours of the morning. We spent hours teasing, playing, making love and fucking each other. It was the kind of sex that I think can only happen between a committed couple. Sex that shifted from love making to hard fucking. It had been worth every second of my journey to surprise him!

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