Meeting Joseph: The Older Man

I decided a while ago that I wanted to meet a older guy for hook ups. I thought it would be fun, and to be perfectly honest sex I have had with considerably older guys in the past has been insanely fucking good. Remember the captain?

With that in mind I temporarily joined a “dating” (fucking) app and what a whirlwind that was! Hundreds of unsolicited dick pics, ridiculous messages and bizarre comments almost put me off. Despite me literally stating that I was looking for a guy in their 50s-60s it didn’t stop loads of twenty somethings trying to hook up with me! I guess I should be flattered but it’s definitely not what I was there for!

When I had pretty much lost all hope and I was about to the delete the app I had a message off Joseph. 53, silver fox who looked great. He had a edgy rock vibe to him that really turned me on. We chatted a lot and I explained everything; I told him I was married, I was a swinger and wanted no strings fun. Best to get these things on the table early I find… He didn’t mind at all, in fact he seemed pretty excited and intrigued by it…

Anyway without so much as a tit pic or dick pic sent between the two of us we organised a date!

We had arranged to meet at a small Italian restaurant not too far from my house. I had spent ages getting ready and throughout the day I had constantly been flicking through his photos. As I approached the restaurant I started to get nervous. It’s one thing hooking up with people but dates? Those things can be terrifying! I could see the restaurant in the distance and I spotted him outside straight away. He was smoking a cigarette and looking down at his phone. I got to him “Hi Joseph” I said shyly. “Alice. Lovely to meet you” he greeted me with. We went inside and sat down at the table he had booked. He looked fucking great! Grey/black hair, long stubble that was almost a beard, black t shirt with a leather jacket and some skinny jeans with a large silver necklace chain around his neck; from what I could see he was also covered in tattoos. He looked like a fucking rockstar! In fact, anyone who has followed me for a while will know that I have the biggest crush on Tommy Lee, and Joseph definitely had that vibe! I was wearing a black, tight top, white bra, black skirt, and some very innocent looking white, cotton panties.

We ordered some wine and some food and spent ages chatting. He asked a few questions about my marriage but he seemed genuinely interested rather than put off by it. He had piercing eyes and a cute smile that fucking melted me! He had wonderful hair which was neat with a quiff along with an ear piercing. Despite his rockstar image and looks he was really sweet and polite, but I had a feeling there was a kinky side to him too…

I found out that he got divorced almost a year ago and had avoided dating up until this point. He is a photographer (why am I always attracted to artists?) and has no children… After our food he asked me if I would like to go for a drink with him. Fuck, I wanted it. I was sure being in a bar would (hopefully) lead us to a little flirting. From really early on I was fucking obsessed with him!

We headed to a cool, quirky bar down the road. He ordered a pint of beer and I had a vodka and lemonade. We got our drinks and sat next to each other on a bench in the window. We got on so well, the twenty odd year age gap didn’t seem to make any difference at all (other than in my panties). I had been right too; we were flirting much more now. He was insanely gorgeous – I couldn’t take my eyes off him! 

At one point I looked at him and said “You know, you remind me loads of my crush Tommy Lee.” He laughed and replied “I can kinda see that. It’s the old rocker thing” I took a swig of my drink “I bet you’re hung like him too” I said with a little, silly giggle. He smiled “I couldn’t possibly say” but his smile told me everything! I would have bet every penny I have that he is hung well!

He asked a little more about my lifestyle but this time in much more of a flirtatious way;

“So, do you go to parties and stuff then?” He asked me.

“Yeah when Wes is home we try and go to them.”

“I bet they’re fun” he said with a little smile that lit me up.

“They’re the best. I love them. Anyway, what about you? A sexy man like you must get plenty of women?” I enquired with a sexy smile of my own.

“Actually no. To be honest I haven’t been with anyone since my divorce.” 

“Really? Like twelve months?”

“Almost” he replied.

I smiled at him “Umm… That’s kind of hot” I told him.

He laughed and touched my leg “It is kind of yeah.”

Fuck! I wanted him before but now I was basically a puddle on the seat. He could have put a fingertip on me and made me cum at this point!

“Maybe we should do something about that.” I told him smiling again.

“I’d like that a lot” he said before leaning in and giving me a slow, sexy, long kiss.

We had another drink a large part of which I spent cuddled into him with his arm around me. “You want to get out of here?” I asked him before giving him a little kiss.

“I’d love to” he replied “I live in walking distance if you fancy coming to mine?”

I finished my drink, held his hand and said “Let’s go.”

