Kitchen Quickie

I had arranged to spend Saturday with Ben so I got to his apartment at around 12.00 in the afternoon. He wasn’t there as he had briefly popped out to get some shopping so I took the opportunity to put on a tiny, white crop top and this new pair of shorts that I am absolutely in love with! To be fair they are more like panties but I thought they were great and I knew they’d be a real treat for Ben.

“Holy fuck!” He said as he spotted me in them when he got back in. “You look fucking amazing.” I smiled at him “Thanks” I replied “I thought you’d like them.”

I spent the next few hours really teasing him. I used any excuse possible to bend over in front of him and I made sure I kept brushing past him at every opportunity. He couldn’t keep his hands off my ass and I loved it!

Ben was at the kitchen counter/table preparing us a cocktail. I brushed past him making sure my ass ran gently over his groin. He grabbed my hips and kissed my neck as he ran his hands up my loose fitting crop top to have a grope of my tits. I felt my nipples – and his dick harden. His cock was pressing up against my big booty and I knew he was desperate for me! 

I pushed back in to him a little “Fuck me” I whispered to him as he kissed my neck and cupped and squeezed my tits. He gently pushed me forward, bending me over the table. He ran his hands all over my ass before slowly pulling my new shorts down. I felt excited; I wanted him so much. I reached behind me and pulled at his joggers yanking them down. I felt his hard dick slap against the top of my booty as it fell out.

He took hold of his cock and pressed it against my pussy. I parted my legs a little further for him and then with the slightest of thrusts he was deep inside me “Ahhh yes” I cried. “This is what you wanted isn’t it? Now fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it Ben” He held on to my hips and started thrusting in and out of me; getting harder each time. The harder he fucked me the wetter I became and the louder I cried out. “Ahhh yes, that’s it fuck me baby. Fuck me good” I begged…

He was fucking drilling me now, leaving me breathless and I knew I would cum soon. He spanked my ass and that was it for me “Ahhh fuckkkk yes!” I cried out as I came. Just like normal he didn’t stop; he kept pounding my cunt until he tensed up and shot his load deep inside me!

He pulled out and as he did I felt his cum trickle out of my pussy and land back on his cock so like a good girl I knelt down in front of him and licked and sucked him clean, until he could take no more!

All in all I think the shorts were a real success!

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