Bucket List

I was talking about fantasies on Twitter the other day so thought it would be a good time to write about my bucket list – or perhaps more suitably titled my Fucket list…

  1. Gangbang.
    This is number one in every single way! It is something I’m desperate to do and have been for years. It is my single biggest fantasy and occupies more of my sex dreams than any other scenario. I can’t think of anything better or kinkier than being at they mercy of 6 or 7 guys and their hard cocks. The thought of them taking it in turns to use me and fuck me drives me absolutely wild! Honestly, I’m getting wet just thinking about it now!
    My husband has been working on getting this sorted for me – and I literally can not wait! Get me to those dicks!
  2. MMF Bisexual.
    I have had loads and loads of threesomes and I always love them. Like a lot of other women I really enjoy watching gay porn. This was the particular scenario I was tweeting about last week… The idea of two guys fucking me who are also in to each other is such a turn on! I would love to watch them please and fuck each other as they satisfy me at the same time… This is a harder one to organise as I think it would be difficult to find a bisexual couple willing to take part…
  3. Paid For Female.
    A female sex worker that I have paid to enjoy. There’s just something that feels so fucking kinky about it. So naughty… I find it harder to pick up women so this would be perfect. I love the idea of discussing exactly what I want and then paying for it!
  4. Paid For Male.
    As above really. There’s just something so fucking hot about it! I’m actually somewhat surprised I have never done this before… I think I’m going to make this happen sooner rather than later…
  5. Make A Porno. This is edited as I can’t believe I left it off my list! Ok, so obviously I have made many a sex tape with multiple partners. It’s kinky as fuck and a nice little reminder to be kept in my masturbation folder on my laptop, but what I’d really like is to hire someone or a company to film Wes and I fucking. Like just for private use but a really nice, cinematic movie of us fucking! That would be so fucking hot!

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