We walked down the street for about 3 minutes. He unlocked a door and we went up some stairs to a flat that was above a shop. His flat seemed really big and was full of piles of books, records and stacks of photographs. Old cameras filled his shelves and lots of modernist artwork adorned his walls. “Nice place” I said to him taking a good look around. “Thanks. Can I fix you a drink?” He asked me. I moved close to him “I mean, you could, but I’d probably prefer it if you just showed me your bedroom.” He smiled, snogged me hard and took my hand. We walked down the corridor of his flat to his bedroom which was neat, tidy and surprisingly minimalistic…

He picked up a remote and put some music on (rock music obviously). He walked back over to me, put his hands on my hips and kissed me again. It was such a passionate kiss. A kind of kiss that makes you fall completely in love with someone. He paused briefly and pulled his t-shirt over his head. His chest was absolutely covered in tattoos and I was somewhat surprised by how toned his body was; skinny but really well toned. I ran my hands over his chest, feeling him up and he kissed me again. As we kissed he pulled my top up, over my head and threw it to the floor. He reached around me and unclipped my bra so my small tits fell out. His mouth instantly went from my mouth down to my tits. He sucked on my hard nipples and grabbed and groped at them. Whilst his tongue was playing with my erect nipples I undid his belt and the top button of his jeans. I put my hand slightly down his trousers, just below his waistband “Fuck, you’re not wearing any boxers” I said to him with a smile. He didn’t reply, he just started kissing me again…

I undid the zipper on his jeans and reached down for his junk. He was hard already. Of course he was – it had been nearly twelve months! “I fucking knew it” I said smiling as I felt the size of his cock. “A fucking rockstar” I said with another smile. His cock was damn near perfect! Really wide and a great length. Smooth to the touch and nice and veiny. I rolled his foreskin back and gently started to stroke him.

As we kissed I gently undid the zip on my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Like magnets Joseph’s hands found my ass. He grabbed it, taking a good handful. He ran his hand over my big, white, cotton panties (that had a somewhat virginal look about them) and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Finally he ran his hand down my panties and rubbed his finger over me. “Mmm you’re wet” he said stating the obvious. “I want you so much” I replied. His finger slid inside my pussy and I gasped. I was stroking his cock a little firmer now and I was desperate for it.

I pulled away from and went and lay on his bed. He followed me and as he got up on to the bed I checked him out. He is fucking gorgeous. We lay on our sides kissing each other; our hands exploring each other’s body. He cupped my tit in his left hand and ran his right hand over my pussy. I parted my legs a little more for for him. His fingers slid all over me, working my juices into my clit.

I pulled away slightly, looked at him and smiled before climbing on top of him – my ass in his face and his cock by mine. A first date 69 – that’s how you know a date is going well! I picked his stiff dick up and placed it in my mouth. I sucked him off as slow as I could, stroking him at the same time. He grabbed my ass and started to lick my pussy. “Ahhhhhh” I cried out… I started to suck him off a little faster as his tongue flicked away at me! His muffled groans were throwing me over the edge! I came so quickly and so hard! I swear, older men give the best fucking head! It’s not even close… His cock was throbbing and twitching in my mouth and I could taste his pre cum. I wanted him so much, I couldn’t wait any longer…

I climbed off him and lay on my side; my back to him and my ass pressed against his cock. He rubbed it against me as his hands wandered all over my tits.   “I want you to fuck me” I said to him. I looked behind myself and he had beaten me to it; he was rolling a condom on to himself. I turned back around and lifted my leg slightly. He got close to me and I reached down to direct his cock inside. “Ahhhhhh” I cried out as he groaned – his cock filling me perfectly. He put his hands on my hips and started to thrust in and out me. Sliding deep inside me – his balls crashing against my booty “Fuck” I cried out, barely able to contain myself. His man moans were increasing; something that is always such a fucking turn on to me! “You’re going to make me cum” I said under my breath as I grabbed at my own tits. This spurred him on and he started to fuck me harder and deeper “YES! YES! YES!” I cried out as a huge orgasm waved over my entire body. 

I pulled away from him and climbed on top of him. I leant down and we kissed. I can’t even begin to explain just how turned on I was. I reached down under myself  and slid his cock inside me again. He really felt wonderful. I sat up so I could look down at him; look at the man turning me on so much! As I started riding him he reached up and started playing with my tits. I was grinding all over him now and I knew we were both so close to cumming… 

He was going bright red and grabbing at me a little harder every time I rode up and down on him. I leant forward to kiss him again – I really wanted us to be kissing as we came. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass. As I felt my orgasm getting closer I started to ride him as fast as I could – bringing my pussy up to the head of his cock before sliding back down on it hard. We were both moaning during our kisses. I pulled my lips away from his for a second and whispered “You’re going to make me cum again” He smiled, grabbed my hair and passionately kissed me again. As I came I felt my pussy tighten around his cock. He moaned, grunted and groaned as his cock throbbed and shot out all of his spunk – filling his condom – just how you would expect a man who had gone 12 months without sex too… “Fuck!” He said under his breath as he continued to shoot his load…

I smiled at him “That was fantastic” I told him before smiling and kissing him again…

I stayed over the night and we fooled around and fucked a few times. I had to leave early in the morning as I had work – but not before he bought a cup of coffee to bed for me. Note: He bought it over completely naked and he still looked fucking amazing. Tattoos everywhere. He is covered!

Since this first date we have met each other again several times and things are getting very, very hot…

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