Luca: The Machine.

You remember Luca from a previous blog post? He is my fuck buddy Ben’s friend who I had a threesome with last weekend. If you read that post you’ll likely remember that the morning after whilst Ben was showering Luca and I sneakily fucked and exchanged numbers….The following week we had text each other a … Continue reading Luca: The Machine.

The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

I have been fucking Ben so much. Honestly, I spend so much time at his apartment. He's a fucking dreamboat; sexy as fuck and sooooo good in bed! I look around his open plan flat and honestly we have fucked all over it! I also adore that he is always taking photographs of me! Some … Continue reading The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

The Story of Ben Part 3: Neighbours, Teasing & Condoms

I went around to my ‘one night stand’ Ben’s apartment Tuesday and it was all set to be a really special day/evening…Let me explain - I met Ben and fucked him on what was meant to be a one night stand. We have literally barely stopped fucking since. A week or so ago we were … Continue reading The Story of Ben Part 3: Neighbours, Teasing & Condoms

Another Saturday – Another Party

We were both buzzing for our second invite only party, post restrictions! It was at a really exclusive, very nice, large house. The dress code was underwear only, which honestly just excited me even more!Once we got there we went into a large room that had been set aside as changing rooms. I wore a … Continue reading Another Saturday – Another Party

First Time on the Last Night

So I’ve been home from my work retreat/workshop in Birmingham for a couple of nights now, but I wanted some time so I could write about the last night there without rushing…We had finished our final day of workshops late on the Thursday afternoon. Afterwards we all went back to our rooms to shower etc … Continue reading First Time on the Last Night

A Intimate Conversation with the Intern…

So, this actually happened a few days ago but I wasn’t sure if I should post it. But then I thought this blog is nothing without honesty and full disclosure so here we go…Robbie and I have been getting on pretty well in the office. He’s still very, very nervous but he’s just super sweet. … Continue reading A Intimate Conversation with the Intern…

The Intern is a “Tits Guy”

We had a team meeting at work today and at the end things got somewhat interesting…After the meeting a few of sat around the boardroom table and started chatting and having a bit of a giggle. Wayne, a colleague who constantly likes to talk about his wife Elly was telling us that she has a … Continue reading The Intern is a “Tits Guy”

Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

When Wes and I got married a few years ago we decided to do a 6 week tour of America for our honeymoon. We had the most incredible time, and although it was all amazing, things got a little extra special the last week which we were spending in Vegas. Everything about it was sexy, … Continue reading Sex & Loving in Las Vegas