Skyler: I Want It Darker…

I was at work Friday and having a particularly stressful day. I was hot, bothered and sexually frustrated to boot! It had been the 7th day Wes had been away for and in recent weeks I have had a Luca shaped hole in my life that I have found it pretty difficult to fill.

It had gotten to the end of the day, or thereabouts and I wanted to fuck. And I mean really fuck. Ben was working late so I knew that wouldn’t be an option. I sent a text to my old flame Elijah “Hey, you still in the office?” I got a reply instantly “Hi. Yeah I am.” I considered it for all of about five seconds and then text “Come see me.”

I got up off my chair, took my panties off and sat on my desk facing the door. A minute or so later Elijah walked in. I looked at him and parted my legs “Wanna fuck?” I asked. He came straight over to me and kissed me, his hands all over me like someone who hadn’t fucked in ages. I reached down and unbuckled his belt and shoved my hand down his pants to grab his short, chubby cock. Rock hard, just like he always had been. “Fuck me” I whispered in to his ear. He reached down and placed his cock by my vagina, with a slight push he was deep inside me “Ahhh” I cried out. Then, much to my disappointment I felt him cum “Oh” I accidentally said out loud, gutted that I had only gotten about two pumps. “Shit, sorry, I was too excited.” I got up off from my desk “That’s okay” I told him, absolutely lying…

The situation just left me hornier and more frustrated. I got home, showered, lay on my bed and made myself cum while I watched some amateur porn, but even that wasn’t really hitting the spot. I wanted something naughtier. Something darker… Then I remembered Silent Skyler owed me. He had used me last time on the condition that he was mine next time! The only problem was I knew he was moving away too so wasn’t sure if I had missed him.

I got dressed up to visit his bar convincing myself that in the worst case scenario he would be gone but I could pull some other guy that I would be able to ravage. I put on a loose fitting, short black skirt and a gold top that my little tits were falling out of and headed to the bar…

I got a Uber to the bar and headed inside. It was busy but I spotted him behind the bar straight away. I was excited to see him as well! I took a seat at the bar and he still hadn’t spotted me. “Can I get a cocktail here please?” I said loudly. He looked at me and smiled “Alice! I haven’t seen you ages” he said to me. “Well, I’ve been busy haven’t I. You know me, places to go, people to fuck… But I’m here to collect what I’m owed” I told him with a sexy smile. I lent over the bar and he snogged me. My top was hanging loose as I was bent over and I was very aware he was looking down at my tits!

I stayed at that bar stool all evening. Our flirting levels were insanely hot and I couldn’t wait to be upstairs with him so I could rough him up and take what I needed. Take what I was owed. I still felt as sexually frustrated as before, but the drink was helping and the thought that I would soon be having my way was really helping!

I popped to the toilet at one point and whilst I was in the cubicle I took my little thong off. I headed back to him at the bar and ordered another cocktail. I handed him my panties as payment which he very slyly sniffed. “These are wet” he whispered. “Damn right” I said to him.

We flirted like fuck for the next couple of hours until the last customer finally left. He locked and packed down the bar. He walked over to me and we kissed. I grabbed his crotch “About time we went upstairs isn’t it?” I said to him. He smiled took my hand and we walked up to his little flat and made our way towards his bed…

We kissed again and pressed our bodies up against each other. “You’re mine tonight and you’re going to do exactly what I want! Do you understand?” I whispered to him. “Yes” he whispered back. I slapped him hard across his face “That’s the last fucking word that comes out of your mouth!” I snapped at him. He smiled. “Now take off your for clothes me. Slowly!” I demanded.

I took a couple of steps backwards and excitedly watched as he slowly took his clothes off. His t-shirt first, before pulling his jeans and boxers down revealing his semi-hard dick. I smiled. “Play with yourself while I undress” I told him. I slowly took my top off so my tits fell out. I looked at him, stood there, stroking his lovely cock. He looked wonderful. I unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor. I was naked. “Keep on playing” I told him as I continued to watch him. I grabbed at my tits, excited by what I was watching. “Come kiss me” I told him. He stepped towards me. His boner was poking against my stomach. He leant in and kissed me. It was a nice kiss. Slow, but sexy – very sexy. I grabbed his throat and pushed him down “Lick me out like a good boy” I told him, pushing him on to his knees so my cunt was in his face.

