The Wedding Guest

Two weekends ago I was at a wedding and as you may have expected, things got a little naughty despite me thinking there was no real hope…

A friend/colleague of mine was getting married on the Saturday. People invited were given the first chance at hotel rooms. As it was quite a long way away I jumped at the chance and booked for both the Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately Wes was unable to make it, so for the first time in my life I was flying solo to a wedding! I drove to the hotel early Friday afternoon and it was absolutely stunning! Set in the grounds of a beautiful castle in the middle of the English countryside. My room was huge with a four poster bed and beautiful french windows that opened out onto a balcony patio overlooking field after field…

The Friday was quiet there as most guests were arriving on the Saturday morning. I spent the day going for a swim, and treating myself to a lovely all over massage (yes I got wet) and a facial (sorry guys, not that kind) in the spa. I finished the evening having a few cocktails by myself and then heading to my room and sending Wes a few naked selfies. I ended the night having old school phone sex with my my husband and it was fucking delightful!

The wedding was amazing. I spent the morning taking ages to get ready; a lovely bath, hair , makeup and nails. I wore a floral dress that hugged my curves perfectly and fell a few inches above the knee. Although it wasn’t what I consider to be a slutty dress it definitely had enough tit on view…

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, really perfect and afterwards we all headed outside in the glorious sunshine to wait for the wedding breakfast. I walked over by myself to a picnic bench where I lit myself a cigarette and sipped at my complimentary white wine. It’s then that I saw a guy walking over to me…

“Hi I’m Karl” he said extending his hand for me to shake. He was young but really handsome with a gorgeous beard.
“Hi I’m Alice” I replied shaking his hand.
He looked at me “I just wanted to come over and say hi to the prettiest girl here”
I laughed “I think the bride may have something to say about that. She looks crazy hot” I replied maintaining eye contact with him.
“True, but you know, she’s taken” he said with the cheekiest of smiles.
“Well that’s very true. How observant of you! And what makes you think I’m not taken?”
“Well you’re here alone…”
“That’s true. I am” trying my hardest to give him a seductive smile.
“So are you? Taken I mean”
I took a sip of my drink and smiled again “Not tonight I’m not” I replied with my eyes locked on his.
“How old are you?” I asked him.
“24” he replied. I laughed and nearly spat my wine out.
“You’re nearly ten years younger than me! You’d never handle me” I said giving him another seductive smile.
“Well, I’d love to find out” he said without hesitation.
I took the final swig of my drink and stubbed out my cigarette. I got up and as I walked away I said “I bet you would!”

As I wandered away I could almost feel his eyes locked on my ass! As I got to the entrance of the bar I turned around and looked at him. He was still starring at me. I smiled at him again…

Throughout the course of the meal and the toasts afterwards I would often catch his eyes on me. He would simply smile every time. I knew he’d find me at the wedding party later on, and in truth I was looking forward to it…

By the time the band and disco started I was already tipsy. Most others were too and I was loving it. I was having such an amazing time and although I didn’t know many there I had already made some new friends. Every now and then Karl would wander over to me. At one point I was stood at the bar ordering myself a drink and he ‘just happened’ to need a drink at the same time. “Hi there” he said to me with a big smile across his face. “Hi” I replied back. “You really are so damn sexy” I smiled at him and stroked his arm gently “Thanks you’re pretty handsome yourself” I replied before grabbing my drink and wandering off.

The party continued and by now there was over 200 guests there. It was everything you want a wedding to be. Loads of dancing, laughing and drinking. It really was perfect. Karl came over to me on the dance floor and started dancing in front of me. He leaned in to speak in my ear “Why is it every time I try and talk to you, you walk away?” I put my hands on each side of his face “It would be no fun if I made it too easy would it?” I replied. I walked away again and headed back to the bar.

As the band were nearing the end of their second set he approached me on the dancefloor again. “Mind if I have dance with you?” He asked. I smiled “Of course.” He put his hands on my hips and we started to slow dance to the music. “You’re so fucking sexy” he said to me. I didn’t answer just looked him in the eye and smiled. “So foxy” he whispered in to my ear. I smiled again “You want to know what the best thing is? I’m a slut too” I whispered back. He bent down slightly and we kissed. His beard felt amazing against my face and as out tongues tangled and he held me close I felt his cock harden under his trousers and press against my leg. “Mmm you feel really big” I told him with yet another smile. “Want to take this to my room?” We kissed again before I took him by the hand, walked out of the ballroom and up the massive staircase to my beautiful hotel room…

