I get asked loads of questions on here and via Twitter @sexlandalice so I thought I’d take some of the more common ones and post them here… If you have any questions please comment on one of my blogs (anonymously if you like) or DM me on Twitter…

What’s your biggest fantasy you’ve not done yet?

Definitely a gangbang. We’re working on getting this together soon. I’ve had loads of threesomes and foursomes and even group sex, but I’m madly turned on by the idea of 9 or 10 guys all taking their turns with me and cumming all over me.

Do you only do big dicks?

No way! Don’t get me wrong I looooooove a monster cock, but in fairness, as a general rule I love all cocks!

Who do you prefer sleeping with men or women?

Both for very different reasons. Sometimes I want women, sometimes men and sometimes both at the same time.

Do you and your husband ever get jealous?

We don’t. This is something we discussed from day one. We discuss everything with each other and never do anything the other isn’t comfortable with.

Would you ever do webcam shows?

I’d absolutely love to, but my day job means I have to be a little anonymous. I’ve done them in the past when I was younger but I was a little more care free back then. But yeah I love the idea of getting naked and fucking my self while lots of people watch…

Do you like looking into a mans eyes when playing with his cock?

Always! I love making eye contact when giving head – especially if I’m down on my knees – that’s my favourite… I actually think eye contact is really hot and sexy throughout sex.

What is your absolute favourite thing a man can do to you with his cock?

I presume this means other than sex… It depends what mood I’m in. I love it if/when Wes slaps his hard cock on my face before I give him head. I also love it when guys are hard and stroking themselves, and the head of their penis rubs up against my clit. That’s dreamy…