Tim: A Chance Meeting.

I was on a girls night out on Friday as it was one of my favourite work friends birthday. A big one too! The big 40. We had gone for a lovely meal and afterwards headed into the centre to do a little pub crawl and sample some delicious cocktails.

At about midnight we headed into the birthday girls favourite club. It’s not a club I go to too often but it was a great atmosphere in there and the place was packed. We found a small booth where we could all sit together and ordered some cocktails and two bottles of champagne which the waitress swiftly brought over. We were having the best night! Drinks were flowing and we spent the evening dancing and singing. We had been in there a few hours when I had to go pee so I took myself off to find the toilet. All pretty standard stuff for a girls night out. That is until I headed back from the toilet to our table. I couldn’t believe it! I was literally in shock. It was Tim, stood just a few meters away from me! I hadn’t seen him in so long as he had met someone he wanted to date. I had always understood that but damn I missed his ginormous, monster cock! I didn’t know what to do or say. My heart was beating as fast as it ever has. I didn’t think he had noticed me so without thinking I quickly turned away in order to make my way back to the girls. I took a few steps when I heard him shout “Alice!” I turned around. “Tim!” He ran over to me and he gave me the biggest hug; basically lifting me off the ground. “How are you?” He asked. “I’m great thank you. How are you?” I replied. “I’m so much better now I’ve seen you” I felt myself go red. “How are things with the new girlfriend?” I asked him, genuinely curious “They’re… they’re okay” he replied…

He offered to buy me a drink so I went over to the bar with him and we spent ages chatting and catching up. It felt so nice to see him again. Of all my ex fuck buddies and lovers he is by far the one I miss the most. Not just because of his giant cock either; he has the nicest personality and we always got on so well! We talked about everything; the first time we met, the last time we saw each other, that hot tub and of course when I stripped for him in a booth at a strip club – which seems like an age ago. The more drink we had the more honest we were becoming. “I miss you so much Tim” I told him. He rubbed my arm gently and looked sad “I miss you too. More than I ever thought I would” I gave him another big hug…

A few minutes later one of the girls came over to get me as they were moving on to another club. I had to go with them and knew I couldn’t stay. I gave him yet another hug and said goodbye. He squeezed me firmly as we hugged. “Can I text you later?” I asked wondering if I had stepped over some invisible line. He smiled. That shy smile that I had fallen in love with so long ago! “Yeah, I’d really like that” he replied. With that I left with girls and we went to another club where we spent another two or three hours.

Actually while we were in the second club a guy tried hitting on me. He was super cute and under normal circumstances, I would have fucked his brains out, but my mind was only with Tim so I shrugged off all of his advances!

I finally got home in the early hours of the morning. Very tired but in a alcohol induced good mood. I went upstairs, kicked my shoes off and picked up my phone to send Tim a message:

“Hi hun. It was so good to see you tonight!”

“Hey, great to see you too” he replied within seconds.

“I miss you”

“I miss you too”

“I want to see you”

I thought that would be the end of it but sixty seconds later my phone started ringing. It was of course Tim – FaceTiming me!

I answered the phone in my somewhat tipsy state. And there he was. His beautiful face! He was lay down in his bed. “Hi there you” I said to him. “Hi. I kinda thought it was better to just FaceTime” he said to me. “I’m glad you did” I replied. “Are you not with your girlfriend tonight?” I sheepishly asked. “No, I wanted to talk to you instead” he told me. I blushed “Yeah same.”

We chatted pretty casually for a couple of minutes and then the intrigue burst out of me. “Are you naked in bed?” He laughed immediately. “Yeah I am.” I knew that Tim always sleeps naked “Can I see?” I asked with a sweet smile. He moved his phone down and there it was! It was a brief glimpse but it was there. That huge, monster cock of his. It was flaccid but it’s fucking massive even when it’s at rest. “Fuck I have missed that cock” I told him. “It’s missed you too.” Then he continued “Anyway, aren’t you going to get undressed and get in to bed?” He asked…

I stood up from the edge of the bed and walked over to my unit at the end of the room. I put my phone down propping it up against a few books and took four steps away from the phone. I turned around so I was facing the screen and the camera. I slowly lifted my dress over my head and dropped it to the floor. I was stood there in just my bra and undies. “Wow” I heard Tim say. I reached behind myself and unclipped my bra. I pulled it away from my body and dropped it to the floor with my dress. “Fuck” Tim said as I stood there with my tits out for him. I could see his arm was moving and I was pretty sure he was wanking although I couldn’t be confident. I turned around to take my panties off as I know Tim loves my big ass. I bent over slightly as I took them off before I turned back around to face him; completely naked. For his viewing pleasure. I picked the phone up off the unit and walked with it over to my bed…

“Did you like that?” I asked. “So, so much Alice” he replied in the nervous voice he often gets around me. I lay on top of my duvet and smiled at the camera. “Can you show me how much you like it please?” He smiled and slowly lowered his phone, revealing his hard cock. “Fuuuuuck Tim. You are so fucking big. I want that cock. I want it so bad. I want you so bad” He started to gently wank himself off. Picking up his huge weapon. “I want you too Alice. So much” I lowered my phone now too so he could see my hand gently rubbing my pussy. I was being slow as I didn’t want to cum to soon but I was already soaked. “You want me to slip a finger inside myself Tim?” I sexily asked. “Yes! Fuck yes” he replied in an instant. I pushed a finger inside my pussy “I’m so wet for you. You always make me so wet Tim.” I looked at my screen he was wanking himself much faster now with a firm grip around his monster…

I moved the phone back up to give him a view of my tits and the absolute fucking pleasure that was on my face. I could not take my eyes off that cock and the more I thought about the eventual cum shot the more turned on and closer to orgasm I became. “Fuck I’m going to cum Tim” I warned him. Then for a brief second I had to close my eyes as I came “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck!” I shouted… I quickly opened my eyes again and thankfully I was literally just in time to watch him spray his spunk all over himself. “Fuck” he shouted as he came. “Mmmm that was so hot” I said to him. “So hot” he repeated back to me…

We recovered slightly and chatted for a little bit longer. “You know Tim, I don’t want to mess up your personal situation but if you ever want to see me, just drop me a text message” He was silent for a few seconds “You know Alice I think I may have to do that” and he gave me that beautiful cheeky grin of his…

Who knows? Maybe the book isn’t closed on Tim. Hopefully this chance meeting now means there are further chapters to be written…

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