Sunday Night Sex Thoughts & Tim.

Sunday night I had my second lap dancing lesson from my amazing friend Laura. I only wanted a couple of lessons – it’s not something I have the time to do professionally but I just wanted to be good at… You may remember after my first lesson I met my husbands friend Tim, to practice on? (story here). Well he was definitely on my mind last night…

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A Very Public Spanking.

Saturday night Wes and I were hitting the town for some much needed drinking and dancing. We hadn’t been out in a while as he’s been away working lots recently. We had some pre-drinks (half a bottle of Vodka) at home to get us in the mood. Whilst sat in our living room drinking he gave me a small gift box which contained one of the sexiest, sluttiest dresses I have ever seen.

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The Hosepipe

So I have to tell you all about this cock the other day… it was the strangest thing… I guess I’ll start at the start…

Two days ago it was around 5.00pm and I was packing up from work when I received a text from my husband Wes. I’ll explain here, that sometimes we send each other kinky tasks to complete. The message said “Get a video of you sucking a guy off and send it to me. No fucking though, I want you horny!”

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