The Story of Tim

I’ve done lots of blog posts featuring Tim, my hubby’s friend and my encounters with them.
As I’m hoping there will eventually be more to tell I decided to copy all of the posts onto one page in chronological order… Enjoy xoxo

Strip For Him – February 17 2020.

So last week I met my friend Laura in her lap dancing club as she’d offered to give me an hour long lesson in stripping and lap dancing. It went really well and I felt really sexy doing it. Thursday night is a quiet night in the club, so she kindly offered to let me use one of the booths to give Wes a private dance. It was seriously hot and Wes was hard throughout. When we got home he came up with the idea of me giving a dance to one of our friends. I instantly chose Tim…

Now, I’ve never done anything with Tim but he’s single and I’ve always found him incredibly hot. But there’s another reason. One evening at a get together in our flat I was sat next to him and flirting with him. Thighs and cleavage on show. I could see he was hard under his jeans, he was embarrassed but the fucking thing looked like a snake! I mean, his dick looked absolutely huge and I’d thought about it lots since. Wes got permission for us to use the booth on Saturday night for a small fee and he’d arranged with Tim for him to go there, get in the booth for 8.00pm, and sit and wait for me to come in. I’d spent the whole day practicing my moves and I was excited. I kept wondering if he’d get hard, if I’d feel the beast… I wore some high heels, a short leather skirt with a zip all the way up it, a sexy, black bra and a see through sheer black blouse with poppers… 

I got into the club and I was met by Laura. “He’s in there waiting for you” she told me. I took a deep breath and walked over to the booth. I pulled back the curtain and there he was sat there. He looked hot.. I walked in and drew the curtain behind me… I started dancing slowly, swaying from side to side, edging closer and closer to him, he looked slightly embarrassed but I was really into it within seconds. I was dancing and teasing him. I hadn’t taken a single item of clothing off and I could already see that beautiful bulge under his trousers. As I stood seductively dancing, I unpopped the buttons on my blouse and ran my hands over my bra before I really slowly took it off to present my tits to him. My nipples were hard and I could feel I was wet. I slowly sat on top of him and started to grind him, my tits millimetres from his mouth. I could hear him breathing heavier and I could feel his snake like cock throbbing under his trousers as I rubbed my crotch over his groin. I stood up, and still dancing I unzipped my skirt and threw it to the floor revealing my skimpy black thong. I sat on him again and placed his hands on my thighs. 

He still didn’t say a word as I grinded over him, rubbing my hard nipples over the stubble on his face. I knew my song was coming to the end, so I stood up and really slowly peeled my panties off, leaving my exposed pussy just inches from him. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. He was mesmerized. I turned around so I had my back to him, parted my legs and really slowly ran my hands down my legs until my ass was up in the air – my gaping pussy right by him. I’m sure he would be able to see how wet I was. I was fucking dripping! My music came to the very last part so I turned around, smiled and sat back on top of him. My bare pussy rubbing up against his snake like cock which was trying desperately to break out from his trousers. 

I swear it seemed like his dick was damn near his knees! I looked at him and began to passionately kiss him. I whispered into his ear “next time, wear looser trousers”. I kissed him on the cheek, and as I stood up I made sure I had a quick, firm grab of his cock. ““Bye bye Tim” I whispered as I gathered my clothes and left the booth…

I got back home and told Wes all about it as he pinned me against the wall and fucked me hard from behind. It was wonderful…

As for Tim, my god I am absolutely fucking desperate to see that dick, and feel it inside me. Here’s hoping…xoxo

Sunday Night Sex Thoughts and Tim – March 12 2020

Sunday night I had my second lap dancing lesson from my amazing friend Laura. I only wanted a couple of lessons – it’s not something I have the time to do professionally but I just wanted to be good at… You may remember after my first lesson I met my husbands friend Tim, to practice on? (story here). Well he was definitely on my mind last night…

I woke up at 4.00am after a really sexy dream – I can’t actually recall many of the details of the dream, just that it was really sexy, and it was about Tim. I was soaked – all over from sweat when I woke – and yes my pussy was soaked too!

I couldn’t manage to get back to sleep so around 4.30 I got up, made a coffee, got back into bed and launched my laptop. After a few minutes browsing, I was soon clicking onto my favourite porn site and masturbating hard to a threesome movie. I came but alas, I still couldn’t sleep…

My lap dancing lesson was still on my mind and so was Tim. I recalled seeing his snake like cock twitching away under his trousers and I was desperate to see it. It just looked huge and I couldn’t help but wonder what it actually looked like. I knew he liked me, but he’s so painfully shy… Thinking about his cock, I ran my hands all down my body onto my pussy again. Still wet I played with my swollen clit until I came again.

It was then that I decided to take the plunge. I opened up my Facebook, found an old message from him and opened it up. “Hi Tim, I loved giving you a lapdance the other week – I could tell you enjoyed it too 😉 I’ve recently had another lesson and would love to try out my new moves on you. If you’re keen let me know and we can arrange a time for you to come over for a little naughty tease”. SEND.

I really hope I can see him soon, and unlike being in the booth the last time, maybe I can make a proper move on him this time and take a good look at that snake! Here’s hoping…

It’s On – March 16 2020

Oh my, it’s definitely on! You may remember when I practiced my lap dancing moves on my hubby’s friend Tim and what appears to be his snake like cock (post here) – I didn’t see it but it was really fucking difficult to miss it…

Anyway the other day I sent him a message on Facebook that said “Hi Tim, I loved giving you a lapdance the other week – I could tell you enjoyed it too 😉 I’ve recently had another lesson and would love to try out my new moves on you. If you’re keen let me know and we can arrange a time for you to come over for a little naughty tease”. I was starting to think he was never going to reply.  I know he can be painfully shy, so although I’d not stopped thinking about him, I had kind of given up on practicing me new dancing skills on him…

Well, this morning I went to work, got in and made myself a coffee. I was 15 minutes early so I decided to sit at my desk and browse Facebook on my laptop and then the message popped up… “Hi Alice. That would be awesome. I’d really love that.”

