Fresh, Naughty Dick.

Well, well, well I happen to have had me some fresh dick last night and it was with someone I definitely shouldn’t have fucked! It all started a week or so ago. An old school friend of mine who know lives in Scotland messaged a group of us to say she was heading back to Manchester for an evening with work and was wondering if we could we all meet for cocktails! I was really happy as it had been so long since I had seen April. I cleared my schedule making sure I had that evening and the next day free from work – I was already guessing I would have a hangover!

A day or so later and April’s younger brother Lex messaged me on Facebook. “Hiya. I know this is cheeky but I’m hoping to get to Manchester for the evening out to see my Sis. Hotel rooms in town seem really expensive and I was wondering if you and Wes have a spare room in the house by any chance? Hope you don’t mind me asking…”

I hadn’t seen Lex in years. We are Facebook friends but to be honest he is 3 years younger than his sister so I just remember him being really annoying to us during our school days. Anyway, I wanted to do it for April so I messaged him back “Hi. Yeah we have a spare room. You’re more than welcome to use it.” I sent him the address etc and we arranged that he would come over mid afternoon on the day of the meet up…

He arrived at around 2.00pm and gave me a big hug. Once inside I offered him a drink and he asked for a beer. I fetched us both one and we sat in the living room just chatting and catching up a little…

I was definitely attracted to him. The little, annoying child was long gone and he had a very cool surfer kind of vibe to him now. “What time is Wes back?” He asked at one point. “He’s actually away for the week and won’t be back until the weekend” I told him… It was nice catching up and we definitely seemed to hit off. After an hour or so I told him I had to go upstairs to get ready so he should just make himself at home.

I went upstairs and got myself in the shower, trying desperately not to get my hair wet as it had looked really killer all day… Once out I started to get dressed. A little black thong and matching black bra along with a tartan skirt that happens to be one of my favourites – largely because it’s just the right length and makes my booty look amazing… All I had to do now was find a top to wear and put on a little bit of makeup. This photo is one Wes took of me previously – in the exact same outfit!

I’d started to get hot from rushing around so shouted downstairs “Lex, would you mind grabbing me a beer and bringing it up please?” “Sure” he responded and a few moments later he was just outside my open bedroom door passing me a bottle. His eyes were definitely on my bra which made me smile inside. “I’m just finishing up, you can come in and hang out if you like?” I told him. He wandered in to the room and chatted to me while I applied my makeup. I looked in the mirror and noticed him looking at a photograph of me on the wall. I’m on the beach and whilst you can’t actually see anything you can tell I’m naked. “Did Wes take that?” He asked me. I turned around and smiled “He did yeah. He took it in Spain a couple of years ago.” He looked at it again “It’s great. really sexy. Does he take many nude shots of you?” I was a little surprised by the question and how forward he was. “He does yeah, just on his phone though.” “Lucky guy” he responded. I looked at him and smiled again “Really?” I asked with a innocent look on my face. “Yeah I would love to see naked photos of you” he replied laughing. I was a little shocked again – but definitely in a good way. I was enjoying the obvious flirting. “Maybe I should send you some” I said to him still smiling. “Really?!” He excitedly asked. “Maybe… Or you know… If you wanted to see me naked, you could just ask I guess” I said quietly as I turned around to face him… He laughed by my expression didn’t change. “Are you being serious?” I starred at him motionless “Try me.” He paused but only for a brief moment “Can I see you naked please?” He muttered…

I moved a little closer to him, reached behind myself and unclipped my bra so it fell to the floor “Fucking hell” he said staring at my tits. “You like them?” I asked. “Very much” I moved closer again and kissed him – just a little, lingering kiss on the lips. “What about your husband?” he asked. I didn’t want to explain about being open or anything, and this felt naughtier so I just said “We don’t have to think about him.” I moved and kissed him again. A longer kiss this time. “Fuck…” He said, “You know, I was so fucking in to you when I was younger. You were my first wank” he told me. Holy fuck! That was hot. Like, it left me fucking dripping! I ran my hand over his crotch and felt his stiff cock that his jeans were holding back “Mmmm that’s hot. Feels to me like you’re still really in to me” I said as I grabbed at his bulge…

