Joseph: Date Two

Ok, so I’m a little behind myself here as I’ve been seeing Joseph a lot. My older man rockstar is a fucking dreamboat! But I wanted to tell you about our second date…

After spending the night at his after our first date we arranged to meet each other again just a few days later. He asked if I could meet at his for a drink before we went out for dinner. Well, we didn’t exactly make it out to dinner in the end…

As soon as I saw him I felt excited again. His black/grey hair, his tattoos that covered him, his skinny jeans. Fuck! He gave me a lovely kiss on the lips before inviting me inside. I sat on his sofa while he went to the kitchen to pour us a drink. I was wearing, well, very little; a silky black dress that flowed over my body and came to just above the knee. I wanted to tease him in the restaurant as well so I opted for no bra and panties, a pair of black stockings and some red high heels.

He came back to the living room, passed me a glass of lovely white wine and put some music on. He sat next to me and we stayed there for ages chatting and flirting and getting to know each other a little better. It wasn’t long at all before we were kissing and it was so hot! He was wearing a black shirt but he had several of the buttons undone so I could see his amazing tattooed chest.

“You do look like a rockstar” I told him. He laughed.

“And you’re hung like Tommy Lee” I told him with a smile. He laughed again before saying “You’re very fucking sexy yourself.”

“Yeah?” I asked him all innocently.”Yeah” he said before leaning in to give me a sexy, slow, lingering kiss.

As we chatted we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Like two people who were desperate to fuck but were also glowing in the build up to it. It was hot. It was pretty fucking wonderful!

We talked a lot about sex; favourite positions, what we do and don’t like, fantasies etc and to be honest it just made me even hornier for him!

After another drink we started kissing again, but you could just tell it was going to go further this time. I ran my hand down his chest to his waist, and undid his belt. I popped the top button of his jeans and slid my hand under. “Mmm no pants again” I said to him smiling. As we kissed I reached down and grabbed his cock. Already lovely and hard. “Fuck, I really do love your dick” I told him, very briefly pausing from kissing him. I started to stroke his throbbing dick and as I did he reached a hand up my dress. “Fuck, you have no panties on either” he said to me. ”Damn right” I said gasping a little as his finger ran over my wet pussy and pressed against my clit.

He slid a finger inside me and I cried out loudly. It felt amazing. “Take your jeans off” I told him. He sat up and pulled them down. I took a good look at his lovely dick. So big. Long. Wide. Thick and throbbing. It was beautiful. I started to stroke him a little faster. “I don’t have a condom in here” he whispered to me. I kissed him again. “Well, you don’t need a condom if you cum in my mouth” I told him with a sexy smile. 

I got on all fours on the sofa; my head resting on his lap. I picked his cock up and kissed the tip as I gently stroked him. I started kissing all around his shaft before sliding it into my mouth. I sucked and stroked him as he reached under me and started rubbing my cunt “Ahhh” I mumbled with a mouthful of his cock. “Fuck” he cried out as my mouth and tongue started working on him as fast as I could… And then I felt it. With a loud gasp his body tightened and he came in my mouth. So much cum – and it tasted fucking great! I swallowed it all before snuggling in to him; his dick still in my hand…

We had another drink and realised we had missed the restaurant. We didn’t care at all though. He asked if I would like to stay over the night. “I’d love to” I said “I’m not really finished with this” I told him, giving his cock a gentle, little stroke.

“Why don’t we go to your bedroom?” I asked him. He kissed me again, running his hand all up my body until he grabbed at my tit. “That sounds perfect” he said. “I’ll get us some glasses of water to take with us.”

I went into his bedroom and quickly took my dress off and threw it to the floor. I climbed on the bed, completely naked with the exception of my stockings. By the time he entered the bedroom I was on all fours in the middle of his bed. “Fuck. Wow” he said staring at me. “I heard this is what you like” I told him “Head down, ass up” I said giving my big ass a little jiggle. He put the drinks on the side, walked back towards me and took his jeans off; his dong swinging about in front of my face! I took him in my mouth again but once he was hard he was more than ready to fuck me! 

He got on the bed on his knees and put a condom on. He moved towards me placing his hands on my ass. I was gagging for this; I could literally feel my pussy dripping! He stroked his dick over my cunt a couple of times before sliding it inside me “Ahhh fuck” I cried out. Then he fucked me – relentlessly. Fast, hard. Non-stop. His hands were gliding over my ass, grabbing at me as his big cock filled my pussy; his tight balls slapping against me. I cried out in a huge orgasm and as I came he stopped, tightened and came – filling his condom with his lovely spunk!

I stayed the night and we fucked two more times. Then I had the walk of shame to work the following morning – but I did not care. I am fucking obsessed with my rockstar, my Tommy Lee…

As a side note we have had several more “dates” since which I’ll get to, but he has asked me to go on holiday with him. 10 ten days all inclusive to a Greek island! It’s something he booked a year ago for himself and his wife. I still don’t know him that well but damn, I’m so fucking tempted! I think we would have so much fun…

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