Once inside I lay on the bed and he joined me. We lay on our sides facing each other and started to kiss. It was really passionate and very hot! We were feeling each other up, over our clothes as we kissed like excited teenagers. His hands were grabbing at my tits, my ass and my thighs. By this point I wanted him so much. His hand ran up my dress and his fingers ran lightly over my panties “Ahhhhh” I groaned pausing from kissing him for a second. I could tell I was super wet and as I ran my hand over his trousers I felt his huge boner throbbing like it was desperate to escape. “Eat me” I begged whispering in to his ear. He pulled away from me and crawled down the bed. I moved on to my back and parted my legs. He gently pulled my little thong off. I was lay there, legs spread with my pussy out; as vulnerable as possible but I could not wait any longer. He started kissing my inner thigh until he had eventually got to my pussy. He kissed it – just a little peck and I moaned. He then ran his tongue from the bottom of my cunt to my clit which he flicked “Ahhh” I cried out again. “Please eat me out” I begged again. He thrusted his head forward into my pussy and started licking me out. It felt amazing and the sensation had me shaking all over the bed. He slid a finger inside me as his tongue worked away at my clit and I came almost instantly! “Fuck, you taste good and feel so wet” he told me. “I want you so much” I replied. He kept on fingering me and licking me. He was down there an absolute age – not that I was complaining of course!

Finally he moved back up the bed and started kissing me again; my pussy was now soaked and basically aching for his cock. I rolled over on top of him and started to undo the buttons on his waistcoat, followed by his shirt buttons. When they were all undone I parted his shirt and ran my hands over his chest. He had a lovely physique; he was skinny yet really well toned. “I haven’t even seen your dick yet” I said as I started to slowly grind over him and move further down. I lay between his legs with my ass stuck up in the air. I undid his belt and trouser button. I pulled hard at the waist of his trousers and boxers and yanked them down. His dick bounced out and was rock hard. “Oh my, you are a big boy” I said to him with a smile! He was as well. This was a lovely, fucking cock. Long, thick, veiny and ready to burst; just how I love them!

I kissed the tip of his rock hard member before sliding it into my mouth. I was so impressed with it’s size, it was one of those blowjobs you just love to give! He was throbbing as I stroked and sucked away on him. I was so desperate for him that after a couple of minutes I gave up and crawled back up the bed straddling him. My pussy was now so close to his cock! I pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let my tits fall out. He reached for them immediately and started to caress and fondle them. “Grab me a condom off the side” I said to him nodding towards the bedside cabinet. He stretched his arm out, grabbed a condom and passed it to me. I continued to stroke his thick cock as I placed the condom in my mouth and tore the wrapper. I smiled at him as I rolled it onto his dick. He moaned in pleasure! I fucking love it when guys love the feeling of a condom being put on; the tightness of it. I looked at him and smiled again “Ready?” I asked. “Fuck yes” he replied. I sat up slightly and placed his cock into position before slowly sitting back down on it. “Ahhh” I cried out as I took all of him inside me. His cock filled my cunt so fucking well! “Fuck!” I gasped…

I started rocking back and forth on him. Slowly to start with. His hands were groping my tits again and I started to ride him; up and down on his beautiful cock. I lent forward putting all my weight on top of him and we started to kiss. He reached around the back of me and grabbed at my booty hard; pulling my ass cheeks apart. I started to ride him hard and fast and we were both moaning loudly. My pussy was crashing down on him and I was so wet I was sliding all over him. As I orgasmed I kissed him and the action of him gently pulling my hair threw me further over the edge than I was expecting! “Fuck, that was a huge orgasm” I told him, stating the obvious. “You feel amazing” he told me before kissing me again… As I recovered I started to ride him again; just gently and slowly this time as I was still trying to catch my breath. He grabbed at my tits hard and my pussy clenched around his cock…

“Would you like to fuck me from behind?” I asked. He didn’t even need to answer. He didn’t get a chance. I climbed off him, put my face down on a cushion and stuck my ass up in the air. I felt his warm hands on my thighs and then I gasped as his dick entered me again. Sliding inside me with ease. Deep. I reached underneath myself and momentarily grabbed at his tight, full balls. As I let go he started to move in and out me, getting slightly faster and slightly harder with every single thrust. “Ahhhh yes, yes, yes!” I kept crying out loudly as the bed squeaked below us… Eventually he was fucking me hard and it felt deep. Deeper than any cock I had had for a while. A light spank on my right ass cheek was all it took to throw me into another huge orgasm “Don’t stop” I just about managed to cry out as I came. He kept fucking me hard. I reached under again to feel his balls. Still so tight, so full; I couldn’t wait for the inevitable explosion. After a few more minutes he grabbed my hair again and I orgasmed again! As I came I fell down slightly which pulled myself away from his cock, leaving him hanging there. I immediately rolled on to my back to take a look at him. He had his cock in his hand and he looked amazing. I lifted myself up a little so I could snog him again. As we kissed I pulled him on top of me and his cock entered me without even the slightest touch. Like it knew where it needed to be! He knelt up, lifted my legs in the air and started to fuck me. I reached down and gave my a clit a little rub but it was far too sensitive, so I opted instead to play with my tits…

As he thrusted himself in and out of me he couldn’t take his eyes off me. Watching every hand movement as I squeezed my tits and rubbed my nipples. My moaning was intensifying as he started to fuck me harder and so was his! He looked so fucking sexy as he slid himself in and out of me. So fucking handsome, and his body was to die for! I noticed he was getting red and sweating a lot – A sure sign he was close, but I had other ideas. “Stop” I said to him. He stopped immediately even though he looked very confused. “Come lie down with me again” I told him. He pulled out and lay on his side next to me. I turned to face him and we instantly started kissing again. I reached for his cock and started to very slowly stroke him. The feel of the rubber of the condom combined with my juices felt amazing. So wet. So well naturally lubed!

