A Swinging Foursome

Wes had found a lovely couple in our swingers group so we had been chatting to them a little online. Although they weren’t new to swinging they were new to our area and therefore our group.

Basically what happened here is Wes was in to Lucy in a big way! She is really beautiful and sexy though. She’s a little bigger than me but with beautiful curves, big tits and what looked like a lovely ass. She had long, ginger hair and just had a killer vibe… Her husband of 8 years Andy looked really good too. A nice figure, good hair and a little stubble. So I was as keen as my husband to try and meet them…

After chatting to them online (and exchanging a few cheeky nudes) we invited them around to our house last Saturday, We made sure they knew there was no pressure etc. Just a situation where we could meet each other and see if we got on and see if there was any chemistry between the four of us…

They arrived at our house a little after 2.00pm. We greeted each other and made polite conversation over a light lunch. After lunch we suggested going in the hot tub. I had already mentioned this to them online and knew they were keen. They went to our guest bedroom to get changed into their swimming costumes. I’m pretty glad they mentioned that as being a little unsure about the etiquette I was likely to jump in naked!

Wes and myself did the same. He put his tight little swimming trunks on and I put one of my bikinis on. Side note in what seems a pretty accurate description my bottoms had the word “Sinful” written across the crotch! I went to the kitchen and poured us all a glass of chilled, white wine before carrying them out to the hot tub. I put the tray down on the side and we all stepped in. I sat next to my husband and Lucy and Andy sat opposite us.

I picked one glass of wine up from the tray and stepped a little closer to Andy to give it him. “Thank you” he said with a lovely, sexy smile on his face. He then gave me the tiniest of kisses. It was really brief but as our tongues touched I felt my heart flutter! I moved back over to Wes and grabbed another glass. I was about to pass it to Lucy when she said with a cheeky smile “Actually, I was hoping your husband could pass it to me.” I smiled back at her and gave the glass to Wes. He moved closer to Lucy and passed it her. She too gave him the briefest of kisses, but the way her huge tits were practically falling out of her bikini I knew my husband would have enjoyed it! Wes sat back down next to me and under the water I trailed my hand on to his groin. Yep, just as I thought he was erect. I looked at Andy and smiled, wondering if he too was hard…

We stayed in the tub a little while and chatted loads. There was definitely more flirting going on now but it was more suggestive than anything. After we had finished our third drink Wes suggested we all go and get ready for some cocktails he was going to be making. This had also been suggested earlier. We all left the pool and I stared at them both as they got out. Checking out Lucy’s wonderful ass and seeing if I could see a hint of a bulge in Andy’s swim shorts…

Wes and I went to our room and got dressed for the evening. He wore a white shirt and a pair of suit trousers and looked fucking killer! Like ‘take my panties now’ killer! I put on a little, strapless black dress. It was nice and short and hugged my ass, waistline and titties perfectly. It was low cut so there was definitely a chance that my bare tits would easily fall out!

We got downstairs and Wes made us all a cocktail while we waited for them. Espresso Martini to start and it tasted fucking delightful. I swear, he’s so fucking good at making these damn things! A couple of minutes later and they both came down. They too looked fantastic. Like Wes, Andy was wearing a white shirt and suit trousers. Lucy was wearing a beautiful red dress that fitted her like a glove. The sexiest fucking glove you’ve ever seen! 

We had a really nice time getting to know each other and sampling cocktails. I knew pretty early on we were going to be fucking. I could just tell. The looks Andy were giving me were driving me wild. It wasn’t just a “I’m going to fuck you” kind of look. It was a “I can’t fucking wait to fuck you” kind of look! Wes and Lucy were really hitting it off too. She was so fucking in to him. It was adorable and very, very sexy.

A few drinks later and I found myself sitting on the sofa next to Andy. I looked across the room and Wes was stood up kissing Lucy. His hands were planted firmly on her big ass and her hands were on his hips. They looked fucking hot! I put my drink down, leaned into Andy and we started kissing. A slow, and sexy kiss with cute little moans from the both of us. I put my hand on his crotch and gently squeezed at his hard dick that was desperately trying to escape his suit trousers. His one hand was on my thigh and the other was feeling up my tit over my dress. I felt excited and really turned on. “Shall you and I head up to the bedroom?” I asked him with the sexiest little smile I could muster. He smiled back “Why don’t we all go up?” He replied. I kissed him again. “That sounds pretty fucking perfect to me.” I stood up and took Andy by the hand. I looked at my husband and Lucy, still kissing “Hey guys we’re heading upstairs, would you both care to join us?” And with that we all headed upstairs into our bedroom…

Once inside I kissed Andy again and started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Once it was open I ran my hands all over his hairy chest. His hands had gone directly to my butt before working themselves up towards my chest again. He gently pulled on the top of my dress which pulled it down to expose my tits. He ran his hands over my nipples which were now like bullets!

