Diary Entry: Bisexual MMF Dream & The Intern…

MMF Bi Dream…I had the sexiest dream last night! It made no great sense and was fragmented, but what dreams aren’t?I walked into a dark room and two guys were stood in the middle of the room, lit only by a single blue light. They were both naked and they were playing with each other… … Continue reading Diary Entry: Bisexual MMF Dream & The Intern…

Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

When Wes and I got married a few years ago we decided to do a 6 week tour of America for our honeymoon. We had the most incredible time, and although it was all amazing, things got a little extra special the last week which we were spending in Vegas. Everything about it was sexy, … Continue reading Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

The Story of Elijah Part 10. The Final Chapter

I was back in work yesterday and I knew Elijah was going to be there as he had sent me some texts over the weekend. I had already decided I wasn’t going to fuck him. This sounds harsh, but I’ve kind of had my fun with Elijah now, and I feel pretty done with it. … Continue reading The Story of Elijah Part 10. The Final Chapter

In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

I have always been able to recall my dreams in vivid detail, which isn’t so great for the odd nightmare I get but it’s fucking wonderful when I have a super sexy sex dream like the other night! This dream was set in Amsterdam, a place I’ve had several amazing breaks with my husband. We’ve … Continue reading In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

Sleepy sex with 3 in a bed.

Because Suzi had moved in with us temporarily and we were (and are) having conversations about becoming a throuple, last month Wes bought us a super king sized bed and mattress. Honestly, it’s fucking delightful and we all fit in there together perfectly. In fact the three of us have slept in there since the … Continue reading Sleepy sex with 3 in a bed.