Luca, Tiny Thongs & Pantyhose

Last week my fuck buddy Luca was offered what is his dream job – but it’s in Scotland. So pretty soon it will be ”Goodbye Luca” so I have decided to spend as much as my spare time as possible seeing him (without his best friend Ben knowing.)

Anyway yesterday and today we have been shacked up in a seedy hotel room fucking the life out of each other. I mean that almost literally as well. Luca is a fucking machine who once started does not stop fucking!

Before I got there yesterday I asked him what he wanted me to wear. ”The smallest thong you have and tights please” he replied, so that’s exactly how I turned up to the hotel.

I was fixing my makeup in the mirror and he asked if I would remove my skirt so he could see. ”That’s fine as long as you lie there and masturbate while I get ready” I told him. That’s exactly what he did – stroked his biiiiiiig, hard cock, nice and slowly. I heard him taking photos of me – between him and Ben it’s like having the fucking paparazzi around – not that I’m complaining! It didn’t take long until he asked me to remove the tights, and once they were gone it took me even less time for me to be riding that lovely hard cock!

Anyway, I just thought you may enjoy a couple of the pics he took… So here they are – enjoy!

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