I got down on my knees in front of me, looking up and maintaining eye contact with him at all times. I started to undo his belt “Are you sure. You’re married” he said. “I know. It can be our little secret” I whispered as I tugged on the waistband of his jeans and boxers until his dick popped out… He was quite small but fuck I wanted him so much! I kept thinking about being his first wank and it was melting me! I instantly took all of him in my mouth and started to suck him off “Ahhhh fuck” he said loudly as I cupped his balls in my hand and wrapped my lips around his little, hard cock! I was enjoying giving him head when after only a minute or so he screamed “Ahhhhh fuck, fuck, FUCK” and came in my mouth. “Shit, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” he said “It’s just I’ve wanted to do this for so long” he told me apologising. I swallowed all of his spunk and smiled. I stood back up. “Don’t worry it’s fine” I told him. It was as well. In fact I had found it hot. “Want to eat me out?” I whispered in to his ear. “Yes!” He replied without hesitation…

I got on the bed and lay down. I lifted my skirt and took my little thong off, spreading my legs inviting him to come and play with my clean shaven cunt… “Get naked for me first please?” I requested. As he took all his clothes off I lay there watching him. Looking at every part of his body. Once naked he climbed on the bed and lay between my legs. He gently licked my clit “Ahhh that feels nice” I said quietly. His tongue then ran slowly up from the bottom of my pussy to my clit “Mmmm yeah” I cried. He got a little faster and as he licked me out I grabbed my tits to play with – pinching at my nipple piercing. His tongue started to get even faster and as I wrapped my legs around his head he slid a finger inside me “Fuck yes, yes, that’s it!” He started to finger me faster as his tongue lapped up my juices and tickled my clit “I’m going to cum” I cried out and as I took a deep breath I reached a huge, loud orgasm!

He looked up at me and I looked at him. “Come kiss me” I told him. He crawled up the bed and lay on top of me. As we kissed I could taste my juices and it was such a turn on. I could feel him starting to harden again so I reached down and gently stroked his cock. We were still kissing and pretty soon he was rock hard in my hand. I gently moved him down a little and he slipped inside me “Ahhhh” we both moaned at the same time. He kissed my nipples as I reached down to squeeze his butt. He started to fuck me – slow strokes to start and then he got a little faster with every thrust – it was actually really fucking hot and I was drenched! I paused from kissing him briefly “Will you fuck me from behind please? I asked. “Sure” he replied with enthusiasm… He felt great but because he was slightly on the small side I figured doggie would be the best option…

I got up on my fours and stuck my big booty in the air. He put a hand on my ass and used his other hand to push his dick inside me. I leant down a little further and “Ahhhh that’s it…” he felt really fucking good now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming again. He started to fuck me harder and faster as he grabbed at my ass like he couldn’t get enough of it. “Ahhh fuck yes” I cried out again as his dick slid in and out of my soaked cunt. “Don’t stop” I pleaded and then “Ahhhh fuck yesssss!” I shouted out as I had another huge orgasm. As I felt my pussy clench on to his cock I knew he was close too. “Come inside me” I told him and after a few more hard and fast thrusts he grabbed my ass cheeks hard and came inside me! “Fuck that was hot” I told him as I collapsed to the bed. “Fuck yeah, I have wanted to do that for years. Literally years.” He told me…

We decided we wouldn’t tell his sister what had happened… Later on a large group of us met and I insanely teased him. Even playing footsie with him at one point under the table as well as grabbing him outside the toilets kissing him and ramming my hand down the front of his pants to get a handful of dick!

When we got back to mine we fucked another two times – with me riding him on both occasions until he came inside me… We slept next to each other and fucked again in the morning before he left.

As he walked out I promised him one last thing “I’ll make sure I get that naked photo to you soon” I told him with a smile… And it’s fair to say I definitely will!

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