I felt myself instantly blush as my heart started beating faster. I replied straight away and we chatted a little. We settled on next Wednesday evening as I have the house to myself, and the day off work so I can sort an outfit out and light the room in a sexy way. I really can’t wait!

Honestly I was so turned on thinking about it, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Sat at my desk, all alone, I slid a hand under my desk, and then under my skirt. I could feel my panties were soaked! The leather chair I was sat on was even damp… I was just thinking about locking myself in the toilet to relieve myself when my phone rang and ruined the moment…

I’m desperate to make my move on him. I’m desperate to see that cock. I hope he wants me as much as I want him. He’s so shy so it makes it really difficult to know how he’ll reply to my advances. One thing is for sure though: I can’t fucking wait! 

Tim – It Happened! – March 19 2020

I was nervous. It was finally Wednesday. I had been thinking about Tim and our lapdance since we had exchanged messages… Actually I had been thinking about Tim since the first time I practiced on him and saw his bulge under his trousers…

Around 7.00pm I started to get dressed. I did my hair, my nails and put on my brand new lingerie I had bought especially for the occasion; Black stockings, with a sexy garter belt, black panties and a beautiful black bra, and of course my high heels. I had set up the living room perfectly, moving a dining chair in to the middle of the room and setting up a red spotlight. At around 8 there was a knock at the door. I put my dressing gown on to cover my new lingerie and answered the door. “Hi hun.” 

He had arrived, looking better and sexier than ever. We sat on the sofa and chatted and drank a bottle of wine between us. I was flirting but I could see he was still very, very nervous. I knew from Wes that he had, had girlfriends in the past but was pretty inexperienced.. 

Around 9.30 I suggested we make a start, so I took him by the hand and walked him to the chair. I turned the main light off and the red spotlight on. The room looked great and I was so nervous but so turned on…

I stood in front of him, looking down at him sat in the chair. I told Alexa to start my music… As soon as the music hit I took my dressing gown off and dropped it to the floor, standing still for a few seconds so he could check me out. He was bright red but I knew he liked what he saw… I started to sway in time with the music as I slowly moved towards him, getting as close to him as I could. I stood there moving my hips seductively, before turning around so he could see the back of my panties. I gave my booty a little shake and bent down slightly for him. I turned back around and leant forward to give him a glimpse of my titties. My nerves had settled so I reached around my back and unclipped my bra, holding it in place with my left hand. I smiled at him and slowly sat on top of him, legs either side of him. “Oh fuck” I heard him mumble. I smiled and let go of my bra, watching it drop to the floor. I leant backwards, arching my back, presenting my erect nipples to him and grinding myself on his lap. I grabbed his hands and put them on my thighs and that’s when I felt his huge bulge throb underneath me. “Oh my” I said. “I’m really sorry” Tim quietly said to me. “Don’t be sorry, I love it” I reassured him as I continued to grind on him, feeling his huge, hidden cock…
I stood up right in front of him, and swaying my hips I really slowly peeled my panties off presenting my bare pussy to him. I walked closer as I ran my hand over my short pubic hair, then ran my hands up my thigh and onto my breasts, giving my nipples a cheeky flick. I turned around to give him a view of my naked booty and slowly started to run my hands down my legs getting lower and lower and lower until my hands were on my ankles and my ass in the air, my gaping, soaked pussy so so close to him. I could feel my juices running down my thigh, and just like last time I was sure he must be able to see how wet I was…

I turned around and sat back down on him again. I one again reached down and placed his hands on my thighs. I started grinding my naked pussy over his bulge and it was reacting. His hands were too. I think he was unaware but his hands were now running up and down my thighs. I had goosebumps all over my naked body. I leant forward so my erect nipple touched his lips, teasing his mouth. I knew my song was coming to an end so I moved slightly and softly kissed him on the neck. With that my song finished and the next one started. “Thank you so much that was amazing” he whispered to me. “No, thank you Tim, it was nice to practice again…” I leant in and kissed him passionately, grinding against him a little harder. “I want you so fucking much Tim.” He moaned as I rubbed my pussy over his bulge “Ahhhhh I want you too”. With that I got off him and knelt down below him. I looked at him, still looking nervous, and I seductively bit my bottom lip, like a naughty girl. I took hold of both his waist bands and started to pull his trousers and his boxers down. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I pulled them right down and took a look at the biggest dick I have ever seen. Veiny, throbbing, almost down to his knees. “Fuck me, you’re huge” I said as I moved forward and kissed the tip of his cock. I could see his pre-cum already. I had to grab his cock with both hands – one on top of the other – before I took him in my mouth. He groaned and I felt his body shake as I sucked him off. I could feel my juices running on to the carpet, I was so fucking wet… 
“I’m going to fuck you Tim” I told him. I slowly got up, sat on him and we started to kiss again. I reached down, picked his beast up and put the tip inside me. “Ahhhhh” it felt so good. So big. I was so wet but I still had to be careful because it was so large. I started to slowly slide him further and further inside me. My pussy taking more and more of his cock.He was moaning and breathing fast and he felt fucking incredible. Now I’d taken all of his huge dick I started to ride him. Long, hard strokes, up and down on his cock. My ass bouncing in the air. I moved my tits to his face, gesturing for him to suck on them. He did. As his tongue licked and flicked my nipple I started going up and down on him as hard as I could. I screamed and came so hard! 

As I recovered – now fucking his cock with slow strokes, I looked at him and told him I wanted him to bend me over. I quickly stood up and got down on all fours. “Come fuck me” I pleaded with one hand underneath myself playing with my soaking wet pussy. He knelt down and slid himself in with ease. 

