Squirting Surprise

I finished work early Tuesday so I headed back to the house for a very quick shower and change before heading out again. I stopped at the off licence to grab a nice bottle of red wine before heading to Josephs to surprise him.

I rang the doorbell. Thankfully he was excited to see me; he gave me a big hug and kiss. We walked into his living room and I opened the red wine for us. Once he had poured them we both took a sip from our glasses. I’ve seen him a fair few times now and I still get the butterflies; that wonderful feeling that I wish I could bottle! He excites me. He excites me in every way possible.
It wasn’t long before we were kissing, really passionately as well. You could tell we were both super horny – this was definitely a booty call – at least it was as far as I was concerned…

He pulled his mouth away from mine slowly…

“Have you thought about it?” He asked me, his hand firmly on my leg.
“Though about what?” I replied.
“Greece” He said. “I’d really love you to come with me.”
“Oh yeah I’ve thought about it” I replied smiling, teasing him slightly.
There was a pause “AND?!’ He asked.
“I’d love to come” I said. He looked genuinely happy and started passionately kissing me.

“Great! We should celebrate. What should we do?” He asked me.
I smiled at him and then lifted up my tiny mini skirt up; just a little bit to show him my shaved pussy. I knew what we should do to celebrate, and I was pretty sure he knew too!
He smiled before kissing me again. Then he got down on his knees in front of me and started to lick me out. I wrapped my legs over his shoulders. “That’s it” I said to him, unable to hide my smile. It instantly felt fucking amazing! I pulled my top up so I could grab at my tits. His tongue started to go faster and “Ahhhh fuck! You need to do this more often!” I said to him, starting to get out of breath.

He held on to my thighs and started to lick me out hard, and I swear it felt like the best head I have ever been given. EVER! “Mmm fuck, you’re going to make me cum” I cried out between moans. His tongue was licking all my juices, running up my pussy and flicking at my clit. Fast – really fast. “Ahhh fuck yes!” I screamed as I came…

He slowed down briefly and looked up at me to smile. He started to kiss my clit again, lightly this time before sliding a finger deep inside me “Ahhhh fuck, that’s amazing” I told him as his finger and tongue worked its magic on my soaked pussy.

I came again, really hard but he still didn’t stop – in fact it spurred him on. He started to finger fuck me hard and fast while his tongue fucked my clit. This was head that was so fucking good, only a older man can seem to do it! I felt it building then – and I was surprised by this – I involuntarily pushed his head backwards away from me and his finger out of me with my hands and squirted everywhere! “Ahhh fuck” I screamed as it all squirted out of my cunt! Streams and streams of of it. It soaked us both!

I really was surprised! I have never squirted before without penetration!

“Fuck, you can do that any fucking day you want” I told him when I finally recovered. He got back on to the sofa and kissed me. I could taste my own juices.
“That was fucking hot” he said “I can’t wait to do that to you every night in Portugal.”

And that was the point in time I was 100% certain I had made the right decision to go with him!

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