As we kissed he put his hand on my face before moving it all the way down my body; like he was trying to touch and feel every inch of me. My body covered in goosebumps at the feeling of his light fingertips. I had slowed him down enough and now I wanted him again. I rolled over so my ass was pressed against him. He kissed my back before lifting my leg slightly and entering me again. “Ahhhh fuck that feels so good” I told him. “Your cock is wonderful” He kissed my back again and held onto my hips as he started to fuck me harder again. “Ahhh you’re going to make me cum” I cried as I reached a hand behind myself so I could feel his chest…
He was grunting now and the manly moans were driving me all kinds of crazy! He kept pumping me as my ass slapped against him “Oh fuck!” I shouted loudly. “I’m going to cum!” I pushed myself as far back in to him as I could and came hard. Really fucking hard! He kept on fucking me but I could tell he was getting so fucking close. His breathing was so fast now, and his hands were grabbing at me like he was trying dearly to hold on!

I turned my head slightly to look at him “Want to cum on my face” I asked with a sexy, little smile. “Really?” He responded in a tone which suggested those words hadn’t been muttered to him too often. “Yes please” I said “Get off the bed and stand up.” He pulled out of me which left me feeling instantly empty, and got off the bed and stood on the floor. He looked like a fucking God stood there with his big cock pointing out! I got off the bed too and walked over to him. As I got to him we snogged again. I reached down for his penis and stroked it, deliberately rolling his condom off as I did. It was so wet; absolutely covered in my juices. “Ahhh” he cried out under his breath as the condom fell to the floor. I smiled at him and got down on my knees. “Mmmmm” I said as I came face to face with his giant cock. I looked up at him and refusing to break eye contact with him, I grabbed his cock and took him deep in my mouth. I stroked and sucked him just like I had earlier. His cock was twitching around in my mouth and I knew he was close – so fucking close. I cupped his balls in my hand and gave them a little squeeze as my tongue ran all over his dick. He was breathing heavily again and I could tell; I always can! I pulled his member out of my mouth, still starring at him. I tightened my grip on and squeezed and stroked until I heard that lovely manly, gruff, groan “Ahhhmmmm” and he shot his load everywhere. The first lot ended up on my lips, then some hit my forehead and cheeks. Some fell and landed on my tits. He fucking covered me in his beautiful, warm spunk! I didn’t stop stroking him until I was certain every last drop had drained from his dick. When he was empty I felt his balls again. They were no longer so tight. For a brief moment I placed his cock in my mouth again so I could swallow any last drops that were left. I stood up and looked at him; his cum all over my face. “I told you I’m a slut” I said to him as I kissed him on the cheek.

He slept in my room overnight. We were both naked and we cuddled into each other all night. Actually, I’m somewhat certain that in the middle of the night we both woke up and fondled each other but I can’t be sure it wasn’t a dream… I woke up in the morning and cuddled into him again. I reached down to see if he was hard. He was. His dick, solid and big again! He opened his eyes “Hi” he said to me in a really cute voice. He looked at his watch “Shit!” He said sitting upright. “My bus home leaves in like 5 fucking minutes!” I laughed and kissed his cheek again. “Well if you’d like to fuck me again I’m sure I could give you a lift back a little later.” IHe smiled, lay back down and we kissed again before having some fucking perfect, hungover, early morning, grabby, hot sex! I used his big dick until it had nothing left and I was one very satisfied slut!

About three hours later and I drove him back. He lives about three miles from me but on the outskirts of the city centre. I pulled up at his house and we briefly kissed in the car again as we said goodbye. We exchanged numbers and just as he was about to shut the car door I said “Hey, you know what… It seems like I may have a vacancy soon for a new fuck buddy… Interested?” He darted back in the car and snogged me again “Fuck yes!” He replied with excitement…

5 thoughts on “The Wedding Guest

  1. Such a sexy wedding encounter! Definitely worth the long drive. I would love to hear more about the agreement you have with your husband. Are you in an open marriage or how does it work when one of you wants to play with others?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our marriage is completely open. When he’s home (he works away a lot) we are constantly with each other or at swingers parties. When we’re apart we both have other relationships we explore. He has one night stands, as do I but we’re always completely honest with each other and tell each other everything xx

      Liked by 1 person

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