He felt even bigger than before – it was definitely pleasure/pain but it felt amazing. “Fuck me hard. Please Tim, fuck me hard”. He grabbed my curvy thighs and started to fuck me hard, just as I had asked. It was deeper than I had ever been fucked before. I was crying out with pleasure getting closer and closer to orgasm with every long, hard thrust. I knew he was close too. I could feel him throbbing inside me. “Finger my ass” I asked him. “What?” he replied. “You heard me, finger my ass, make me cum again.” He did – Really slowly pushing his index finger into my tight hole. My ass was soaked from all of my pussy juices and I wanted it harder. “Finger me harder and fuck me as hard as you can”. His finger started going quicker and deeper, in and out of my tight asshole. He took a breath and started to fuck me. His balls slapping against my curvy ass. I was so, so close “that’s it, fuck me baby.” He was moaning uncontrollably and I knew he was equally as close. “Cum on my ass when you’re ready.”. Three more big hard – so fucking hard – strokes, and he pulled out. I instantly came and squirted everywhere, as soon as his cock left my pussy. A second later I felt his warm cum (and oh, so much of it) fall on my back and my ass…

We both stood up and we kissed. “I’ve never done anything like that” he told me. “Oh Tim, we’re going to do a lot more like that” I told him. 

I got down on my knees to lick the remaining cum off his cock as I was desperate to taste him. Within seconds of it being in my mouth he was hard again. I started sucking fast and deep, stroking his long, long shaft with one hand and playing with his balls with my other hand. After a couple of minutes I felt his balls tighten and he emptied his load in my mouth… So much cum, but I swallowed it all, like a good slut, and it tasted wonderful…

I love how shy and inexperienced Tim is, and I can’t wait to help him discover new things…

Garden Drinks With Tim – 26th June 2020

Towards the end of last week I sent Tim a sexy snap of my tits and to my surprise (he’s very shy) he sent me one back of his cock. That ended up with us chatting a bit and arranging to meet for some socially distanced garden drinks Wednesday – as I knew Wes was out all day.

For those of you not familiar with my story of Tim, you can read it all here. Basically I stripped for Tim one night when I was having stripping lessons. I then stripped for him again a couple of weeks later and we ended up fucking. Like I said, Tim is painfully shy but he’s really hot with the biggest cock I have ever seen! I mean it is literally a fucking weapon and I needed both hands to hold it… I knew it would be really difficult not to touch him when we met as I felt the lockdown really put the spoilers on what was going to be a real hot and sexy relationship…

He arrived at around 3 in the afternoon. He looked fucking great, wearing a loose cotton shirt and some shorts that came up just above his knees. I was literally just wearing one of Wes’s oversized white, cotton shirts, with nothing else – it was just too fucking hot outside! We went outside into my garden, poured a glass of wine and sat opposite each other, a couple of meters apart. He was still shy so it was mostly me making the conversation but he was definitely loosening up a little as we sipped at our wine. “I’ve missed you. After last time I had really hoped we could meet each other again” I told him. He went a little red faced “Me too. Last time was amazing and I’ve not been with anyone all through lockdown”. At that point I’m just thinking to myself this poor guy must be full to the brim of the cum… I mean, I’m sure he’s masturbated but it’s not quite the same is it?

After a couple of glasses wine I started telling him how Wes and I were organising my first ever gangbang for when things are something like normal. “You should totally be one of the guys” I told him. Hopeful he would agree. “No way, I could never do that, I’d be too embarrassed” he answered me. I understood, but honestly, I feel like it would be all of the other guys that would be embarrassed when they saw him naked… Still, moving on I started telling him how I was growing a bush, to see if I liked it. “I bet that looks great” he told me. I looked at him, raised my foot onto the edge of the chair, and slightly pulled my shirt to the side to give him a glimpse of it. “Fuck, it does look really great” he said, unable to take his eyes off my pussy. I looked at him and low and behold his cock was sticking out the end of his shorts. Hard. Monstrous. It turned me on massively.

“You seem to have slipped out” I said to him nodding at his dick. “Oh, shit I’m so sorry” he started to blunder away trying to tuck himself in. “Fuck it, just leave it. No one can see and I’m really enjoying the view”. I placed my other foot on the seat so my knees were both up in the air. My legs spread – opening my pussy which was now wet for his viewing pleasure. “Fuck” I heard him moan. I ran my hand down onto my bush and felt its wetness. Every now and then I’d notice his massive cock just twitch and throb. It was so fucking hot! My hand was still slowly running over my bush and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Remembering how that cock stretched my pussy to its limits. “You should just take it out” I told him. “I couldn’t, not out here” “Why, no one can see it’s really private” I told him. I paused from playing with my bush and undid 3 buttons on my shirt, pulling my titties out and exposing my hard nips. “Remember these?” I asked him. “Fuck yes” he told me as he undid the belt and buttons on his jeans and pulled out his massive monster cock! Fuck I was turned on. I ran my hand back over my bush and down onto my pussy. I was soaked. I grabbed my left tit with my one hand and pinched my nipple as I started to really slowly rub my pussy. “You can play if you like” I told him with a sexy little smile on my face. He grabbed his cock, stuck it up in the air and started to stroke himself. “Ahhhh” he moaned. “Fuck” I exclaimed as I saw his cock in all its monstrous beauty. “That looks fucking incredible. I wish you could bend me over and fuck me with it right now”. He started stroking himself harder and faster and two of my fingers were no deep inside my cunt. His cock looked magnificent. “I’m going to cum” I told him as I sped up my fingers. “Ahhhh, ahhhh, fuck, ahhhhhhh” I moaned as I came all over my hand. I could still feel the pulse of my pussy as he arched himself back and came everywhere. There was so much fucking cum! It was literally all over him…

We sat there for a little bit. “Promise me, when this is all over we can fuck properly?” I asked him. “God, I want that so much” he responded. I fetched him a towel to clean himself up and a spare pair of Wes’s shorts as his were covered. We finished our drinks and then he got up to leave. “Will you send me snapchat soon please?” he said as he was walking away. “Fuck yes! I can’t wait” I told him…

It was so difficult not touching his beautiful cock, but rules are rules and I just feel like it’s all building towards a really fucking sexy meeting sometime in the near future!

Tim… Again. July 16th 2020

I know this is wrong, and it really shouldn’t have happened but what can I say…

Tim and I have been sexting quite a bit and yesterday I was out walking and as I got near his house I sent him a text. “Hi hun, just out walking about to pass your house. What you up to? He responded within seconds “Hi gorgeous. “Pop in for a coffee.”

