Photo of the Day – Film Me While I Fuck You

This is a photo that a fuck buddy took a couple of years ago when I was riding him in a hotel room... Would you film or take photos of me if I asked you nicely? I love looking back at footage from my past conquests. Just like I'm doing to this guy, I could … Continue reading Photo of the Day – Film Me While I Fuck You

In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

I have always been able to recall my dreams in vivid detail, which isn’t so great for the odd nightmare I get but it’s fucking wonderful when I have a super sexy sex dream like the other night! This dream was set in Amsterdam, a place I’ve had several amazing breaks with my husband. We’ve … Continue reading In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

Sleepy sex with 3 in a bed.

Because Suzi had moved in with us temporarily and we were (and are) having conversations about becoming a throuple, last month Wes bought us a super king sized bed and mattress. Honestly, it’s fucking delightful and we all fit in there together perfectly. In fact the three of us have slept in there since the … Continue reading Sleepy sex with 3 in a bed.