First Time on the Last Night

So I’ve been home from my work retreat/workshop in Birmingham for a couple of nights now, but I wanted some time so I could write about the last night there without rushing…We had finished our final day of workshops late on the Thursday afternoon. Afterwards we all went back to our rooms to shower etc … Continue reading First Time on the Last Night

Diary Entry: Bisexual MMF Dream & The Intern…

MMF Bi Dream…I had the sexiest dream last night! It made no great sense and was fragmented, but what dreams aren’t?I walked into a dark room and two guys were stood in the middle of the room, lit only by a single blue light. They were both naked and they were playing with each other… … Continue reading Diary Entry: Bisexual MMF Dream & The Intern…

Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

When Wes and I got married a few years ago we decided to do a 6 week tour of America for our honeymoon. We had the most incredible time, and although it was all amazing, things got a little extra special the last week which we were spending in Vegas. Everything about it was sexy, … Continue reading Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

Photo of the Day – Lazy

Saturdays are for lazing around in bed - especially on Saturdays like today where I'm home alone. Naked in bed, periodically touching myself until I've teased myself too much and I'll have to reach for the vibrator and maybe put some porn on the TV. Watching people fuck while I make myself cum over and … Continue reading Photo of the Day – Lazy