Tim: The Return!!!!

What an eventful day I had yesterday! I was at work on what was a pretty, regular working day. At around 4.00 I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee. When I returned I glanced at my phone which I had left on my desk and there was a notification. I sat down, picked it up and read a really surprising message from Tim!

“Hi Alice, can we talk please?” I kinda knew what it was going to be about. Only a few days earlier I had phone sex with Tim and I was pretty sure he was feeling guilty about it. “Sure, we can chat” I replied. “I have time now” I told him. He replied instantly “No I’d like to chat in person if that’s okay?” I was a little surprised as I actually thought he just wanted to chat via text. “Ummm I can pop around in an hour or so after work if you like?” I replied. I knew I could finish early and I had no plans until 7.00 when I was going to meet Ben at his house. He said that would be great so I tried to get my work finished as soon as possible.

I was pretty certain this wasn’t a booty call but I still kind of wished I could go home first and put something a little sexy on. As it happened my blouse and knee length skirt would have to do!

I left the office just gone 5 and ordered a Uber to Tim’s house. As I walked to the door I felt sick. Like, really fucking nervous. Butterflies, the lot! I rang the doorbell and a few seconds later he answered. He looked fucking amazing as well in his vest top and shorts! “Hi” I said trying to be enthusiastic. “Hi Alice” he replied with a kiss on my cheek. “Come on in.”

We walked in to his living room and I sat on the sofa. He offered me a drink “Yeah that would be great please” I said, but was still somewhat surprised when he came back with a glass of red wine for us both. He sat down next to me and the butterflies in my stomach were still going like crazy. The last time I had been on this sofa we had fucked and it was hard to get that memory out of my head!

“Alice, I want to apologise about the other night” he told me. I knew he was referring to our phone sex.

“Why?” I asked. “Don’t worry about it.”

He looked shy and his face was blushing. “It just wasn’t fair. I have a girlfriend and I shouldn’t have asked to see you naked.”

I smiled at him. “Honestly it’s fine and anyway if my memory serves me correctly I asked to see you naked first” I told him.

He gave me a big hug holding me really firmly. We stayed there for what felt like an age. Eventually we parted and looked at each other. I looked down. His massive boner was obvious. He went bright red and tried to cover it with his arms. I smiled “Don’t worry about it” I told him… I actually feel a little sorry for Tim with this. I don’t think guys should ever be embarrassed about getting hard, but Tim does and I swear it’s so fucking noticeable with him! “I’m… I’m… I’m really sorry” he said. I smiled at him again, “Honestly it doesn’t matter. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before” I tried to reassure him. I glanced at a framed photo of him and his girlfriend. “Umm how are things going with that?” I asked him as I pointed at his boner. He looked embarrassed again. “We don’t really have sex very often. She says I’m too big and it hurts” he told me. I laughed. “Well, yeah it’s an art form. But she doesn’t know what she’s missing” I told him with another smile.

I’m not sure what really happened here. We were starring each other int he eye lost in the moment and our thoughts and before I knew it we were kissing. A beautiful, slow, sexy, passionate kiss. I moaned under my breath as our tongues caressed each other.  Before I knew it my hand had gone under the elasticated waist of his jogging shorts and had a firm grip on his massive member. I gave it the slightest stroke and felt it throb under my hand. “Fuck, I’ve missed you and this cock” I said as his hand wandered up my inner thigh and rested on my panties which were now soaked! His finger slid under the hem of my panties and slipped straight inside me “Ahhh” I cried out trying my best to carrying on kissing him. 

He lent towards me forcing me onto my back on the sofa. He knelt between my legs, grabbed my panties with both hands and pulled them off. I was so fucking excited! He moved forward and kissed me pressing the bulge of his shorts against my cunt. “Fuck me Tim. Fuck me” I begged in between kisses. He pulled his shorts down slightly and his massive cock throbbed out. Rock, fucking hard. “Holy fuck!” I said when I saw it; the mere sight of it still astonishing me even now! He took hold of it and pressed it against me. The head slipped inside me and he stretched my tight pussy as he pushed himself deeper and deeper inside me “Ahhhhhh” I cried out when he was finally deep (so fucking deep) inside me. He thrusted in and out of me. Kissing me constantly as his hand wandered up my top and grabbed and played with my tits. I reached around him and grabbed his ass, pushing him inside me hard. I wrapped my legs around him and it nearly took my breath away! I felt so fucking wet I wasn’t even struggling with his monster! 

As he fucked me so many feelings came back. I adore Tim. I love him. His smell, the feel of his skin and the way he fucked me was glorious. I came after only a couple of minutes and felt my pussy gush “Ahhh please don’t stop” I cried out as he continued to fuck me; his cock twitching and throbbing inside me! He grabbed my tits hard, thrust himself deep inside me and I felt his cock shoot his cum deep inside me. It took ages for him to finish and we continued to kiss throughout!

I never did make my meeting with Ben. I bagged him off with some ridiculous excuse of needing to see a friend. It was wrong of me really but I didn’t want to leave Tim. I ended up staying at his the whole night and I think it was almost 5.00am by the time we had finished fucking. We just couldn’t keep our hands off each other!

I couldn’t be happier that it seems Tim is back in my life! As for Ben, I’m going to have to make it up to him this week, so I’ll try and plan something special for him…

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