I got in his apartment and waited on his sofa until he bought me a coffee and sat next to me. This is the first time I had seen Tim since our mutual masturbation in my garden. We made small talk and flirted a little.

“I can’t get what happened in your garden out of my head” he told me.

“Me either. It was crazy hot” I replied casually touching his bare leg (he was wearing shorts).

“I can see you’re not wearing a bra today” he smiled.

“You know me, I fucking hate the things and I don’t care if the world can see my nipples.”

He didn’t say anything. It was a pause that seemed to last forever but he made constant eye contact.

“I wish I could lick that nipple” still not taking his eyes off me. Fuck eye contact is seriously underrated!

I continued to look at him, took hold of the bottom of my baggy t shirt and lifted it up revealing my perky tits.

I leant in towards him and he wasted no time, flicking my nipple with his tongue before sucking on it a little.

“Ahhh” I groaned.

“You like that baby?” he asked me.

“Yes. Yes. Very much so” as he continued to lick, suck and play with my now hard nipples.

I gently placed my hand back on his leg and could already feel it! I had woken the beast. I ran my hand over his shorts and over his enormous erection that was throbbing under his clothes.

“I want to play with it”

He started kissing me, one hand still all over my titties and he used his other hand to unbuckle his belt and pull out his monster cock.

“Fuck I’ve missed this” I told him as I gently took hold of it and started running my hand all the way up and down it. It was as massive as I remembered. His hands were now all over my thighs, feeling me up over my cycling shorts.

“You want me to take them off?” I asked.

“Yes please” he said instantly.

I stood up and peeled myself out of my super tight cycling shorts. My pussy exposed right in front of him. His cock throbbed on his lap and I smiled as I sat back down next to him.

We started kissing again and I took hold of his cock in a firmer grip giving him a nice handjob. His cock is so large it seemed to take an age to get from the base to the tip but as he sat back and moaned I knew he was enjoying himself.

His hand made it to my pussy and his fingers started running through my bush. “ahhh” I quietly moaned. I reached down, put my hand on his, and pushed his fingers inside me.

“Fuck, you’re soaked”

“Yes I am Tim, and you’re rock hard, what could we possibly do about that?” I asked him with a smile.

We kissed again and I slowly climbed on top of him without breaking our tongues apart. I reached down, took his monster in my hand and put the tip just inside me.

“Ahh fuck” I cried out.

I was sitting on him with care. Edging myself onto him. Putting a bit inside me, then a little more until he was deep. Sometimes he feels so big I start t think I won’t be able to take him all, but when I do… When he’s completely in me… Oh my fuck!

“Fuck you feel amazing” he said before kissing me again.

“Ahhh you too baby” I told him as I started to ride him, my pussy grabbing onto his massive cock as it went up and down his shaft.

“Fuck me, I love your cock Tim”

“It loves you too”

I arched my back so I could ride him a little harder and his mouth found my nipples again.

“Ahhh, ahhhh fuck, fuck Tim. I’m going to cum” I could feel myself about to explode as he grabbed my hips and thrusted his cock inside me as deep as he could. I came, really fucking hard.

I giggled a little “fuck that was amazing” I told him, still slowly riding his cock,

“Can I lie on top of you”

“Sure” I replied, climbing off him and lying down on his sofa.

He lay on top of me, started kissing me, took hold of his cock and squeezed himself into my pussy. The first thrust was almost painful but it felt fucking incredible. I wrapped my legs around him as he started to fuck me hard and so, so deep.

Still kissing him, I paused briefly.

“When you’re ready I want you to cum all over me”.

We resumed the kissing and he grabbed my thighs and started to fuck me hard. Every stroke bringing me closer and closer to cumming again. I was grabbing at his wonderful ass… We were both moaning loudly.

“Fuck me hard” I pleaded.

He smiled, put his hand underneath me to grab my ass and started to fuck me relentlessly. His balls slapping against me, my pussy was now so wet his size wasn’t a problem at all.

I came really hard “Fuck yes, es Tim!” I cried out as I came. Seconds later there was one final, deep thrust before he pulled out, stroked his monster and came all fucking over me. I was literally covered in cum and I couldn’t have been happier. He leant forward and kissed me.

“Fuck, you’re amazing” he told me.

Tim. Anal Adventures. 10 August 2020

I had known for a while Wes was going away for work Tuesday night so I had already text Tim asking if he wanted to stay at mine the night (he actually ended up staying 2 days). Getting ready for the evening we had been texting lots more than usual; general flirting, sexts and nudes were exchanged and by the time Tuesday came around I was so fucking excited about seeing him!

In recent weeks Wes and I have been making more effort to include anal fucking in our sex life and it’s made me think about trying to have anal with Tim. In fact, I’ve not stopped thinking about it which has led to some very nice masturbation sessions. The problem here is, I know Tim has never had anal with anyone and obviously, because I’ve discussed it so much – he’s fucking huge! I’ve never had anything anywhere near as big as it in my ass and I was worried it wouldn’t work. But, the more I thought about it, the more turned on I became… I hadn’t discussed it with Tim at all so just I just figured I would approach the conversation if I got a chance…

Tim arrived at my place early Tuesday evening wearing a white shirt and suit trousers – his suit trousers were loose fitting – I figure anything tighter and his trouser snake would definitely be visible… I was wearing a skimpy white tank top and a short, pleated skirt with a pair of high heels.

