Missing Luca & The Love Thing…

It’s hardly been anytime at all and I am already missing Luca. Actually, I’m missing him more than I thought I would. I miss his smile, his company, his laugh, his smell and of course his physical attributes!

I think this is something that a lot of people don’t understand about those of us that are in Poly relationships. They think it’s all about sex – and of course, it can be. But over my time I have had relationships with people that I undoubtedly have strong feelings for. I have also had sexual relationships with people I don’t really have feelings for – or at least not in a way that most people wouldn’t have towards a good friend. Luca is one of the ones I had feelings for.

Ben on the other hand. Ben is fun and he is also good company and yes, we have some nice sex. But I don’t have strong feelings for him; not really anyway. It was fun and exciting to start with; just like when you fuck anyone knew, but that stuff fades. I still enjoy sleeping with him but in reality the butterflies and the excitement are no longer there. I do think that in another world, another place and another time, Ben and I could have been perfect for each other. The butterflies though, they were always there with Luca, I never quite knew what to expect from him, but he was brilliant at telling me what he wanted, and oh fuck was I happy to do it!

He had only left for two days when I had a surprise video call off him late at night. It started off as cute flirting and chatting but I swear within ten minutes I was sat on my bed with nipple clamps on, my legs spread as my rabbit vibrator rested on me tickling my clit as I fucked my cunt with a large dildo! He watched and directed me as he stroked his big cock. That lovely dick that I have touched, felt and brought to orgasm countless times. As I fucked myself I came quickly. I even came again a s he finished off and I watched as he sprayed his spunk all over his delicious body!

Even on video it was still fucking hot. Still exciting and I still had butterflies and a soaked pussy that I get when I’m not quite sure is going to happen…

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