2’s Company, 3’s a Party

Wes had told me he was going to be working Friday, and wouldn't be back until late so in our infinite wisdom Suzi and I planned a day of drinking at home. We bought cocktail mixtures, lots of booze, wine, the lot. I opted to wear a pink, vest t-shirt, a black mini skirt and … Continue reading 2’s Company, 3’s a Party

Suzi moves in – A Woman’s Touch

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen that my friend Suzi has moved in with us temporarily. She has been on her own since Lockdown 1 and was going stir crazy, so after we all received negative tests we decided she should move into one of our spare rooms for the … Continue reading Suzi moves in – A Woman’s Touch

The Story of… My Sextape

Ok so let me explain. Since New Years Day I’ve been doing a tweet a day on Twitter which is a confession, a truth or a sex thought etc. This Thursday I tweeted the following: “7/365: Years ago when I was a carefree Tumblr/emo slut there was a sextape of me online fucking two guys … Continue reading The Story of… My Sextape

The Story of Elijah Part 8: Texts, Tease and Threesomes

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen Elijah - because of Covid restrictions we’ve not managed to be in the office at the same time. While I’m there my mind wanders a lot to being his naughty, little secret. I still find it so sexy. Although we’ve not been able to see each other … Continue reading The Story of Elijah Part 8: Texts, Tease and Threesomes