We sat on the sofa, drank some wine and had some shots. We were laughing lots and it was easy to tell Tim was so much more confident with me now. At one point I walked out of the room to get another bottle as I left I could feel his eye son me so I quickly whipped up my dress to show him my bare ass. “Fuck” he shouted as I left the room. Although we were having loads of fun and flirting heavily at no point did I manage to discuss anal with him but ‘they’ll be other times’ I thought to myself…

At some point a slow song came on that I liked – I can’t honestly even remember what the song was I invited him up to slow dance with me and begrudgingly he agreed. He put his arms around my waist and I moved as close to him a possible as we swayed to the music. He looked at me and kissed me – this was actually the first time Tim had ever made the first move on me, which I found really hot. As we were kissing our hands were wandering – his hands touching up my thighs, just underneath my dress. I put my hands on his and moved them up on to my booty. I kissed him harder and I felt his huge bulge poking at me from under his trousers. As we continued to kiss I unbuckled his belt and unbottoned his trousers. I pulled my lips away from his, and making sure I mad constant eye contact I really slowly moved down onto my knees in front of him. I pulled his trousers and boxers down which released his huge throbbing cock – pointing towards me. I took hold of it and pulled it into my mouth. His pre-cum tasted amazing. After sucking him off for a little I looked up at him

“Lick my pussy Tim”

I got up and moved over to the sofa, sitting down and spreading my legs. He moved towards me, got down on his knees and fingered me while his tongue licked the length pf my cunt. I came hard in under a minute.

“You ready to fuck me baby?” I asked.

“I can’t fucking wait” he told me.

I got up off the sofa and got on all fours on the floor. “Come fuck me please baby”

I felt him move up behind me, down on his knees and then I felt his massive monster cock entering my soaking pussy. He was moaning loudly as his cock filled and stretched my pussy, and by the time he was completley inside me and had taken a hold of my hips I had already come again… “Please don’t stop” I pleaded and he kept pumping away – his balls slapping against me. I came again. This was the third time I had fucked Tim, and every time it just felt better and better.

“I want you in my ass” I told him as I was still recovering from my orgasm. The next thing I knew he had slid a finger inside my tight butt, it felt amazing, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

“I didn’t mean your finger” I told him, moaning away.

“What?” He asked?

“I want your dick in my ass”

“Really? Are you sure? I’ve never ummm I’ve never…”

“I know. I’m sure baby. I want your massive dick in my ass”

He pulled his finger out and I moved forward releasing his cock from my pussy.

He took hold of it and I used my one hand to stretch my ass cheeks apart.

“Just take it slowly” I told him. But oh fuck, I was ready for this! I wanted it so much.

He pushed his cock against my asshole. “Just push it in gently” I told him.

He did, and he only had half the tip of his cock inside me and I could already feel it stretching me. “Ahhhhhh” I cried out. It definitely hurt a little but also, it felt fucking incredible!

“Now a little further baby” He edged a little more in, but I knew he was too big for this position… “Hold on” I told him. I got up, sat on the very edge of the sofa and lifted my legs up high, parting them as much as I could. “Try this Tim.” He knelt in front of me and started edging his cock into my tight little hole. I put my arm around his waist and I’d pull him towards me every time I knew I could take a little more of him. “Just gentle strokes” I would tell him. Edging him in a little more woth each stroke. Before too long he was completley inside me and he felt fucking wonderful. “You feel amazing”he told me. “You too. Fuck. Ahhh”

“Just a little harder now please baby” he did exactly as I wished. I put my hand onto my pussy and started to rub my clit. I was so fucking wet. So fucking turned on. I couldn’t believe my tight, little asshole had taken all of him… I was getting more and more carried away and closer to cumming again with every hard, long stroke.

“Fuck my ass hard baby” I pleaded.

Tim has always been excellent at giving me what I need. He held onto my ass cheeks and fucked me hard. He fucked me, fucked me and then fucked me some more until I could take no more and came everywhere. My orgasm seemed to last an eternity. My fingers were furiously rubbing my pussy and has he drove extra deep into me I squirted everywhere. More than I have ever squirted before. It covered the floor, myself and Tim’s chest.

Still catching my breath Tim pulled his monster cock out of me, stroked it’s massive length twice and absolutely covered me in cum. It was on my face my stomach, my thighs and my pussy… I stuck my tongue out a little to grab and swallow a bit that had landed on my lips…

It was anal sex with the biggest cock I have ever seen or felt. It was fucking incredible. That night and the next we fucked lots more and I’ll probably write about it sometime, but there was something really fucking sexy about this. Tim had lost his anal virginity – and I’d always have that…

11th August 2020. 2 Nights with Tim.

It was so fucking nice having two whole days (and nights) with Tim. I wrote about the anal sex we had on the Tuesday night here– but the night after was just as perfect as well.

We spent the day just hanging out at my place Wednesday. Mostly having some drinks, watching some Netflix and of course some of the good stuff. Actually, a lot of the good stuff… At one point he left the bedroom naked and walked to the bathroom and it made me appreciate how big his dick was even when it’s at rest. It was really hot watching him walk, his massive cock swinging in front of him… As we lay on the bed watching a movie, a sex scene came on and he was noticeably aroused – it’s fucking impossible to miss – so I just casually crawled down the bed, played with him a little and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. Of course, I swallowed – in case you were wondering…

During the evening we just sat on my sofa and had some wine and shots. By the end of the night we had a little romantic, naked dance with each other (again) – of course our hands were all over each other. When we sat back down I just thought ‘fuck it’ and just sat on him. Sliding his massive, erect dick inside me. I was fucking soaked and I came really easy – so did he – shooting his load inside me… He’s loads more adventurous now too. After he came I made him lick me out and he didn’t hesitate to go down on my pussy that was still full of his cum…

It was a great night and I can’t wait to do it again…

Wes got back Friday and the first thing he asked me was what happened with Tim. I started telling him – in great detail – and I ended up sitting on his cock – riding him hard as I told him how well Tim had fucked me…

It’s been on my mind ever since – the idea of my husband and Tim at work together just talking about how much of a good fuck I am. I find that so fucking hot – I really do hope they talk about it… That’s some serious masturbation shit for me right there!

