The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

I have been fucking Ben so much. Honestly, I spend so much time at his apartment. He's a fucking dreamboat; sexy as fuck and sooooo good in bed! I look around his open plan flat and honestly we have fucked all over it! I also adore that he is always taking photographs of me! Some … Continue reading The Story of Ben Part 4: Butt Plugs, Wine & Squirting

In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

I have always been able to recall my dreams in vivid detail, which isn’t so great for the odd nightmare I get but it’s fucking wonderful when I have a super sexy sex dream like the other night! This dream was set in Amsterdam, a place I’ve had several amazing breaks with my husband. We’ve … Continue reading In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

2’s Company, 3’s a Party

Wes had told me he was going to be working Friday, and wouldn't be back until late so in our infinite wisdom Suzi and I planned a day of drinking at home. We bought cocktail mixtures, lots of booze, wine, the lot. I opted to wear a pink, vest t-shirt, a black mini skirt and … Continue reading 2’s Company, 3’s a Party