We Need to Talk About Bob.

Bob. What can I tell you about my friend Bob? I have known Bob since junior school and we’ve been great friends even when we haven’t been able to see each other much. The most that has ever happened between me and Bob was a snog and a quick grope at a house party when we were around 16 years old. There is a somewhat strange facet to our relationship though…

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The Hosepipe

So I have to tell you all about this cock the other day… it was the strangest thing… I guess I’ll start at the start…

Two days ago it was around 5.00pm and I was packing up from work when I received a text from my husband Wes. I’ll explain here, that sometimes we send each other kinky tasks to complete. The message said “Get a video of you sucking a guy off and send it to me. No fucking though, I want you horny!”

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