The Booty Call – 28 August 2020

Friday late afternoon I was home alone chilling out and doing a little housework, when I received a text off Tim. I had not heard from him in a week or so as we had both been pretty busy, and Wes had been home most of the time. It didn’t stop me thinking about him though – I kept thinking and daydreaming about the last time we met. When his text arrived I was surprised by the tone of it – anyone who is familiar with our story knows how painfully shy Tim is… These are copies of the messages:

Tim: Hi sexy. I’m at home and was wondering if you’re free. I’d love to see you again and I have to admit, I’m super horny. xxx

Me: Ohhhhh hi baby. How very forward of you – for you! Well that sounds like it could be fucking delightful. xoxo

Tim: It was forward, sorry, just wondered if you fancied it. xxx

Me: Don’t apologise. I love it. Give me an hour and I’ll come round? xoxo

Tim: Perfect. Can’t wait to see you. xxx

I was surprised how forward he was, but I was super excited. I mean it was big dick time and I was super fucking excited. I showered quickly, did my make up and got dressed – opting for a black mini skirt (no panties) and a new silver top (the one pictured here) that I fucking love, because it basically leaves nothing to the imagination. I left my house and walked round to Tim’s.

Once I got there I sat down on his sofa while he fetched a glass of wine for us. When he returned into the room he sat right beside me.

“It’s so good to see you again Alice. I haven’t stopped thinking about you”

“It’s great to see you too baby. You been horny today?” I asked with a cute little giggle.

“I’ve been horny for you ever day. I masturbate to you every night!”

Tim had never spoken so confidently before, and I really liked it.

“You do, do you baby? Well, I like that” I answered before leaning in and kissing him…

The thing is when you kiss Tim – it’s so exciting because you know about that massive monster cock and what it can do. Honestly, I gush at the site of him…

We chatted some more and I couldn’t help but notice he couldn’t keep his eyes off my top – or more accuaretly my tits! “You like what you see?” I asked him.

“I’m sorry” he replied. “That top is amazing.”

“Thanks baby. If you’ve missed my tits, maybe you should spend a little time with them” I said as I peeled my top up and over my tits. My small titties bounced out, my perky nipples erect.

“Fuck” he said… I put my around his waist and pulled him down onto my tits. He instantly started cupping and licking them. “Fuck that feels so good baby” I told him. He came back up and started kissing me passionately again, his arm around the bottom of my waist, grabbing at my ass.

“I love your ass, it’s perfect” he told me.

“Thank you” I said as I seductively bit my bottom lip.

“You know what I’ve never done. Well, done properly I mean?” he asked.

“What’s that baby?”

“I’ve never spanked a woman. Not properly, like bent over my lap”

“Ohhhh my! Are you saying you’d like to spank me Tim?” I asked him, excited by what may come.

“I’d really like to” he answered.

“Well, you can only spank me if I’ve been a naughty girl Tim” I told him as I crawled across over his lap. I reached down, grabbed my skirt, and pulled it up to my waist, my curvy, big booty sticking out in the air.

“Spank me Tim” I told him.

His right hand slapped my ass cheek – but not nearly hard enough.

“Have I been a naughty girl Tim?” I asked him.

“Yes” he said, spanking me softly again.

“What did I do Tim?”

“You knew I wanted sex and you came here anyway” he told me.

“You’re right baby. I just wanted your massive cock. I’m such a naughty, dirty girl. Punish me. Spank me hard”

He spanked me hard on one cheek, then the other, I could feel his enormous boner underneath his trousers hitting my stomach.

“I’m such a naughty little slut”

He spanked me again and I was now crying out in pleasure.

“Are you going to fuck me Tim? Are you going to treat me like the naughty girl I am?”

“Yes!” he replied.

I climbed off him and sat back down on the sofa, spreading my legs as wide as I could. My pussy was so wet it was glistening under the lamp in the room.

“Come fuck me baby” I pleaded.

He knelt down on the floor in front of me, undid his belt buckle and unzipped his trousers. He reached inside and pulled out his massive monster.

“Oh fuck!” I said as soon as I saw it. “I can’t fucking wait for this” I told him, and I fucking meant it!

He took hold of his cock and pushed the tip inside my pussy, stretching me. “Ahhhhh fuck yes! that feels so good Tim. I want you so much!”

He placed his hands on my thigh and squeezed himself inside me. I felt so tight and he felt enormous. “Fuck me, you’re so big baby” I told him moaning in pleasure.

“Fuck me like the naughty girl I am”

He started to fuck me. His monster cock deep inside me. Sliding in and out as he sexily groaned.

“Harder!” I pleaded.

Now he really started to fuck me. His tight balls swinging as his cock penetrated me hard and deep.

“Grab me by the throat” I demanded. “I’m such a naughty girl, you need to punish me with your massive dick.” He put his right hand around my throat and squeezed a little. It felt fucking amazing, my tits were bouncing around as he fucked me hard and fast. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, fuck me Tim, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can!”

I knew I was close to cumming and his dick was still pounding me, I was desperately trying to hold back my orgasm. “Pull out when you’re about to cum. Cover me in your cum” I told him. His body started going red and he was panting, I knew he was close and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold my orgasm back. “That’s it baby. Fuck this naughty girl” His cock plunged deep inside me one last time before he quickly pulled out “Ahhhhh fuck! I screamed as I squirted everywhere, covering him and his sofa, I didn’t think my orgasm would end. His cock was in his hand and he was emptying his load all over my body and I kept cumming, and cumming and cumming. My juices everywhere, his cum all over me… He collapsed on top of me and we kissed…

“Spanking is so much fun” I told him.

“Thank you, that was amazing” he told me…

That night we went out for some drinks and ended up getting really tipsy. I obviously ended up back at his house, riding his huge dick in his bed. I slept the night and woke him up the next morning with a coffee and a blowjob – a perfect way to start the day!

Tim, Elijah and Anal Sex. 10 September 2020.

I was sat at my desk at work yesterday horny as fuck for two reasons. The day before I had sent this message to Tim so we had agreed to meet.

Who could resist my charm?

I had been daydreaming constantly about his massive cock fucking my ass again so I could barely wait. I was wearing a pretty regular dress to work but underneath I had a sexy, laced up bodysuit on. Wearing sexy lingerie always makes me feel sexy – the men staring at me without having any idea just how fucking good and slutty I look under my dress!