“Lick it!” I told him. He reached his hands around me and grabbed my ass as his tongue started to lick away at my pussy and clit “Ahhh yes, that’s it” I cried out as I grinded my pussy against his face. His tongue was getting faster and faster and it was driving me wild “Ahhh, ahhh yes”, I was crying out – my hand on top of his head, forcing him into me “Ahhhhh fuck!” I shouted as my orgasm took over my entire body turning me into a shaking mess! I kept my hand on his head, making sure he couldn’t move away from me…

I turned around so my ass was in his face. “Don’t forget to lick my ass out too” I told him. He grabbed my ass cheeks and parted them as his tongue started to caress my asshole “Mmmm yeah, that feels good.” He moved one hand under my body so his fingers could stroke my soaked pussy while he ate out my ass. “Fuck yes” I told him, wanting him to know just how fucking good it felt!

I turned back around and grabbed his throat again; this time pulling him up. I kissed him so I could taste my juices. “Lie on the bed now” I demanded. He walked over to his bed and lay on his back; his cock twitching with excitement. I went to my purse, grabbed a condom and threw it at him “Put this on now!”

As he frantically ripped the condom wrapper open and rolled it on to his throbbing cock I climbed on the bed. Once he had it on I straddled it him, reached down and guided his cock inside my pussy “Ahhh yes” I cried out in pure relief. He put his hands up to reach for my tits. I pushed them away and slapped him hard across the face again. “No!” I said to him firmly… I leant forward and put my hand around his throat, gripping it firmly. I started to ride him hard; my pussy bouncing up and down the full length of his cock. I had me eyes closed and I was riding him hard, with the only purpose to make myself cum. “Ahhhhhhh yesss!” I screamed as I came, crashing back down on to his big dick…

I got off him, climbed down and stood at the end of the bed. “Turn around” I told him. He repositioned himself so he was still lay on his back but his head was by me. I took a handful of his hair and pulled him so his head was just off the bed. I stepped over him so his face was pushed right in to my cunt again. “Lick” is all I said and he obeyed. His tongue working away at me as I straddled over him, going weak at the knees. I rubbed my pussy all over his face; glazing him with my juices. I reached forward, pulled his condom off and started to stroke him. He moaned and groaned but never stopped licking me out! “Wank yourself off” I told him, and as he started to stroke his cock as fast as he could I started to grind myself over his face “Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes” I cried, making myself cum again. I looked forward just in time to see his cum splurt out of his cock and fall over his chest – it was fucking hot! 

I stood there for a few seconds, trying to catch my breath – his face still in my pussy. Then I remembered his kink. “If you want me to piss over you rub your cum in to yourself.” He rolled his hand all over his spunk, rubbing it into his chest. I closed my eyes, relaxed and pissed all over him; as I relieved myself, I opened my eyes and couldn’t help but notice he was hard again. Fucked, covered in cum, covered in piss and rock fucking hard!

I collapsed on the bed next to him… A few minutes later he wandered to the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I gave it a couple of minutes before wandering in…

I got in the shower and just watched as he cleaned himself. His soapy body, his hard cock. He looked wonderful. He looked at me. I looked back at him and we both smiled. We took a step towards each other and started to kiss each other; it was different this time though – it was passionate. I ran my hands through his hair as we snogged and our bodies were rubbing up against each other. I reached down and gently touched his cock. Still rock hard. With my arms wrapped around him I took a step back so I was leaning against the cold, tiled wall of the shower. I lifted my leg and which he held on to. He reached down, took his cock and pressed it inside me. No roughness, no condom. Just sex by two people who desperately wanted each other!

His hands were on my thighs as he pressed me against the wall; constantly kissing as his dick pumped me until we both came!

This had been pretty damn perfect. It had definitely got rid of my frustration and seemed a pretty fitting end to Silent Skyler…

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