I looked across the room. Lucy’s hand was down my husbands trousers, wanking him off as he squeezed and groped at her ass. It looked so hot. I was fucking dripping wet.

I undid his belt and trousers and as we kissed I slid my hand under his boxers and took hold of his erect cock. I slowly wanked him off and as I did his fingers finally made their way to my panties. He ran his fingertips over over my clit and I moaned in pure fucking joy. “Fuck your hand feels good” he told me as I gripped his cock and wanked him. I smiled at him “Yeah… Think my mouth would feel any better?” I asked him with a sexy smile. He smiled back and kissed me.

I slowly knelt down in front of him and pulled his trousers and boxers down. His cock sprang out at me. It was lovely; nice and thick and really veiny. Just how I like them! I briefly looked across the room, Lucy was sat on the bed, bending down slightly and had my husbands rock hard dick in her mouth. She was squeezing his balls. The sight of it was really hot! I took Andy in my mouth and he groaned in pleasure. I stroked and sucked him until his cock was throbbing in my mouth, making sure I looked up at him throughout.

He pulled me up and we kissed again. I pulled my dress right down so I could take it off and he quickly pulled at my panties until they were lay on the floor. He lay me on the bed, knelt on the floor and kissed me all over my body until he got to my pussy. He kissed my clit before running his tongue over my cunt. “Ahhh fuck” I cried out. I looked over at Wes and Lucy. Wes directed her on to all fours. He knelt behind her and started licking her ass and pussy out. “Mmmm” she moaned before looking at me. She edged up the bed a little further, stretched out and kissed me. We snogged for ages while we had our pussies licked out. Her huge tits had now fallen out of her bra and I was cupping and playing with them while Andy worked his magic on my vagina… I came pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before Lucy burst in to a huge and loud orgasm herself. It was fucking hot, but one thing was for sure; we were both ready to be fucked!

I got up on my fours, right next to Lucy, with our asses hanging off the bed. I turned my head to the left and kissed Lucy again. Seconds later I felt Andy’s cock stretch my pussy as he entered me deep. He felt incredible and as he put his hands on my ass he started to fuck me. Next to me Lucy was getting fucked by my husband. All the moaning and groaning was the hottest fucking thing, and I felt so, so wet; Andy was slipping and sliding in and out of me! We both came again as the boys fucked us hard and fast… 

Once I recovered I asked Andy to lie on his back. Once he was lay on the bed I straddled him before reaching down for his dick and sliding in him back inside me. His cock filled my pussy perfectly! I lent forward so he could lick my tits and he reached his arms around me and took big handfuls of my ass as I started to ride up and down on him. “That looks fun” I heard Lucy say to my husband. Before I knew it my Wes was lay on the bed next to Andy, and Lucy was riding his beautiful cock. I sat up and looked down. I was mesmerised by this woman, this stranger pleasuring my man, and it made me cum for the third time of the evening… Lucy sat up too now and we looked at each other, smiled and kissed, making sure we didn’t stop riding the dicks!

Andy flipped me over so I was lay on my back. I immediately spread my legs and he started pounding me. Harder and harder with every stroke, bringing me closer and closer to yet another orgasm! Lucy was riding my husband so fucking fast now and I could tell by the look on his face he was close to cumming. I cried out loudly as I orgasmed again as Andy kept on banging me. He moaned, grunted and grabbed at me as I felt him cum inside me. “Fuck” I cried out. I had barely caught my breath when I saw Wes tense up, grab Lucy’s hips and shoot his load inside her!

What a hot fucking foursome! Once we had all recovered a little we all put some undies on and went back downstairs for a couple more drinks. We were really flirting now; in that way that you can only do when their cum is still dripping out of your cunt! It got to abut 2.00 am and Andy asked about the sleeping situation; “So tonight are we… ummm… going to bed… like with our partners or…” I smiled at him, ran my hand down his back and said “Oh, I’m definitely taking you to bed!”

I snogged my husband goodnight, and then went over to Lucy and kissed her. Then Andy and I went to our bedroom and Wes and Lucy went to the guest bedroom.

Andy and I were naked under the duvet, kissing each other and feeling each other up. I was already so excited again. Then as we kissed we heard Wes and Lucy fucking in the next room! It drove us both wild and it didn’t take long before I was on my fours again being fucked hard by Andy…

They left the next morning but we had all enjoyed it so much. We even scheduled a date in the near future to see each other again. As Lucy kissed me goodbye she said “Maybe next time you and I can put a bit of a show for these two” I smiled “I’d like that very much” I told her…

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