My general horniness was made worse as I was staring across the hall into my new colleagues Elijah’s office most of the day. Fuck, I swear he’s so damn hot! I introduced myself briefly and I swear he fucks me with his eyes. I couldn’t take my mind off him and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I had considered sneaking off to the bathroom with my vibrator that’s disguised as a lipstick, which I keep in my drawer, but I decided to save it for Tim…

I left the office and made my way to his house. I honestly thought I was going to explode. The closer I got to his house, the hornier I became. I finally arrived. He greeted me with a sexy snog and I walked myself in and sat on his sofa.

“Wine?” He asked. “Always” I replied.

As he walked off into the kitchen to fetch the wine and glasses I stripped my dress off. When he returned I was sat on his sofa wearing nothing but my high heels and laced up bodysuit.

“Holy fuck!” He shouted out when he saw me. “Glad you like” I smiled.

He poured two glasses of wine, sat next to me and immediately started kissing me, his hands all over me. My once shy Tim was a thing of the past. This man was confident, and I loved it!

As his hand went down near my crotch I parted my legs. He knew what I wanted. He ran his hand over my crotch “Ahhh” I cried out unintentionally. I was soaked and I knew he could feel it through my bodysuit. “I’m so sorry I’m so wet” I said cheekily before biting my bottom lip. He immediately pulled my panties to the side and felt my wetness – sliding his hand all over my pussy. I leant back and enjoyed it. I reached over, undid his belt, put my hand inside his trousers and pulled out his massive cock. We kissed as I started to stroke him.

“Fuck, I’ve missed this monster cock” I told him, briefly pausing from our kiss. “I’ve missed all of you” he replied before sliding two fingers deep inside me. “Ahhhh fuck” I cried out. My hand was stroking his enormous cock from the base to the very tip. It was throbbing in my hand. My pussy was so soaked I gently pushed his hand down a little further. Immediately he knew what to do. There was no more shock. His fingers were lubed up from my juices and he squeezed one of them into my tight ass, with his other fingers still playing with my pussy.

“I want your massive cock in my tight ass again baby”

I stood up, turned my back to him and sat on his lap. I reached behind myself to pick up his member and placed it on my ass. I started to really slowly lower myself onto him. I could feel his head stretching my ass. “This looks fucking amazing” he said. “I want to see. Take a photograph for me” I replied. He grabbed his phone and whilst I momentarily paused he took this photograph.

My favourite monster cock!

He put his phone down and held onto my thighs again and little by little I took every inch of his beautiful, massive, throbbing cock and it felt fucking amazing.

Once he was completely inside me I started to ride him, getting a little harder and faster each time I pressed myself down onto him. I could feel his cock stretching me and it was driving me wild. I reached a hand down onto my pussy and started to stroke my clit as I rode him. He reached his hands around me and grabbed both of my tits, squeezing them as I went up and down on his member. “Fuck you feel so good” I told him. I was so close to cumming. Releasing the orgasm that had built all day, and he was panting hard, I knew my tight ass would make him come quickly.

I started rubbing my pussy harder and I felt it building. “Ahhh yes. Fuck yes, ahhhhhhhgh” I cried out as I reached orgasm. To my surprise I squirted immediately. Covering his living room floor! As I came he grabbed me, lifted me up and down onto his cock two more times before emptying his load into my ass hole. It felt fucking incredible and for a moment I wondered if he was ever going to stop cumming…

I climbed off him. “I’m so sorry I’ve made a mess of your carpet. I squirted everywhere” I told him.

“I don’t care at all” he replied. “You are the best fuck! The sexiest woman I could ever wish for.” We kissed before both falling back onto the sofa…

We finished our wine and we were soon kissing and fondling again. It soon became pretty clear that our night wasn’t over… At one point I was riding his dick and I couldn’t help but think to myself “If only Elijah could see me now. He could see what a naughty little slut I really am…”

Hot Tub Tim Machine – 5 November 2020.

Note. You can read the whole ‘Story of… Tim’ here.

I was in a bit of a grump Wednesday. My husband, who has done so much work on our house recently, converting a room into a bar/club and installing a hot tub in the garden, had to go away for a nights work with a colleague of his, Rachael. I wouldn’t normally mind this in anyway but I was feeling sorry for myself as we’re in lockdown and I had enjoyed our time together… For the record I’ve never met Rachael, but my husband has fucked her lots and she’s smoking hot!

Anyway while my husband was packing I was acting a little like a spoilt brat, knowing I had nowhere to go. He came downstairs to say goodbye to me and kissed me. As he hugged me he said “Don’t worry baby it’s only one night. Besides, I’ve got you a present.” I was definitely intrigued. “A present?” I asked him. “Yeah a colleague of mine is dropping round some paperwork I need for the rest of lockdown this afternoon.” I was more than a little confused. “Oh right” I answered. We kissed again and hugged. As he was walking away he shouted across the hall “I love you baby, Tim will be around late afternoon with the paperwork.”

I couldn’t believe it. What a wonderful present! I was immediately excited and I immediately regretted acting the way I did. “I love you baby” I said. “Have a wonderful time with Rachael. Let me know all about it.” With that my husband walked back, kissed me again and then left the house for his over night stay.

I spent the rest of my morning doing my hair, nails and make up and wondering what I was going to wear. It had seemed like ages since my last encounter with Tim and his monster dick…

At around 3.30 I received a message. “Hi hun, at your front door xxxx -T” I smirked with excitement when I read it and replied back instantly “Hi handsome. I’m in the back garden. Doors unlocked, come on through xoxo”

I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I waited. I heard the door open and close and knew he’d be walking out at any moment. Tim knew where my back garden was, from our first lockdown where we had masturbated in this very spot.

The patio door opened. “Jesus, it’s freezing out here” I heard him say. “Not in here” I told him. He followed my voice and turned to see me shoulder deep in my new, bubbling hot tub. “Fuck it’s good to see you” he said. I smiled. “Hi handsome. How are you?” I asked. “Cold” he said rubbing his hands together. “It’s lovely and warm in here, you should hop in” I splashed at the water a little. He laughed. “I’d love to but I don’t have any trunks with me” he told me.

Slowly I stood up in the hot tub, revealing my naked, wet body to him. The chill in the air hit my tits instantly and my nipples became erect from the attention. “You’re only allowed in here naked” I said before biting my bottom lip and sitting back down in the lovely warm water…

He took his clothes off and when he finally peeled his boxers off I giggled a little. It still shocks me just how big his cock is, even when it’s flaccid!

When he was completely naked he got in and sat opposite me. “Hi” I said, smiling. “Hi. This is fucking lovely” he replied. “Isn’t it just” I said checking him out…

We chatted for a bit and I reached into the attached cooler (yes, it’s that ace) and pulled us both a beer out. Me being me, it didn’t take long for the conversation to take a sexier turn… I reached out my foot and stroked his leg with it. “Have you fucked anyone since we last slept together?” I asked. He went bright red which made me giggle as it reminded me of how he was when we first met. “No I haven’t” he answered. “But it was ages ago baby” he looked at me “I know but I’m not as confident with other girls as I am with you. Besides, I don’t want any of them as much as I want you” he told me smiling.

I moved forward and found his cock under the water. He was already stiff. I grabbed it. “It’s such a shame not sharing this beast with others though” I told him before leaning in and kissing him. He put his hand on my face as we passionately kissed, my hand gliding up and down his massive dick, feeling him getting harder and harder. His one hand was all over my wet tits and I couldn’t help but think how fucking magnificent his cock felt. I wanted it so much!

Tim’s hand went under the water and slipped between my legs, which I parted for him. The combination of the water and his hand massaging my pussy was driving me insane, and I could tell he was enjoying himself as I felt his cock throb in my hand. I paused from kissing him briefly “You want me don’t you?” I whispered to him. “So fucking much” he answered.

I let go of him and moved away. I turned around so I was leaning against the hot tub. My arms resting on the top of it. “Take me handsome.” I said sticking my booty out of the water.

Tim moved up behind me, his hands reaching for my thighs. I felt his cock brush up against my pussy and ass, so I reached down and slipped him inside me. “Ahhhh fuck” I cried out immediately. From behind he gently eased himself inside me. Slowly, inch by inch by inch. Stretching my pussy until his monster cock was completely inside me. “Fuck. You’re so fucking big!”

He felt amazing. He held onto my thighs and started to slowly fuck me. The motion of water moving against our bodies. It was like being fucked in slow motion and it felt wonderful. The water was splashing up and hitting my tits. The feeling, the sound, it was more than I could take. After only a few thrusts I came hard. “Don’t stop fucking me” I pleaded mid orgasm as he reached an arm around the front of me so he could stroke my slippy, wet tits. As soon as I came I could already feel myself building up to my next orgasm. I was noisey and I didn’t care. “Ahhh fuck Tim. Yes! Fuck! Fuck me with your huge dick baby” I reached a hand down in front of me and started stroking my clit. He leant forward and gently bit my shoulder which sent goosebumps all over my body. His breathing was getting heavy and fast and his long hard thrusts were getting harder and harder. “Ahhhhh fuck you’re going to make me cum again!” and he did. I came so fucking hard! The cold of the outside, the heat of my orgasm – it was so fucking intense…

After I came he kissed my neck. His long, hard dick still fucking me relentlessly. “Slow down, I don’t want you to cum just yet” I told him. I turned around slightly and kissed him. Our tongues playing with each other as I struggled to hold back my moans.

I reached around the back of myself and pulled his dick out of me. He kissed and bit my shoulder again. I twisted my head slightly to talk to him. “That was fucking wonderful, but it’s not the only place I want you…” I pulled myself up a little higher on the side of the hot tub, grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. “You know what I want baby” I told him. He kissed me and then I felt him push the very tip of his dick into my asshole. He grabbed my thighs again and thrusted forward, pushing an inch or so of himself inside me. “Ahhhh” I cried out. “Slower baby. You’re too big to go that fast.” He kissed my shoulder and started to push his monster dick inside my tight ass, really slowly. Centimetre by centimetre. Stretching my asshole. “Fuck, that’s it baby. That’s what I want. I want your big dick in my tight ass” He continued to gently push himself inside me, my hands still pulling my ass cheeks apart for him, until he was completely inside me. I thought I was going to cum instantly. The biggest dick I’ve ever had in me, and I love it every fucking, filthy time!

I moved my hand back under the water and in front of me and immediately found my wet cunt again. I started to stroke myself hard and as he started to thrust a little harder I slipped two fingers inside myself. “Ahhh fuck baby. That’s it. Fill my ass with your dick” he was puffing and panting and groping me. I came so fucking hard again I thought I was going to collapse over the edge of the hot tub. By now his dick had stretched me enough and he was fucking my ass hard, his hands all over my tits while he kissed my shoulder and neck. I had just recovered from my last, massive orgasm and another crept up on me, and I came again. My pussy clenching my fingers as I came. I couldn’t take anymore and could tell Tim was so close… I gently pushed him away. “Sit on the edge of the tub” I told him.

He instantly leveraged himself up. I smirked again when I saw his massive, erect, throbbing cock. I stayed in the water and moved between his legs. I took hold of his cock with both my hands and kissed the tip. “Ahhhh” he moaned as I licked it. He lent back a little and I took him in my mouth. As much of him as I could… His cock filling my mouth while both my hands stroked his long shaft. I could feel it throbbing against the palm of my hands. He moaned loudly as I lowered my one hand and grabbed his balls. I squeezed them as I felt his cum fill my mouth and hit the back of my throat… I made sure I swallowed every last drop! He tasted wonderful… I stroked his cock a couple of times before licking all the excess cum off it. I had still barely recovered from all of my orgasms!

I moved forward and we kissed again. “It’s so fucking good to see you again” I told him. “Fuck, you too. Amazing.” He replied.

I gave his dick, which was now softening but still huge, a little shake “you need to start using this a little more. It’s far too good to not unleash on the world!”

He jumped back into the tub and we cuddled and kissed, and stayed there for at least another hour…

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